How To Build A Huge List Using These Easy Simple to Follow Steps


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Get the tips and tools on how to build a big list that you can make push button cash from for years to come.

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How To Build A Huge List Using These Easy Simple to Follow Steps

  1. 1. How To Build A Huge List Using TheseEasy Simple to Follow StepsIf you want to build a truly long lasting, recession proofbusiness you absolutely must build a list, there’s no wayaround this fact.If you want to learn how to build a list, we’ll cover some ofthe most important things you need to know.First off, an important lesson that I learned along the way inmy internet marketing education is that the only thing thatyou can rely on to create truly dependable income is havinga customer list that you can sell to time and time again.This couldn’t be more relevant in this day and ageparticularly with people constantly having their Googlerankings shuffling around on a daily basis.If you rely on Google search engine rankings for all of yourtraffic, you will always be at the mercy of their algorithmwhims.This can be frightening especially when your income can beliterally obliterated overnight because of a simple Googleupdate and because Google always want to give their usersa positive experience when using their search engine theyare constantly tweaking and improving their service.So this means that they will always make changes and yoursite will always be floating like a boat in an ocean, powerlessand at the mercy of these changes.That’s why I can’t highlight enough how important it truly isto have a customer list that you can market to over and
  2. 2. over again and that you should make this a priority when itcomes to building a long term business.Building a list is a lot easier than you think and can be assimple as following a rinse and repeat strategy that you canfollow time and time again.When you get started with your list building strategy, it’simportant not to deviate from it. I would rather see theresults of consistent effort than to bounce around aimlesslygoing from one technique to the next.So if you seriously want to build a list you’ll have to commitsome time to it, let’s be honest, anything in life that’s worthanything is worth putting in a little time and energy into.Don’t believe the hype claims that you can create a moneymaking list doing absolutely nothing because it’s simply nottrue.But I assure you that if you put the time and effort intoreally building a list, you can attain it and experience foryourself the benefits of having your very own customer list.Since you want to know how to build a list you’ll want tohave an email capture system in place.You can try Aweber, Get Response, Autoresponse plus. Ifyou’re short on funds, MailChimp is a great option and youcan always upgrade later once you’ve made some money.Next you’ll need to give something away of value, usually inthe form of information designed to give people an incentiveto get on your list. So what can you offer as bait to enticesubscribers to join your list?It depends on the kind of list you’re building, for instance ifit’s in the internet marketing realm, write a short reporttargeting your market of interest. If your niche is in
  3. 3. gardening, offer a short gardening report. I find what workswell for me is that I check out online forums, Yahoo Answersto gauge the types of questions that people have. When Isee a common thread keep emerging then I write a shortreport of around 4 to 6 pages in length and I offer that asmy free gift.Trust me, to write a handful of pages does not require ahuge time investment, you can churn out one of those in acouple of hours.If you’re not confident at writing, that’s ok, you can alwaysoutsource the task to someone else. There are freelancingsites designated to these types of tasks and there’s noshortage of decent writers that you can assign the writingtask to.Sites like and rentacoder are pretty good.Another site on the scene with a stellar reputation is theWarrior Forum, you can look at writing samples fromauthors, do your due diligence before committing to awriter, check out their feedback from past clients if that’sthe route you want to go with. When it comes to selecting awriter, just do a Google search to find some freelance placesyourself, always do your homework first before parting withyour money.Set up a squeeze page offering your free report and capturetheir email address using the autoresponder program of yourchoice, as I mentioned earlier, Aweber is the leading brandbut there are other great programs out there to choosefrom. Just do a trusty internet search and you’ll be able touncover plenty of good ones.A squeeze page is just a simple one page site that offersyour free report in exchange for an email address, it’s thevehicle that allows you to collect subscribers.
  4. 4. If you have the option to, you should always offer doubleopt in, it’s just another layer of protection when it comes tothe opt in process and really ensures that your subscribersdid opt into your list.All you have to do is drive traffic to your squeeze page andwatch your list counter spin with activity.Now obviously this is just a basic outline to build massive,income producing email lists but if you want even moreinformation how to build a wildly successful list of your ownthat can produce profits on an ongoing basis and learn howto drive traffic in droves, check and start building yoursuccessful list today.