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Vegetarian fact file.


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Vegetarian fact file.

  1. 1. Vegetarian Fact File
  2. 2. What is a Vegetarian? Being a vegetarian isnt just not eating meat, there is a variety of types of vegetarianism. • Lacto vegetarians • Lacto- Ovo vegetarians • Vegans • Fruitarians • Ovo vegetarian • Pescetarian • Flexitarian • Pollo vegetarian • Each of these vegetarians are different from one another.
  3. 3. Lacto VegetarianLacto vegetarians, also known as lactarians allow dairy products into their diet, but don’tinclude eggs as part of the diet. They will also stay away from foods that have gelatin in it,due to gelatin being made from the connective tissues of animals, as well as avoiding rennet.There are different types of substitutions that can be made for animal rennet that arevegetarian based, which makes it suitable for lacto vegetarians to eat.Lacto- Ova VegetarianLacto- Ova vegetarians eat only vegetable-based food but can also eat eggs/dairy products.They dont believe in eating meat of any sort, but consumedairy products/eggs; which doesn’t make them 100% vegetarian.VeganBeing a vegan is someone who rejects all forms of animal product, which include dairy,especially eggs. There are two kinds of vegans, ethical and dietary/strict. Ethical vegansdont have anything that would include an animal as part of the process, this includesclothing, accessories and food. Even products that have been tested on animals is avoided.Dietary/strict vegans only eliminate animal produce from their diet, avoiding all kinds ofdairy and eggs.Pollo VegetariansAlso know as a pollotarian, is where poultry and in some cases fish, is consumed. Likethe pesce-pollotarian diet, mammal related red meat is not eaten.
  4. 4. FruitarianFruitarians only have food sources that qualify as fruits although some include add-onslike seeds and nuts. Grains, vegetables and animal produce are avoided. Like forinstance, some fruitarians do eat peas/legumes beans, seeds and nuts.Ova VegetarianOva vegetarians include eggs in their diet but no dairy products of any kind. They preferconsuming free-range eggs as opposed to those that are produced in a cage.. Evenunfertilized eggs are an eating form that is looked down upon, since eggs are consumedwhile the embryo is still very much alive (balut). The process that goes intomaking dairy is questionable, making Ovo vegetarians stick to free-range eggs and adairy-free diet .PescetarianA pescetarian is someone who consumes anything that they wish to, but abstains frommeat of all kinds except fish and in some cases, shellfish. They also eat dairy products,eggs and other food ingredients but they do not eat any type of animal meat..FlexitarianA flexitarian is also called semi-vegetarianism simply because a flexitarian chooses toeat meat on not-so-several occasions. There are other diets like the pesce-pollotarianwhere vegetarians of this sort eat only white meat, that is poultry and fish.
  5. 5. Vegetarian DemographicsIn the United Kingdom, more and morepeople are deciding to adapt a vegetarianlifestyle due to health benefits and the harmto animals eating meat creates.The Vegetarian Society claims that there arearound 4million vegetarians in the UK, whichis about 7% of the population. Although inthe past 2 years that estimation hassupposedly dropped to around 3millionpeople or 5% of the population.
  6. 6. GENDER DEMOGRAPHICS MALE FEMALE 41% 59%Research has shown that vegetarians are predominantly female.
  7. 7. Why be a Vegetarian?The majority of people who chose to become a vegetarian are because itsbetter for animals and a way to prevent 1000’s of animals being slaughtered aday for people to eat.Another reason to become a vegetarian is because its much more sustainableand a great way to improve your impact on the environment. Live stockfarming produces huge amounts of green house gases and studies have shownthat the farming of animals cause more than an 18% increase in those gases,where as public transport only causes 13.5% in greenhouse gas emissions.The health benefits of being a vegetarian are also a major reason for whypeople chose to become one. Having a health and balanced vegetarian diet hasbeen proven to help prevent obesity, coronary heart disease, high bloodpressure, type II diabetes, some diet-related cancers, diverticular disease,appendicitis, constipation and gallstones.
  8. 8. Companies that provide forvegetariansThere are many different companies that will provide for vegetarians, including food,clothing and beauty products:• Ahimsa Footwear• All Vegan• Alternative Outfitters• Freerangers• Heavy Red Couture Noir• Helen PowersThese companies target vegetarian people specifically by selling products that don’tinvolve animals what so ever- whether that’s testing on them or using their skin.QuornQuorn is currently the leading brand in imitation meat mycoprotein within the UK. Theproduct was developed by Rank Hovis McDougall and the imperial chemical industries.Quorn is produced as both ready meals to eat and as a cooking ingredient, that is soldas an alternative to meat.
  9. 9. What to look out for as aVegetarian.MargarineMargarine with added Omega 3 can contain fish oils. Some are also fortifiedwith vitamin D3, which comes from lanolin from sheeps wool and thereforeunsuitable for vegans. An alternative for margarine is pure Soya Dairy FreeSpread, which is suitable for vegans and can also be used in baking.CheeseAlthough there are many vegetarian cheeses, Parmesan and Gorgonzola aremade using calf rennet. Look for vegetarian Parmesan-style cheese to use asan alternative.Low fat yogurtSome contain gelatine to improve the texture of the product. You can avoidthis by looking for a clearly labelled vegetarian yogurt.
  10. 10. What vegans can and cant eat Can eat Can’t eat§ Items obtained direct from the § Cereals and grains slaughter of animals: meat, fish § Beans and lentils e.g.. (including anchovies), sea animals (e.g. lobsters) and birds § Nuts and seeds.§ Any derivatives of the above § Veg and fruit including animal fats, gelatine, § Oil meat/fish extracts and stocks § Dairy and egg alternatives§ Eggs & derivatives: hens’ eggs, duck § Meat alternatives eggs, fish eggs, albumen/albumin, egg lecithin § Some vegan flavourings§ Dairy products & derivatives: milk, § Processed foods - there is a whole range butter, cheese, cream, yoghurt, of processed foods available that are lactose, casein, whey suitable for vegans and include§ Insect products: honey, cochineal, shellac everything from pies and burgers to biscuits, jellies, chocolate and• custard powder.