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Niche Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Niche Blogging Blissdom '10 Rachel Matthews Jennifer Schmidt A Southern FairyTale Balancing Beauty @sthrnfairytale and Bedlam @beautyandbedlam Audrey McClelland Mom Generations Nester Smith @AudreyMcClellan The Nesting Place @The Nester Sommer Poquette Green and Clean Heather Solos Mom Home-Ec101 @greenmom @heathersolos
  • 2. How do you find a niche? If you could blog about anything without thinking of finding an audience, what would the topic be? ~ Nester What message is important enough to you that you can write about it day in and day out? ~ Jen
  • 3. Niche bloggers. . . . . .love to write about . . . wake up every their topic vs simply morning ready and loving to write. ~ Nester willing to write about their topic. ~ Audrey
  • 4. Defining vs Confining My love of food and cooking Sometimes it can be limiting, quickly became the focus of my there are times I want to write writing. ~ Rachel about other ideas and it doesn’t always fit. ~Sommer The love I have for my niche keeps the act of writing enjoyable. ~ Sommer
  • 5. Maturing in Your Niche Chances are if you don’t like writing a style of posts, as a Consistent growth is a reader, we don’t either. Or if we demanding goal; persevere do, then you are attracting an through plateaus. Reevaluate audience of readers who will occasionally, but change continue to demand things from incrementally. you that you don’t like giving. ~ ~ Heather Nester
  • 6. Competitive Blogging Make friends not enemies. Help promote their content, link to their posts, retweet their links, and applaud their success. ~ Sommer There is always a way to separate and define yourself. Never stop finding ways to differentiate your content from others in the same field ~ Audrey
  • 7. Build Community Engage and value your readers' contributions, through personal response or other creative means. ~ Heather Find and follow other bloggers in your niche; build relationships, support, encourage, and learn from their wisdom and experience. ~ Rachel
  • 8. Find your passion. Love what you do. Engage as you create. Build your dream. But most of all, enjoy the journey. Niche Blogging Panel Blissdom 2010