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Stillwell portfolio


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This portfolio represents work done in the Masters of Architecture Program at California College of the Arts by Sean Stillwell.

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Stillwell portfolio

  1. 1. Sean Stillwellportfolio
  2. 2. Sean Stillwell California College of the Arts MArch 3, Architecture Graduate Program July 2009 to Present [3 year program] • Developed skills and thought processes crucial for success in the field of Architecture. • 3D design, model making, drawing, & exploring alternate methods of conveying/ exploring ideas. • Published at May 2011 CAD Teacher, San Diego, CA Revit I and II January 2009 to March 2009 • Basic drafting and 3D modeling through schedules, area details, callouts with detail components, importing and exporting to AutoCAD. University of California, Santa Cruz Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metal Sculpture Fall 2000 to Winter 2005 Minor in Science Illustration • Fundamentals in making techniques, 2D and 3D, in multiple medias, as well as developing conceptual thinking. • William H. & Susan B. Irwin Scholarship Grant Winner • Student Member of the Faculty Selection Committee
  3. 3. Experience Software OBR Architecture June & July 2009 • Rhino® • Grasshopper® • Revit® OBR Architecture is a young & accomplished • Autocad® Architectural Firm in San Diego having opened • Adobe® Illustrator® its doors in 2008. • Adobe® Photoshop® Position: Graphic & 3D Design • Adobe® InDesign® • 3D Design in Sketch up • Adobe® Dreamweaver® • Graphic Design in Photoshop/Illustrator. • Adobe® Acrobat® • Microsoft® Office / Excel® Blue Motif Architecture July 2008 – July 2009 • PC & MAC based operating systems Blue Motif is an award winning Architectural firm in San Diego. Fabrication Skills Position: Presentation Design • Developed Proposal Strategies and Material for the new Cultural Center at UCSD with • Precision Machining & Milling digital and print media. • MIG, TIG, Stick welding on Stainless Steel, Steel, Reside Inc./MAKE Fabrication|May 2008 - July 2009 Aluminum,and Bronze. • Bronze Casting: Mold making, Investment/Ceramic Shell, Reside Inc. is a branding corp. specializing Pouring Metal, Refinishing, in custom thematic signage and contracting. Patina, and Installation. Position:Fabrication / Installation • Casting: Resin, rubber, • Design and Fabrication of signage in metal, polyurethane, rockite, concrete wood, Acrylic, glass, and other materials. fiberglass, plaster, wax, • Welding (MIG and TIG), precision milling, life casting, etc.Sean Stillwell and other machining of parts for installation. • Mixed Media: woodworking, • Installation of signage and other custom ceramic, acrylic & oil painting, products on commercial and private properties. water color, ink, graphite, etc.
  4. 4. Compressive Plan Diagram Gateway: Parking Ramp Radius Study View to Abu Dhabi (west) Compressive Exotic Variables Instructor: Thom Faulders Spring 2011 Abu Dhabi is a car culture. The vast distances between destinations, the extreme heat and sand storms, the quality of the existing public transportation systems, and the current low cost of petrol in the UAE make the automobile the default means of travel. Compressive looks at this existing condition and more specifically, the car as a representation of human N beings’ very worst and very best achievement. The way western society, and emerging societies around the world have implemented the automobile is both irresponsible and inexcusable. While the resources consumed to manufacture and operate the car are astounding, the personal freedom the car affords is something that every society should strive for (personal freedom, that is). The car is an integral Museum of component of our existing lifestyle, and one that the Future will not fade without a reexamination of our entire & Restaurant public transportation system. Compressive reexamines the interaction between the person and the car at various scales and questions Real Estate the current understanding of the parking lot as a Offices type of “service space.” It looks forward to a time & Cafe when emissions will be reduced and people and cars may inhabit the same spaces comfortably given that safety, congestion, and the integration of various Tourist forms of transportation have been resolved. These Bureau “service spaces” that we call parking lots may eventually be seen as destinations in themselves. Transportation Hub & Cafe Perspective Diagram Programatic Expansion & Contraction Precedent studies: Marina Herzog & de Meuron, 1111 City LTL: Park Tower Foster + Partners: Masdar City Compressed Site Plan: *NTSsstillwell@cca.eduSean Stillwell Saadiyat Island: Gateway to Abu Dhabi N View Approaching Underpass (North)
