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  • 1. • are 1/3 less likely to be obese• men who don’t eat meat reduce their risk of early death by 50%, women by 30%• have lower incidence of coronary artery disease, hypertension, obesity and some forms of cancer.• tend to eat proportionally more polyunsaturated fat to saturated fat compared with non-vegetarians
  • 2. • live about 7 years longer than non-vegetarians• Have more effective immune systems in killing off tumor cells• average bone loss for a vegetarian woman at age 65 is 18 percent; for non-vegetarian women, its double that• eating a lot of vegetables necessarily means consuming fiber, which pushes waste out of the body; meat contains no fiber
  • 3. # 2 most obese country in the world
  • 4. it is a myth that a vegetarian diet cannot provide the required amounts of protein age/sex group minimumdaily required protein intake infants 10g teenage boys 52g teenage girls 46g adult men 56g adult women 46g WebMD 2012
  • 5. breakfast:1 cup oatmeal 22g of protein1 cup soy milk1 bagellunch:2 slices whole wheat bread 17g of protein1 cup baked black beansdinner:140g firm tofu1 cup broccoli 24g of protein1 cup of brown rice2 tbsp of almondssnacks:crackers 10g of proteinpeanut butterTOTAL 73g of proteinMinimum required daily protein 56gintake Mangels, Reed, Ph.D. The Vegetarian Resource Group 1995-2012
  • 6. the problem with meat is that we don’t ingest the amountswe should, we exceed them; this excess in eating animalderived products (specially red meat) causes severe healthproblems related to obesity, diabetes, heart problems, andhypertension Increase in cholesterol levels, saturated fat, and therefore blocked arteries
  • 7. our bodies are made to intake a certain amount of protein, we need it, but when we exceed in quantity, then our bodies reject it, and that is what happens with meat diets; we exceed our bodies’ needs and that is not natural. its like an overflowing glass of waterall this becomes an important factor in obesity because obesity is caused by the excess of eating in a way that makes our metabolism slow, meat takes along time to digest and when you don’t back it up with fiber you don’t clean your body this un-functioning metabolic and digestive system lead to weight gain
  • 8. for some reason, many of the world’s mostinfluential and intelligent people have been vegetarian, with long life spanspaul mccartney mahatma ghandi albert einstein
  • 9. bill clinton aristotle natalie portmansir isaac newton steve jobs russell brand
  • 10. • consuming fiber that meat does not contain, to cleanse your body• keeping your arteries clear of cholesterol• avoiding toxins (pesticides, preservatives, environmental pollutants)• keeping yourself slim and fit
  • 11. vegizzio eater common mexican diet eaterobtains required amount of protein intake obtains required amount of protein intakedelights ones taste buds delights ones taste budsintakes controlled levels of polyunsaturated intakes too much saturated fatfatextends life expectancy around 7 years high vulnerability to suffer from obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and cancerhigh-fiber diet low-fiber dietAre 1/3 less likely to be obese 24.2% of mexicans suffer from extreme obesityLower incidence of coronary artery diseases Next to smokers, first in line to possibly suffer a hard attackavoids pesticides Intakes artificial pesticides and chemicals used on animals and meat processes
  • 12. there really is no need to eat meat, a vegetarian diet provides the same amount of nutrients you need in a carnivorous diet, but without the saturated fats, the levels of cholesterol, and the processed, un-natural ingredients it is not necessary to become a full hard-core vegetarian, you can start by eating meat only twice a week the possibility of extending your life span, reducing your vulnerability to a heart attack, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension are things worth considering, and there are really not many draw-backsvegizzio will be the first restaurant in guadalajara to offer these options daily, without having to sacrify delighting your taste buds