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Lin Ying Kuo Portfolio 2009

  1. 1. Innovating through interaction designer LinYing Kuo My design life Portfolio November 2009 v1.0_en
  2. 2. I’m a Taiwanese girl Born in the capital, Taipei A highly technical and cultural city Computer and art fill my life | Photo by Dans
  3. 3. Becoming an artist was my goal since childhood 1999 Embraced in a world of various drawings Charcoal, pen, water color and chinese water color 2006 2005 2004 2003 2008
  4. 4. I studied at Yuan Ze University Information Communication from 2004 to 2008 I ‘ve learned computer graphics new media film interaction prototyping marketing research modeling design software architecture In these four years, I tried different projects Art works, product design, filmmaking, even business competition Third Prize, Going Creative New Business, Toys Design, 2006 Yuan Ze University, Taiwan
  5. 5. Precious Planet 3D Interactive Animation Precious Planet is a project written in C++ programming language with DirectX9.0 2006 User can change 3d objects by pressing function buttons and create their own animations. They can type their names and save to avi file. Lydia Kuo | | +39 3273410237
  6. 6. Cabinet Design Top view Rainstory Retail shop interior design Rainstory is an umbrella brand. This project is designed for their new retail shop in Taipei. I used a water drop for main interior molding. I also designed different shaped cabinet for triple folding umbrella, straight umbrella and open umbrella. 2007 sketch In addition, I designed graphics on the wall and rest area for expressing romantic and elegant stories behind “Rainstory”. Mockup Lydia Kuo | | +39 3273410237
  7. 7. FAUST 2007 2007’ 007’ 0 Interactive Installation Surface-moun LEDs lectro Surface-mount LEDs, electronic devices, acrylic, com u Ds, ct e c acry c omputer Work with Yu-yin Huang, Leah Lin My role : Team leader Brainstorming Shape design Virtools coding Physical Computing People’s Choice Award, “New Interpretations” section, Creative Week, Yuan Ze University, 2007
  8. 8. 2007 Overview In this mass media generation, advertisings, magazines and academic information fill of our daily life. FAUST is designed to encourage students to understand the meaning of classic literature FAUST. Interactive lights and sounds represent the main concept of the story - exchanging the soul with Faust. Every visitor will have a different pattern of light and music based on their path. This will trigger them to discuss this issue of "desires exchanged". We exhibited this in college, attracting many students. Concept Goethe’s take on the Faustian legend could easily be almost anyone in modern society; we are all imperfect, but the wings of desire are strong. The work “Faust”, designed to repre- sent the hat worn by Mephistopheles, uses surface-mount LEDs and rhythmic music to symbolize the changes in emotional state Faust goes through in the course of the tale; starting as a man of vision, he succumbs to the temptations of Mephistopheles, losing himself in the pursuit of desire, constantly chasing his desires until his heart and spirit are broken, before realizing that mankind is inherently imperfect, a realization that reawakens his spirit. Details Circular Path: Represents the path of the pursuit of desire; spray-painted with fractal designs Dome: The ideal world; LEDs: Represent seven different desires. Black Base: When audience members step on one of the plates around the piece, the silhou- ette of a demon is cast at the bottom of the base, representing how devils can lie in wait beneath temptation, steering everything. Lydia Kuo | | +39 3273410237
  9. 9. Solaricada 200 2008’ 008 Interactive Installation e v a Motor ound sen or, oject Motor, sound sensor, projector, styrofoam o d enso o Work with Yu-yin Huang, Frances Tseng, Yuan Zone My role : Concept development 3D modeling Animation design Being entered into the 2008 iF Product Design Awards First prize, “New Interpretations” section, Creative Week, Yuan Ze University, 2008 Best New Innovation award, Original Products Section, Taiwan Prominent Inventor Association, 2008 Be reported in December 2008, Domus Magazine
  10. 10. 2008 Aim Combining sundial functions and interactive art, Solaricada brings together lighting and sculpture to give a new face to time display. Specifically designed to be displayed indoors in a standard lighting position, the piece includes sensors that detect when a pedestrian passes by and others that detect the level of lighting, adjusting the lighting of the sculpture accordingly and, during daylight, using the shadows cast by the cicada’s wings to display the time. This not only presents a different face of the traditional sundial but also uses natural themes to emphasize the importance of conserving energy. Concept The invention of the sundial is a concrete example of the abstract human concept of time, but as times have changed, sundials have already largely been replaced by mechanical and digital clocks. In addition to its utility as a sundial, Solaricada serves another purpose; the nymph stage of the cicada’s life cycle involves it spending six years underground, after which it emerges, only to enjoy only a two-week life as an adult. The purpose of using the cicada in this piece is to both give a different take on the sundial and to remind viewers that time is precious. Details Before 5pm: When someone walks through the sensor area, the wings of the cicada open, with their shadow cast on a projected clock face and indicating the current time. After 5pm: When someone walks through one of the various sensor areas, a computer connected to the piece will activate different animations, lighting effects, and sounds depending on the sensor passed. Lydia Kuo | | +39 3273410237