  5. 5. Facade Operation Uncompressed & Pedestrian Pathways State By utilizing the car as another form of vertical transportation the building can begin to register occupation by the reacting to the weight of cars parked on various floors. By sectionally arranging the main programs of this mixed use tower, groups of up to 5 Compression: floors will actually begin Indicates Occupation to sag with the weight of cars based on program use at 19th Floor Plan different times throughout the day. The dynamic façade system intensifies this condition by folding out and up when the floors compress Transverse allowing for increased Section ventilation throughout the parking area to counter act the greater number of cars. Whatever solar protection is Uncompressed lost by the folding façade State is made up by the new condition of shorter floor-to-floor height of the Operational surrounding parking ramps. The compression is brought back to the scale of the human where the yellow pedestrian paths make their way from the parking spaces across the car ramps to the interior. When a car Weight Based approaches a pedestrian path & Operational the road reacts locally to the car’s weight, causing an Compression: inverted speed bump and Indicates Occupation ensuring pedestrian safety. Fixed System Weight Based This reaction to the weight of occupation allows the user an intuitive understanding of not only their own impact on the N 5’ 10’ 20’ space, but the impact of the aggregated population surrounding them. Transverse Section 5’10’ 20’ Sectional Model 1’=1/8”sstillwell@cca.eduSean Stillwell Compression: Uncompressed State Indicating Occupation
  6. 6. Studio 3 MArch Living in JapanTown - San Francisco Fall 2010 Instructors: C. Falliers & A. Sparks “We have no choice but to reformulate the dialectical constituents of the world, to determine more consciously the necessary links obtaining between place and production, between the ”what” and the “how.”... With the manifest hong kong: kawloon walled city: circa 1960 hong kong: kawloon walled city: 1992 exhaustion of non-renewable resources the techno-topic myth of unlimited progress becomes somewhat discredited and, at this juncture, the production of place returns us by way of economic limit not to architecture, but to the... [Heideggarian notion] of Blaukunst ... Since what is fatally tied to the relevant optimal sub-categories of production, not only those of built form itself, but also those structurally productive forces that implicitly shape the built environment as elements of our relations to nature.” - Kenneth Frampton The erosion of the Peace Plaza at JapanTown enabled a more direct N N access between the existing sidewalk erosion of peace plaza exposing existing structure infrastructural truss utilizing existing structure elevations at Post and Geary street using ADA ramp standards to influ- ence the path and location. This erosion also exposed the existing structural columns that could be exploited for new construction. This project explored parasitic architec- ture as the most extreme form of Critical Regionalism and the future of Car/Pedestrian interaction.sstillwell@cca.eduSean Stillwell post street section: north - south *NTS geary street
  7. 7. birds eye view north post street section: north - south MArch section: east - west japan town: peace plaza view from integrated space geary street 1st Floor Plan N *NTSsstillwell@cca.eduSean Stillwell section: east - west plan unit detail: 1st 2nd Floor *NTS *NTS
