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J06001 PJ3 - Work Placement Presentation


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Presentation on my work placement at Men's Fitness magazine.

Published in: Education
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J06001 PJ3 - Work Placement Presentation

  1. 1. Work placement presentation Karishma Patel
  2. 2. Roles & responsibilities • Extensive research tasks • Conducting and transcribing interviews • Subbing copy • Pitching ideas for web stories • Writing pieces for print and web • Assisted on photo-shoots
  3. 3. How did it link to prior experience? • Producing/working on a men’s magazine • Familiar style of writing • Editorial internship vs. fashion/beauty internship Journalism skills developed: • Time management • Interview technique • Adapted writing style No new skills?]
  4. 4. What I did well: • Professional and hardworking • Adapted to style/tone of publication • Inquisitive and asked questions What I would have done differently: • Stop second guessing myself • Show more personality • Worked harder outside of office hours
  5. 5. What I learnt: • To have confidence in my abilities and to take pride in my work • To control my emotions/anxiety in high pressure situations • Most productive when working individually
  6. 6. Questions?