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Psd final pppt


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Psd final pppt

  2. 2. THE TWO MAIN PRINCIPLESGolden: Treat others as you would like to be treatedPlatinum: Treat others as they would like to be treated
  3. 3. Initial Perception Sustained Perception Presence Personal Substance  Appearance & Professionalism  Manner & Style  Attitude  Etiquette  Integrity  Awareness  Civility  Work Ethic & Discipline Presentation  Listening and Interpersonal Skills  Meeting Skills  Business Meals
  4. 4. “The way you dress affects the way you are perceived, andthe way you are perceived, is the way you are treated.” - Buck Rodgers Former VP of Marketing, IBM Author of The IBM Way
  5. 5.  Neatly trimmed hair Light perfume or cologne Clean and trimmed fingernails Limited jewelry Concealed tattoos; no visible body jewelry Polished shoes Stockings without runs Belts on pants; socks that match belt color
  6. 6. Before you enter a situation, visualize what you are going to say and do—and then mentally rehearse how you believe your audience will respond.At the same time, visualize what your audience’s most preferred communicator would be saying and doing.
  7. 7. Ask yourself, “What would the other person like to hear me say first?”This will allow you to say something that will show you see things from the other person’s point of view.Exercise: compliment someone at the table about something you know to be important to them.
  8. 8. USE PHRASES THAT BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOUR LISTENER• I know you want what is fair for both of us.• I am sure you will do your best to help me out.• I am counting on you.• I enjoy working for you because you respond so effectively to your department’s needs.
  9. 9. • I did not do the study • I am planning to complete the because I’ve been busy. study by Friday.• You are so selfish you never • I know you are busy. When can see how much you demand. we schedule 30 minutes to discuss the possibility of hiring a part time assistant?• The tests are not done yet! What do you people do all • I realize these tests require careful day? planning and execution. How soon can you finish?• Don’t you ever pay attention? This document is full of • This memo is headed to the mistakes. Director. Please make the changes I identified and proofread the report carefully. Thanks. I appreciate your help.• That’s won’t work • Let me share my perspective on this issue.