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Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
Susan Heater 2009 Presentation
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Susan Heater 2009 Presentation


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Published in: Education, Business
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  • 1. Welcome to <br />This is an Interactive presentation. Click on Italic & photosfor valuable links.<br />Susan Heater – Sales Associate<br />585.520.0396<br /><br />
  • 2. Meet Susan Heater<br />I have called Webster, NY my home<br />Since 2001. My family & I lived in Colorado for several years, but having being raised in Northern Virginia and the Annapolis, MD areas the family missed the east and relocated to Rochester, NY. Josie Licata & I have been working as partners since 2004. We have over 30 years combined experience in Real Estate. You are our #1 priority! <br />
  • 3. Are you ready to buy? <br />$Steady income<br />$ Pay bills on time<br />$ Low to medium debt<br />$ Down payment available<br />$ Ability to pay mortgage<br />The Licata Group will connect with a mortgage professional.<br /><br />
  • 4. YOUR LENDER WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH<br /><ul><li>How much you can afford
  • 5. Why be pre-approved
  • 6. Documents for pre-approval
  • 7. What type of mortgage is best for you
  • 8. Special programs that are available</li></ul>Click<br />
  • 9. What type of home<br /><ul><li>Type of community
  • 10. Resale home
  • 11. New construction
  • 12. Fixer-upper
  • 13. Features:
  • 14. #Bedrooms
  • 15. #Baths
  • 16. #Garage (make your wish list)
  • 17. Location –most important</li></ul>Click on photo<br />
  • 18. HOW YOUR REALTOR CAN HELP<br /><ul><li>Guides you through the process of buying or building
  • 19. Preview homes as they become available
  • 20. Focuses on the home that meet your requirements
  • 21. Knows the community</li></ul>Susan Heater<br />585.520.0396<br /><br />
  • 22. HOW YOUR REALTOR CAN PROTECT YOU<br /><ul><li>The seller is represented by the listing Realtor
  • 23. The listing Realtor is bound to represent and protect the seller
  • 24. Your buyer’s agent would be bound to represent and protect you – the buyer
  • 25. Contact Susan Heater for additional details</li></li></ul><li>START LOOKING FOR HOMES<br /><ul><li> Your Realtor will schedule showings based you’re your criteria
  • 26. Imagine your own furnishings in the home
  • 27. What condition is the home in: any up-dates, needs repairs
  • 28. What surrounds the home: woods, golf course, park
  • 29. Ask your Realtor to point out the pros/cons
  • 30. Keep a check list
  • 31. Don’t let your emotions make your decision </li></ul>KEEP FOCUSED<br />Click<br />
  • 32. Fixer-uppers…<br />Only IF the home is priced correctly will you recoup your investment of time, money and stress.<br />Nothing is a Guarantee…<br />Buy smart!<br /> Save money!<br /> Save Time!<br />Susan Heater 585-520-0396<br />
  • 33. IT’S TIME TO MAKE YOUR OFFER<br />Your Realtor will assist you in making your offer<br /><ul><li> What price to offer
  • 34. Legal description of the property
  • 35. Good earnest money amount
  • 36. Financing terms & down payment
  • 37. Estimated closing date
  • 38. Length the offer is valid
  • 39. List any other terms & conditions</li></ul>Susan Heater<br />585.520.0396<br /><br />
  • 40. WHAT’S NEXT<br />Throughout the buying process, The Licata Group will communicate with:<br /><ul><li> Sellers Agent
  • 41. Your Attorney
  • 42. Your Lender</li></ul> Making your buying experience smooth & stress-free<br />Susan Heater<br />585-520-0396<br /><br />
  • 43. Make Your Home Irresistible!<br />Maintenance & Repairs<br />Make minor repairs that can create a bad impression.<br />Squeaky doors<br />Tighten doorknobs<br />Chipped paint<br />Cracked caulking<br />Dripping faucet<br />Replace burned out light bulbs<br />Yard work<br />Cut lawn<br />Clear walk and driveway<br />Trim shrubs<br />Clean gutters<br />Touch up exterior paint<br />Susan Heater– <br />585-520-0396<br /><br />Think Spic & Span!<br />Get rid of clutter.<br />Wash windows & screens.<br />Remove all fingerprints.<br />Clean floors & carpets.<br />Clean ALL appliances.<br />Remove odors from cooking & pets<br />Replace old Bath towels with a couple of NEW ones.<br />A clean and well maintained home makes a better first impression & shows the buyer that the home has been well cared for!<br />
  • 44. Price Your Home to $ell!<br />A competitive market analysis will aid you in determining an effective listing focusing on properties currently listed, by analyzing recently soldproperties, determining what previous buyers were willing to pay and studying trends in financing. <br />Criteria that Determine Value<br /><ul><li>Location
  • 45. Size
  • 46. Amenities</li></ul>Click<br />
  • 47. No Other Real Estate Company Offers Their Clients More!<br />Home Trust Warranty<br />Nothnagle Home Securities<br />Home Services<br />Relocation– Leading Real Estate Companies of the World<br />House Hunter<br />Marketing…Marketing…Marketing!<br />
  • 48. Testimonials<br />Susan Heater was extremely helpful to us in planning and building our home… She was very thorough in following through with our detailed list of features desired in the house. Questions were answered thoughtfully and correctly…<br /> -J & T Lochrane<br />&quot;...thanks for your thorough explanations and honesty... you made it very convenient for me, and you certainly answered all the questions that I had, and you were very helpful...&quot;     - D. Mackay<br />&quot;...thank you for all your help... you are such a wonderful representative...&quot;      - B. & G. Hosenfeld <br />&quot;We both are extremely impressed by everything that you have done for us.&quot;     - K & C <br />
  • 49. Photographs and memories –<br /> life is to be enjoyed and treasured. <br />Measured in the footsteps you take on a<br /> grassy hillside, the color of your favorite tulips, and the changing seasons that give you autumn leaves and daffodils.<br />
  • 50. I believe in grassroots, community spirit, little league, front porches, and good neighbors!<br />
  • 51. Quick Links – Click on Icons<br />Relocation<br />Contact<br />The Licata Group<br />House Hunter<br />City Neighborhoods<br />Monroe County Parks<br />View Our Listings<br />How Much Can I Afford?<br />Neighborhood Navigator<br />Monroe County Sports<br />Finger Lakes<br />
  • 52. Susan Heater<br />585.520.0396<br /><br />