9 principles of change


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  • 9 principles of change

    1. 1. 9 Principles of Change www.HappynessCoach.co.in
    2. 2. #1People who successfully navigate change have positive beliefs. www.HappynessCoach.co.in
    3. 3. #2 People who successfully navigate change know that change alwaysbrings something positive into their lives. www.HappynessCoach.co.in
    4. 4. #3People who successfully navigate change know they are resilient, strong, and capable of getting through anything. www.HappynessCoach.co.in
    5. 5. #4People who successfully navigate change know that every challenging emotion they feel is not going to stop them andwill guide them to positive emotions that help them feel better. www.HappynessCoach.co.in
    6. 6. #5 People who successfully navigate change know that the quicker theyaccept the change, the less pain and hardship they will feel. www.HappynessCoach.co.in
    7. 7. #6 People who successfully navigatechange use empowering questions and words, think better thoughts, and express their feelings. www.HappynessCoach.co.in
    8. 8. #7 People who successfully navigatechange know they are connected tosomething bigger than themselves. www.HappynessCoach.co.in
    9. 9. #8People who successfully navigate changeare not alone; they surround themselves with people who can help, who have theright beliefs and skills. And they create an environment that supports their change. www.HappynessCoach.co.in
    10. 10. #9 People who successfully navigatechange take action. They have a plan and know how to take care of themselves.” www.HappynessCoach.co.in
    11. 11. Change is the new law of life – John. F. Kennedy www.HappynessCoach.co.in
    12. 12. Thank YOUEmail Shar e www.HappynessCoach.co.in
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