Hacking the interview


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President Emeritus Clark Wood's talk on techniques for soaring over tech interviews.
Clark covers:
Side Projects
Public Speaking and Leadership
Appropriate Behavior & Appearance
General Career Advice

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Hacking the interview

  1. 1. Hacking the Interview Human Buffer Overflows? Gross...
  2. 2. Inherent Bias ● I’m SFS (security guy) ● Internships in public and private sector, but no long term work experience in tech field ● Advised and conducted technical interviews for ACM’s sponsors
  3. 3. Agenda ● Before ● During ● After the interview
  4. 4. Agenda ● Before ● During ● After the interview
  5. 5. Do Interesting Stuff
  6. 6. Public Speaking and Leadership ● People want to hire future leaders ● Get involved in ACM :) ● Give presentations like this one (even better…. technical presentations)
  7. 7. Stay Current ● T shape: Breadth of general knowledge, know one area deeply ● Read conference papers ● Subreddits, blogs, etc. ● GPA
  8. 8. Resumes ● Bullets, verbs, how you added value, etc... ● The good places to work don’t want buzzwords... ● But HR does ● So does software: egrep -i “mobile|big data|the cloud” > hireNow.txt
  9. 9. Resources ● Your professors ● Google Scholar ● http://makingawesome.org/ ● https://studentgroups.fsu.edu/organizations ● Internet (for InfoSec I can give a huge list)
  10. 10. Agenda ● Before ● During ● After the interview
  11. 11. Behavior & Appearance ● Suit will never hurt, looking scrubby might not help ● Be ready to self promote, have stories ready ● You are in the interview to MAKE FRIENDS
  12. 12. Interview ● Certain types of questions are inevitable, so have good answers ● Google moving away from “shrunk to 1 inch and stuck in a blender” type questions and GPA requirements http://www.businessinsider.com/how-google-hires-2013-6
  13. 13. Interview Judo (Sorry Gustafsson) Do you know $foo? Well, I know $bar, which has: $bar.a $bar.b Just like: $foo.a and $foo.b
  14. 14. Their Questions ● Technical a. Convergent - List and describe the OSI Layers b. Divergent - You need to hack a vending machine ● “Tell me about a time…” a. You succeeded b. You failed c. You dealt with a difficult colleague d. You came up with an ingenious solution to a hard problem ● “How do you feel about?...” a. Working remotely b. Company culture c. Etc
  15. 15. Your Questions Nature of Question Impact About the organization Asking for facts is lame. Asking about company culture, or about living in the location is fine. About the interviewer If it looks casual, very good. Otherwise you are a brown-noser. Technical questions Jackpot! Bonus points for (politely) stumping the interviewer
  16. 16. Resources ● ACM (soon) ● http://www.career.fsu.edu/mockinterview/ ● Places you don’t want to work ● Engineering Fair next Tueday (Suit up!)
  17. 17. Agenda ● Before ● During ● After the interview
  18. 18. Follow Up ● Give it a few days, then send a “thank you” email to your interviewer ● DO: Be short and sweet, polite ● DO: Use names, mention something funny or memorable that came up ● DONT: be a suck-up
  19. 19. General Career Advice ● High GPA, one novel project, Meaningful outside school stuff ● Apply to lots of places ● Get started early ● Craft a personal trajectory, make incremental progress
  20. 20. Questions, Comments, Complaints?