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FEEL 1-10


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Facebook Expressions for Energized Living(FEEL) - These are my daily updates in my facebook wall

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FEEL 1-10

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  2. 2. Why should you read this presentation? I love reading. I read an average of 2-3 hours per day & I’m consistent on this habit for the past 10 years. I love to share them in facebook every day. Many updates are synthesized from my daily readings and some quotes are from famous personalities, authors & speakers , entrepreneurs, gurus etc. When I share an update, there is no theme that I follow, its always random and readers of my facebook posts never know what to expect. I have chosen the same randomness / assortment angle in this presentation. Surprise can be a good thing. Joyfully Yours, Murali Sundaram – Happyness
  3. 3. Facebook Expressions for Energized Living 1 -
  4. 4. 15 Great Excuses Not to Form the Fitness Habit 1. I don’t have the time 2. I have kids 3. My job takes my time and energy 4. I’m too tired 5. I’m sick or injured 6. My family isn’t supportive 7. The gym/park/yoga class is too expensive, or too far. 8. It’s too hard 9. I don’t have the right equipment/clothes 10.I’m not good at it 11.I don’t know how 12.I’m not strong, fast, flexible 13.I hate running/jogging/exercising 14.The weather sucks (too cold, rainy, hot, etc.) 15.I’m not
  5. 5. Who are you? Religious People learn to Cling, Spiritual People learn to Seek, Happy People learn to Live Now!
  6. 6. Key for Achievement Giving full attention to the present moment is energizing and enables you to control the current reality. Focusing on the moment is the key for achievement!
  7. 7. Endurance – Secret of Success Endurance is the key to success to any situation. However, durability is not synonymous with stone- like rigidity. True resilience requires a flexibility that allows adaptation to any adverse condition, while still remaining true to the core. Can you maintain your integrity under any circumstance? Can you influence the situation without giving opposing forces anything to resist? Then you will endure to reach your goal. Thats the Secret!
  8. 8. Keep Learning Young souls use pain to learn how things are. Mature souls use pain to learn how else things might be. And old souls, use pain to learn how else they might
  9. 9. Wrong Question Sometimes, when you dont know the answer to a question that keeps playing over and over again in your mind, its because youre messing with the wrong question. Change the Question…
  10. 10. Respect In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, dont try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present. When you are content to be simply yourself and dont compare or compete, everybody will respect
  11. 11. Path to Serenity Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill. Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt. Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench. Care about peoples approval and you will be their prisoner. Do your work, then step back. The only path to
  12. 12. Breathe… Life is the period between one breath and the next; a person who half breathes, only half lives. He who correctly breathes, acquires control of the whole being. - Hatha Yoga
  13. 13. "Five Musts" of Success & Prosperity: 1) You MUST find something that stirs your soul. 2) You MUST become excellent at it. 3) You MUST recondition your mind to believe you can have it and achieve it. 4) You MUST understand how to make money at it. 5) You MUST take daily
  14. 14. Thank YOU Joyfully Yours, Murali Sundaram – Happyness CoachFollow