  11. 11. Morpheus 2008’ Animation, Computer art Screen, computer, Audio. 4m32s Work with Yu-yin Huang, Kely Wu, Asha Chuang, Howard Hsu, Yen-Ho Huang My role : Team leader Initial experimenting After effect Art director Display design On display at 27th International Young Designers’ Exhibition, Apr 2008 On display as part of Yuan Ze University Graduation Exhibition, Mar 2008 My graduation project We spent 8 months to finish this experimental animation Combining multi-media and innovative interaction display I learned leadership organization Film production Exhibition marketing
  12. 12. Aim For our final project, we wanted to combine comprehensive skills, concept and vision. This experimental animation not only uses traditional film and video production method, but also creative after effect to create characters. We designed an innovative display using three screens to give viewers a virtual reality experience. 2008 Concept This experimental animation, created in music video style, follows Matt, the protagonist, as he is pulled into his girlfriend’s dreams, playing various figures on a trip through the dreams, in a world where fantasy, treachery, and reality meet. Displayed across three screens, “Morpheus” leads viewers through an unusual dreamscape, and the positioning of the screens—left, right, and center—creates a sense of three-dimensionality. At times, incidents and actions move across screens, while at others, the three screens present a combined panorama, but throughout a sense of spatial connectedness is present, leading viewers to follow the action, unconsciously moving their heads or stepping back in response to what happens, unifying story and viewer. Lydia Kuo | | +39 3273410237
  13. 13. too esign - Ta Graphic D Rotoscoping: Filming real people and adding after-effects creates a sense of reality and fantasy colliding. Storyboard Dreamcatcher: This good luck charm represents the capturing of the viewer’s daydreams and their reflection through the central monitor. 200 8 gn esi yD pla Dis Lydia Kuo | | +39 3273410237
  14. 14. During college, I had an internship with BluePhoenix New Media Arts which is the biggest interaction art studio in Taiwan During these two months i se two I saw the perfect combination of chinese art and digital technology And participated in the project“The birdcage” for Shanghai eARTs 2007 Exhibition
  15. 15. Dream Walking is an outdoor installation artwork by BluePhoenix New Media Arts at the Shanghai eARTs Exhibition, 2007 “Pavilion with Imagination” Inspired by toys and games, different sensors and actions trigger video, sounds, machines and artistic light, creating a fantastic pavilion. And I worked on “The Birdcage” project. when you pass by these birdcages, the cards will rotate to display animation of vivid birds and other animals inside. Lydia Kuo | | +39 3273410237
  16. 16. Now I am studying at Domus Academy , Italy This is a whole new experience for me Unfamiliar language and culture shock bring out a different way of thinking in five group projects I ‘ve learned concept development User research Human behavior analysis Product design process Innovation interface design
  17. 17. for Customer Care Sedimenting V-Farm 2009’ Retail Shop interaction retail shop, internet, interface design Project Leaders: Chiara Diana, Elena Pacenti Assistants: Roberta Tassi, Renzo Giusti Work with June Ho Suh, Carlo Zapponi My role : Concept Interface design Visualization
  18. 18. Aim This project reinvents the shopping experience in retail spaces, providing new meaningful services through visual interaction. The retail experience cycle is based on three steps: attraction, engagement and extension. The main purpose of this project is to enhance the extension phase, with a special focus on rewarding customer loyalty to establish durable relationships with them. We also want to build a community around the retail store through a more sustainable "shopping style". The main context of the project is the big chains and departmental stores of the food sector. Concept The system reproduces a virtual farm in which customers can cultivate, share and harvest their own seedlings. After harvesting, customers can exchange their virtual fruits for real products. In-store interaction is based on touch screens placed at accessible points in the retail space. Remote access is provided through a web site and an application for mobile phones. How does it work? The system consists of five main tools: membership green card, v-farm lounge, kiosks, website and mobile phone application. Through the card, customers can collect points when buying eco-sustainable and bio products. After collecting the desired number of points it is possible to plant new seeds in the virtual farm. The card is the main tool for logging into the virtual farm, which is installed inside a lounge (in case of big stores) or in kiosks placed at strategic positions to enhance post-buying experience. Interaction in the v-farm lounge is provided by touch screens through which users can manage, seed and share their fruits with other users. The software serves as a tool for managing and sharing the seedlings. Prototype of visual concept and program by keyboard-hacking with Massimo Banzi Scenario for ‘V-Farm’ Lydia Kuo | | +39 3273410237
