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Autumn 2 Homework


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Homework for Year 6

Published in: Education
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Autumn 2 Homework

  1. 1. Autumn 2 Homework Weekend homework will involve longer tasks but will take just under two weeks to complete. The aim of this homework is to encourage you to think ‘outside the box’ – to develop your ability to think creatively. It may seem strange to start with, but after a while we think you will enjoy the tasks and that the skills you develop will help you to work more independently at high school. If you want to complete your homework on the computer and either: email it in, create a Prezi, use slide-share to post on the blog then these are strongly encouraged. (Blog username: year6 Password: m217hh) If you do not have a computer, are not able to access the internet, or simply prefer it, then it is acceptable to bring in handwritten work. Your homework MUST be completed on time. You will not be told HOW your homework will be marked. Sometimes the teacher will mark it, sometimes a friend, it could even be marked in a group. If you don’t complete your homework you will have to do it during your own time whilst at school. Should you wish to contact the Year 6 team use the following names followed by The teachers’ email addresses are: Date given Task Completio jgriffith jlamb n date Friday 7th 1 Monday lharwood rmillington Nov 17th Nov rmurray mwoods Friday 21st Nov 2 Monday 1st Dec Friday 5th Dec 3 Monday 15th Dec
  2. 2. Task 1 Imagine you are a sales person. You have been asked to try out these two types of trainer before selling them in your shop. Write a report about the trainers for Nike. Things to think about:- •Introduction and conclusion •Quotes •Rhetorical questions •Past tense •Interesting vocab •Where you used them •Did they change anything about you •Opinion
  3. 3. Task 2 We would like you to become the next James Cameron and create your own fantasy world. You should think about the environment and atmosphere of you planet. Could humans use the natural oxygen in its atmosphere or does it not have oxygen? How would humans survive there? What does the landscape look like? What is the climate like? Think about these things as well as animals you might find there. You could create a poster, comic strip, model or write a few paragraphs about your planet. You could even create your own Non-Fiction book all about your planet. Don’t forget that we encourage you to use media and computers so that we can share your work on the blog.
  4. 4. Think about:- Persuasive language Opposite viewpoint Cost Features What makes it better than other models? Your task this week is to persuade the Dragons to let you pitch your invention to them. Before you are able to demonstrate your idea you must convince them it is worth their time. Create a persuasive leaflet for your invention. Task 3