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Calvin harris

  1. 1. Calvin HarrisCalvin Harris birth name/real name is Adam Richard Wiles he was born on the 17th January 1984 inDumfries, Scotland. He was a footballfan and aspired to be like Steve McManaman who was aprofessional footballer. Harris says “But I never had curly hair, so I got into music. If Id had curlyhair, things wouldve been different." He was first attracted to electronic music in his teens and wasrecording bedroom demos by 1999. According to an interview with News of the World, while he wasdiscovering music and producing it he became very anti-social which affected his personality. Hisearliest success was when he was twenty-one with the songs "Da Bongos" and "Brighter Days" theywere released as a 12" club single and CD-EP by the Prima Facie label in early 2002 under the nameStouffer.Calvin Harris released asong called ‘ Ready forthe Weekend ‘ in 2009.It was his second singlefrom studio albumReady for the Weekend’. The song features thefemale vocalist Britishsinger Mary Pearce. Thesong made world debutIn 12 June 2009 as it wasplayed on the famous radiostation BBC Radio 1 by PeteTong. It was also featured asthe song of the day onPopjustice on the 13thJuly2009. Harris then went onto perform the song at theItunes festival on the 18thJuly 2009 in London.The song then got into the UK Singles Chart at number three on 16 August2009.
  2. 2. Track listingsUK CD single and iTunes single[11][12]"Ready for the Weekend" – 3:37"Ready for the Weekend" (High Contrast Remix) – 5:42UK iTunes EP[13]"Ready for the Weekend" – 3:37"Ready for the Weekend" (Fake Blood Remix) – 5:40"Ready for the Weekend" (High Contrast Remix) – 5:42"Ready for the Weekend" (Dave Spoon Remix) – 6:21"Ready for the Weekend" (Dave Spoon Dub Remix) –6:35UK 12" single[14]A1. "Ready for the Weekend" (Original Version) – 3:37B1. "Ready for the Weekend" (Dave Spoon Remix) – 6:21B2. "Ready for the Weekend" (Fake Blood Remix) - 5:40Chart (2009)PeakpositionBelgian Tip Chart (Flanders) 2Belgian Tip Chart (Wallonia) 7European Hot 100 Singles 11Irish Singles Chart 9Japan Hot 100 97Scottish Singles Chart 32UK Singles Chart 3UK Dance Singles Chart1During an interview for The Sun on 10 April 2009, Harris commented on the songsaying ;"Its different to the first single. Its still happy, dancey, with more singing. The hooks sung by a womancalled Mary Pearce, whos a diva. Shes got this great big voice and its like a nod to an old danceclassic. I love underground dance music but I also have an extreme love of commercial dance music.But only the good stuff."The music video for the song was directed by Ben Ib and premiered on the British channel T4 on 4 July2009 at 11:00 am. FHM model and TOWIE star Lauren Pope makes an appearance in the video. Severaldancing females appear wearing red leotards to match Harris magic portal, shirt and furniture. Theynext "change into blue and yellow zip-up bathing suits, expanding the palette and multiplyingendlessly, just in time for the weekend."On 23 July 2009, it was reported that the video was removed from YouTube due to a copyright claimfrom another party. Harris stated that he was upset it had occurred and believed that the BritishPhonographic Industry had prompted the removal.
  3. 3. DirectorThe director of this music video was Ben Ib. He is a music video director and CGI artist living andworking in London he also runs a design+ animation studio specialising in concert visuals as well asdirecting Music Videos and TV Commercials.He has directed music videos for Kylie Minogue, The Ting Tings, Roni Size, Goldie Lookin Chain, MrHudson, Stateless, and has created live tour visuals for Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, RobbieWilliams, Kylie Minogue and The Smashing Pumpkins.Ben Ib studied Art at Leeds University and started out by creating club visuals in the Faversham,Leeds, where he was Creative Director. His first digital short "Collapse", created as a 3rd yearUniversity film won the Video Positive award in 1996 and was screened on Channel Fours "DigitalUnderground series. His early digital work was screened at The Hanover Film Festival, The AVEfestival (Arnhem, The Netherlands), One Dot Zero, Cinefeel and the Edinburgh Film Festival. In 1998Ben came to London and worked as a 3d artist in various Post Production Houses, eventually movinginto the direction of commercials for music artists such as Madonna, the Manic Street Preachers andthe Beach Boys. It was from here that he began his career in Music Videos.Camera WorkThe video opens with a close up of a circle that calvinharris is holding in front of him.The camera then pans out revealing calvin standing next to the river thames in London.The camera then shakily wobbles away , as it looks like a outtake or a mistake. But it justgives it a quirky and realistic feel.The camera then zooms out so far that it shows another red circle which seems to be awindow.The main camera technique in this video is handheld as it wobbles around the screen.There is also a lot of panning when it goes onto another scene or shot.It looks like there are no cuts in the video from where the camera tilts to another scene. Yetit has just been edited very well.GenreThe genre of this music video is synthpop which can also be known as also known as electropop, ortechnopop it is a genre of popular music that first became prominent in the 1980s, in which thesynthesizer is the dominant musical instrument. It was prefigured in the 1960s and early 1970s bythe use of synthesizers in progressive rock, electronic art rock, disco.
  4. 4. LyricsThe very beginning of the song there is someone singing ‘ooo’ twice and whenever they say ‘ooo’ acircle comes up this only happens twice at the start of the video. I then realised the lyrics ‘And Imake her bleed’ when this is in the music video a hand punches through the wall and the walls are adeep blood red. It then goes on to say ‘We find the nearest girl and ask her to dance’ it then zoomsin to the model Lauren Pope that Calvin Harris was currently dating at the time of the music video.‘This reflection in my mirror’ Shows Calvin placing a circle on a wall to show a shot of a of a town andthen panning up to show a plane. ‘When I tilt it towards the sunlight’ The background for the firsttime is a dark night black but the circle he is holding has a bright sunlight reflection on it . He thensings the lyric ‘You fall out of view’ while he is jumping down into a black hole and for the first timein a outside location.