  8. 8. Studio 2 Museum of Architecture and the City: Architectural Topography Spring 2010 Lecture Instructor: T. Faulders Space & The architectural augmentation Roof Garden of topography throughout San Francisco, the “city of hills,” is a condition that a museum of Wind Turbines architecture should communi- Permanent Collection cate. While this condition will education continue to evolve with the Archives center built environment, the amplifi- cation is a product of code at Reading Library the scale of the city, the Room neighborhood, the block, and Installation the building. Gallery The buildings surrounding the Virtual site in question step down from Black Box 40+ stories to 15+ stories (the Administrative specification for MA+C) & finally to the ground level of Offices the plaza adjacent to our site Galleries: & the Yerba Buena center across Special Shows Mission Street. The existing flow of architectural topogra- The Urban phy cuts through the proposed Coffee Model volume of MA+C creating a Lobby novel condition of interior Bar Book and exterior spaces. Store Plans 1-10 *NTS N Installation education Wind Lecture Space Gallery center Turbines Ticketing The Urban Library Model Galleries: Admin. Virtual Lobby Receiving Black Box Secial Shows Offices &Storage Reading Archives Room Roof Garden Coffee Permanent Book Bar Collection Storesstillwell@cca.eduSean Stillwell T. 3R N S D SIO MIS ST . Averaging Architecural Topography as it Traverses MA+C
  9. 9. Lecture Space & Roof Garden Mechanical Wind Turbines Permanent Collection Archives education center Reading Room Installation Gallery Virtual Black Box Administrative Offices Galleries: Special Shows The Urban Model Lobby Book Store North - South Longitudinal Section *NTS View From the Plaza Apparatus to Experiencesstillwell@cca.eduSean Stillwell Circulaiton Diagrams: Following Up Around Void View of Special Shows Gallery San Francisco
  10. 10. Studio 1 The Albany Bulb: MArch Project 2 Ground Materiality Influencing Stability: Micro Scale Diagram By: Sean Stillwell Fall 2009 & Gabe Guerriero Instructors: J. L’Heureux & C. Marsh Investigations of ground conditions indicate locations of possible Architectural intervention on the Albany Bulb. An understanding of Shoreline materiality and resulting Idustrial Infill ground stability was gained Clay through site research, Top Soil 80 60 40 20 SL Sand diagrams, and model making. Gravel Modeling was additionally Silt Sediment used to explore three Sand and Silt dimensional relationships Clay and Silt N between topsoil & vegetation Sand,Clay,& Silt (visible conditions), & the Liquifaction Stable foundation of in-filled 0 400 800 1200 Unstable construction waste materials. Model 1 Plan N Model 1 Elevation: Northsstillwell@cca.eduSean Stillwell Model 1 & 2: Study of Stable and Unstable Ground Wooden Dowels and Laser Cut Plywood
  11. 11. The Albany Bulb: Determining Site Locations MArch Model 1 Site Model 2 Site Systems Limiting Intervention Direction of Slope Grade & Intensity of Change 0 to -3’ -3 to -5’ Bathymetry Ground Stability in term of Liquefaction N Vegetation as a 0 400 800 1200 Limiting Volume Model 2 Elevation: East / Westsstillwell@cca.eduSean Stillwell Model 2 Elevation: Model 1 Elevation: West / East South / North
  12. 12. Visual Digital Sectional Perspective: S.Stillwell Media 1 MArch Fall 2009 instructor: A. Steinmuller An exploration of representational techniques. Using Lebbeus Woods as an example, drawings of the Loisium Hotel in Langenlois, Austria were produced. By Lebbeus Woods By Lebbeus Woods By Lebbeus Woodssstillwell@cca.eduSean Stillwell Sectional Perspective: S.Stillwell
  13. 13. Sean MArch
  14. 14. Custom Fabrication: Steel Window Inserts Core Tin Steel Planters w/MAKE Fabrication Stainless Steel Interior Canopies w/Blue Motif Architecture Fabricationsstillwell@cca.eduSean Stillwell
  15. 15. 3 2 1 Death & 3 3 Polite 2 Dinner Conver- 5 sation 4 Senior 1 Show ucsc 1 4 5 Undergraduatesstillwell@cca.eduSean Stillwell
  16. 16. The series “Patriotic From the Waist Down” is comprised of 3 cast bronze belt buckles. These works question the notion of patriotism and ones own relationship to it. Every symbol used can be interpreted differently with both positive and negative connotations depending on perspective.sstillwell@cca.eduSean Stillwell
  17. 17. These works are the part of the series called “Best Intentions.” This body of work deals with the layering of individuals and the cultures they live in. As these layers interact they begin to break away, engulf, reveal, and conceal the layers both beneath and surrounding them. Slurpy Lid Painting 1-4 Supersoaker Sculpture 1 (2-4 N.S.)sstillwell@cca.eduSean Stillwell
  18. 18. Sean