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How we used new media technologies in the construction and research, planning  and evaluation stages
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How we used new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. How We Used New Media Technologies In The Construction And Research, Planning And Evaluation Stages?
    Katherine Brittain
  • 2. What We Used To Complete This Project...
    Camera Equipment:
    Camera battery charger
    USB cable
    Camera tape
    Still camera
    Black screen
    Large lamp light
    Premiere Pro (Adobe)
    Photoshop (Adobe)
  • 3. The Video...
    I feel I have learnt a great deal in the process of making this music video. I know that at the start of the year I barely new how to upload a video onto Premiere Pro. Now however –
    I know how to upload and cut the video.
    I know how to change the colouring of the video.
    I know how to add special effects and also add a transition to make it look more interesting.
    I have learnt how to change the sound and manipulate the speed of the video itself.
    I have also managed to experiment with a range of special effects and import from Photoshop onto the video.
  • 4. The Ancillary Task...
    For this I used Photoshop to edit the images I took and then turn them into a CD cover and advert.
    These are the skills I have developed and learnt:
    I know how to upload an image to Photoshop
    How to change the colouring
    How to edit blemishes
    How to crop and cut sections of an image
    How to clone an image
    How to bring in texts from other images of websites
  • 5. Photography and filming...
    I am now much more confident in using a still camera and a video camera. I know how to set both up on a tripod, use lighting and a black screen and how to set up the shot. I feel I have developed my skills well. This is evident in the ancillary task photography and the shots of the band in particular in our music video.
  • 6. Websites I Have Used...
    These sites were useful in my research for this video. However was particularly useful in my ancillary project.
  • 7. How These New Media Technologies Benefited Me...
    Camera Equipment:
    Camera – In filming the music video.
    Camera battery charger – In filming the music video.
    Tripod – In creating a steady shot for a period of time.
    USB cable – In uploading the footage.
    Camera tape – In filming the music video.
    Still camera – In photographing the band and the actors.
    Black screen – To give the photography a backdrop that is easy to edit.
    Large lamp light – To light the filming.
    Gobos – To light the stage during filming at the gig.
    Movers – To light the stage during filming at the gig.
    Haze – To add effect to the stage during filming at the gig.
    Premiere Pro (Adobe) – To upload and edit footage.
    Photoshop (Adobe) – To upload and edit images.
  • 8. Continued...
    Websites: – This website was particularly helpful in the research period of the music video and ancillary task. I was able to access images and research on bands that I could not have gained elsewhere. I found it easy to use and vital for my research. – This site aided me in the research of bands and information on films and genre. I found it very useful, although I know the information is not always reliable it was great for what I needed it for and enabled me to explore successful music videos too. – This site helped me in the creation of the ancillary task in particular. I was able to access fonts that would have otherwise not appeared on Photoshop. This site allowed me to search for the perfect font that suited the band. It was easy to use and created dramatic effect on my final product. – This site especially helped me in the research of music videos. I was able to access anyone I needed and also gave me links to other video I may not have thought of. The site also helped as I was able to upload my own video, view how many hits it received and link people to it in order to get audience feedback. Overall this was a very useful site.
  • 9. Continued... – At first I found this site very difficult to use as I have never created a blog before. I was unsure of how to upload my work and organise my images. I also found it slow to use and took some time to get what I wanted uploaded. However, when I had gotten used to the site it aided me in organising my thoughts and to keep a record of everything I had done. This was very useful as Amy and I were able to access it to watch videos we had seen without searching for them, to look at images and remind our selves of the audience we were aiming at. - This site helped me to upload my files onto my blog in a more organised and condensed fashion. At first I found it very difficult to use. It was slow and often froze my entire computer. The site also had trouble uploading word documents so I found myself having to change everything into a PowerPoint for it to work. Overall however it made all of our research easier to look at and apply to our work. – I found this site useful as it is a place where I know lots of teenagers, who are our main age group go to socialise and talk. Therefore we decided to use this site as a place to show people our music video and receive feedback. It was very easy to use and although we didn’t get music feedback at first we were able to use the site to keep reminding people to comment. Because it is a casual social networking site, we new we would be able to get people to help us.– I mainly used this site to access the friend lists of the bands we were researching. I could then compare the ages of the fan base to Fire Drive Tiger and also look at the type of people who had already listened to Fire Drive Tiger. It was again easy to use and enabled Amy and I to find information we needed.