  19. 19. Sweet Vase O`mine 2009’ Exhibition design Prototyping, innovation interface Project Leaders: Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Massimo Banzi Assistants: Renzo Giusti Work with Li-Yin Chiu, Alix Chen My role : Concept Idea sketching Prototyping Model building Overview The goal of this project was to design a museum installation for the Archaeological Museum of Sabbia Valley, Italy. We came up with ten ideas for displaying antiques and then developed five of them. Finally we made a prototype of concept "Sweet Vase O' mine". Concept Instead of using traditional display kiosks, Sweet Vase O` mine can let people leap over the glass between antiques and them as well as use limited space to exhibit infinite displays. Without glass, people can touch and observe much more details about displays. On the other hand, it uses digital content to display and guide people, so the content could be unlimited and be changed faster and easier. Furthermore, it can provide people a real experience of archaeological behavior just inside the museum. And it also could be used to develop the immersive learning modality during educational workshop for elementary school students. How does it work? “Sweet Vase O` mine” is operated with a few simple motions. When people get closer, they will discover the brush beside the installation is growing. And then, they will see the dusted virtual vase and try to use the brush to dust it. During dusting, the virtual vase will become cleaner and cleaner and it will show them the illustration about the vase little by little. So, people can see much more details such as patterns and materials. Prototype Lydia Kuo | | +39 3273410237
  20. 20. idea 1 : Way back to Garda Lake People can visit the history of Garda Lake from now to past by rowing. idea 2 : Aware me by your shining People can discover the treasures by themselves like they are explorers. idea 4 : Wall painting forever People can leave their unique memory in the museum idea 3 : Pull me up by creating a mutual design like a great ancient roman graffiti. They can engage in the scenario and get the information about the fossil or ancient remains that archaeologists have found. More details Lydia Kuo | | +39 3273410237
  21. 21. Memo 2009’ Public installation Retail shop, internet, interface design Project Leader: Paolo Cesaretti Assistant: Maria Jose Fabregat Work with Scott Hao-Ting Sun, Yoshihisa Shinagawa My role : Concept Interaction design Prototyping
  22. 22. Overview “Memo” was designed for the competition of 2015 EXPO in Milano. The aim of our project was to attract people to lesser known areas of the city and teach them a bit of the history behind Milan during the EXPO. These new experiences will forever be a part of their memory of Milan and EXPO 2015. Concept There are two applications in Memo’s project. One of application is located in Giardini della Gustalla which was constructed for children. The monument in the park was built in memory of twenty Italian children that died in Germany. In order to remember them we came up with an interaction installation idea making kids laugh more. Utilizing the existing artificial pond to provide the interaction, we use by attractive gadgets to introduce the history and remind people of the memories of this area. The flower-like gadgets are able to react to voice and track the source; and further play pleasant children’s ballads based on the quantity of clustered gadgets. How does it work? The sensors detect kid's laughing sound. Trigger the flowers to move closer to children's position. 16 sound sensor + mic wifi Lydia Kuo | | +39 3273410237
  23. 23. in summer 2009 I took a residency in Kitchen Budapest , Hungary Kitchen Budapest is a interactive art research center funded by Telecom It’s like a fantasic journey opened my eyes to the beauty of Eastern European design their passion, their freedom, unlimited creativity like a dream My goal was to join the present group of KIBU employees that were involved in the area of interaction and communication design. At the same time, I developed my own projects and got technical support and new ideas from other researchers.
  24. 24. Kid’s flower Prototyping This interaction device was designed for DA’s 5th Project which was constructed for children. Utilizing the existing artificial pond to provide the interaction space , these attractive gadgets introduce the history and memory of the area to people. The flower-like gadgets are able to react to voice and track the source. Outcomes I finished the sound sensors, the fans which moved by detecting sound and the Processing coding as well. I’m still missing the WiFi communication part which needs bluetooth with Arduino to send the signals to the flowers and to control the motor’s movement then triggering the flowers to go in different directions. ReacCard of Kitchen Budapest ReacCard is a project which can link digital information to tangible cards. ReacCard of KitchenBudapest is a gift for thanking every KIBU member and documenting these wonderful memories I had of KIBU through digital images and videos. Using “reacTIVision” technology and QR code, every reacCard has a specific marker. Putting it in front of camera can display the video which is made by sender. This project will be devel- oped into a website version, so it can combine the postcard or mobile device and send your wishes through many channels. Outcomes Please see the video: Lydia Kuo | | +39 3273410237
  25. 25. I worked in Meworks Inc. from 2007 to 2008 This company has a new business model platform of designing commercial websites When they started, they invited five designers to become a part of their permanent visual design staff and I was one of them :) e t/ s.n ork ew w.m ww Lydia Kuo | | +39 3273410237
  26. 26. I’m not looking for a job I’m looking for a new lifestyle... ing r lifestyl .... y Design is in my blood I’m ready for new challanges A whole new life !
  27. 27. LinYing Kuo 1986.03.03, Taiwan Via Pompeo Neri 13, Milano, Italy +39 3273410237 / +886 937910270 (chinese) skype_think1936