Employment opportunities


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  • Role of Education in Employment opportunities for women in Iran

    Dr. Kazem Ghojavand
    Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Islamic Azad
    University Khomeinishahr Branch, Daneshjou Blvd, Iran.


    Education plays an important role in a person’s life because it allows for personal growth, enrichment, awareness of environment and opportunities for social-economic improvement. It is because of education, research and application that society has progressed the way it has and it is the lack of education that perhaps can be blamed for many dark spots of human history, particularly for women. Therefore, it is only logical to think that education would be available throughout the world, to all people, of all colors, economic backgrounds, gender and ethnicity in order to safeguard the future’s wellbeing. Many researchers have discovered that the road to education holds many traps and barriers. It depends much on the economy of a nation, and its religious and racial beliefs. In Iran for example, the role of education on women’s life has affected their relationship with the other gender and their role in society. Most significantly, education after the Islamic Revolution has been used to promote the ideals of Islam, and to construct the ideals of motherhood and wifehood.


    Employment base, active population, Women participation, Education.
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Employment opportunities

  1. 1. NAME: Suma Fatima FORM: 10y CREATIVE & MEDIA UNIT 1: SCENE Employment Opportunities 1.2 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES 1
  2. 2. Under the following headings, list the jobs that you have researched and learned about so far for specific areas. Also, describe the duties that go with them and possible routes in to this job: MEDIA DUTIES ROUTES IN • Philip • BBC HR direct • Started off as a recruitment account studies • James ward Raven Bourne college He got a diploma in of Design foundation studies Tour manger Tour manger for Razer Kumar Fruit pie music light Kamalagharan production Ltd. VISUAL ARTS DUTIES ROUTES IN Director and curator Started 2half years ago Danielle horn Tony Taglianetti Director Degree in art Assistant director and Marie Favier curator PERFORMING DUTIES ROUTES IN ARTS 2
  3. 3. 1. Choose the job above that you are most interested in and explain why it appeals to you: Rave Bourne college of design interested me because I like doing practical things in my on and with others. Also I giving ideas to people when they need my help. I choose that job because you get to teach people and at the same you’re your doing fauve things also enjoying and having fun. 2. Describe the skills that you think may be required to excel at this job and say why they are important. The skills you might need at this job is - - Creative ideas, planning, you have to able to draw sketches, organised, good at art, able to mange your time etc. I think those skills are important because you need to be able be creative also you need to plan your work. Also you need to able to draw that counts in to good at art. I also putted down organised and to able to mange your time because I think is important to be organised and helps by alleging to mange your time. 3
  4. 4. 3. What are the main DOs and DON’Ts of the job? What you should do is – * Enjoy what you do * Be organised * Have fun * Work hard * Improvement What you should not do is – * Be afraid * Panic * Be negative about your work * Arrive late I thing that’s all the main do’s and don’ts. I choose all those one’s because I think they are important in a job because for example you don’t like your that means your not having fun or your enjoying and your always gone be negative about it. So I think it’s important the things I putted. 4. Does the job involve issues of risk and health and safety? Explain. I think some times it depends what you do so there might be some risk. 4
  5. 5. 5. Is this a very competitive job market? Are there usually many vacancies for such a post? I think it is because there some college’s that do designing. I also think that even if you don like someone you have to be able to work with them if you have problem you should try to work through out. 6. Are most people in this job free lancers or regular salary workers, or is it balanced? The people that do job they are regular salary workers because they work every day and also they don’t work by them self. So they get paid regularly. 7. A) Why do you think that you are right for the job? I think I am right for the job because I like designing and doing particles things. Also I like helping people with their work, the job is really about helping students achieve their goal in the designing industry. Also I think I can help them achieve it. Being a teacher is fun and hard working because in that job your helping them learn new skills everyday and to think like creative thinkers also that’s you get to enjoy at the same time because your doing the thing you done before but this time your helping someone else. 5
  6. 6. b) Evaluate your readiness for this job. What skills do you need to develop? What Other kinds of preparation do you need to make for this job? I think the skills I need to improve is – * To be able to mange your time * Planning * Improvement I choose those three because I think I really need mange my time because some times I don’t have time do my homework. So I think I need to able to mange my time. I also think you have try everything. Use the grid below to list organisations you know that employ people for this job. If you know the name of anyone who has been a big success at this job, then list his/her/their name(s) in the second column. 6
  7. 7. ORGANISATIONS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE SOURCES (list the sources from which you gathered your information): 7
  8. 8. 8