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Mondrian/De Stilj Exhibition - Paris 2011
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  • 1. EXPOSITIONPIET MONDRIAN/DE SITLJCentre Pompidou - Paris18 MARS 2011 blog.punkartoon.net
  • 2. De Stilj : revue artistiquedirigée par Theo VanDoesburg de 1917 à1931. De Stilj Movement : Dynamic organisation of plans, inclusion of futurism, lack of depth, presence of strong primary geometric shapes. "It [De Stijl] was posited on the fundamental principle of the geometry of the straight line, the square, and the rectangle, combined with a strong asymmetricality; the predominant use of pure primary colours with black and white; and the relationship between positive and negative elements in an arrangement of non-objective forms and lines.” Guggenheim Museum’s definition blog.punkartoon.net
  • 3. Jan Troorop - Desire and Satisfaction (1893)The woman in the background shows, by her hands and look, desire towardsthe flowers while the woman in the foreground seems to be bored of thoseflowers. which seem to fade. blog.punkartoon.net
  • 4. Piet Mondrian - Dune Landscape (1911)Like a sunset on a beach, with no need to show the sun. A peaceful moment. blog.punkartoon.net
  • 5. Lines and coloursColours are distributed by lines, separating the different plans. Mondrian - Apple Tree (1908) Jacoba van Heemskerck - Bild [Landschap met boom] (1915) blog.punkartoon.net
  • 6. Lines and coloursColours are distributed by lines, separating the different plans. Jan Sluijters Maannacht III (1912) Maannacht IV (1912) blog.punkartoon.net
  • 7. Piet MondrianLighthouse in Westkapelle(1909)Bright contrast with complementary colours,summer feeling. The bold lines emphasise thatcontrast and draw the perspective at thesame time. blog.punkartoon.net
  • 8. Jacoba Van HeemskerckWoods, IV(1913)In addition of having a delimitation of thecoloured 2D plans through lines, a lightinglayer comes over to bring a dark ambiancearound the tree. blog.punkartoon.net
  • 9. Theo Van Doesburg - Etudes pour la composition VIIIHow to decompose complex sketches into simple plain and empty geometricshapes. blog.punkartoon.net
  • 10. Bart Van Der Leck - Dock Work Similar approach of the 2D representation, colours and faces. Vilmos Huszar Composition withFemale Figure (1918) blog.punkartoon.net
  • 11. Piet MondrianPortrait of Woman1912Lightning made of darkness. Sharpapproach, smooth edges at the sametime.“ We need courage, and strength to gothrough a period of dissonance. This is bythe fear of dissonance and because westick to the past that we don’t make anyprogress. One don’t needs to adapt, oneneeds to create.” Piet Mondrian blog.punkartoon.net
  • 12. Theo Van DoesburgHeroic Uprising1916Primal colours, green added.Still a 2D approach, but incurvy shapes. blog.punkartoon.net
  • 13. Theo Van DoesburgStained Glass1916Theo Van Doesburg and Vilmos Huszarexplored the domain of stained glassthrough their different 2D neoplasticworks.Stained glass :• Between light and space• A way to integrate Art in Architecture blog.punkartoon.net
  • 14. Theo Van DoesburgStained-Glass Composition IX1918 blog.punkartoon.net
  • 15. Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan1872 : Birth in Amersfoort, Netherlands.1904 - 07 : Expressionist style of painting.1908 : Initiation to Theosophy.1912 : Moves to Paris. Cubist works, sign hispaintings with an “a”.1914 : Back to NL, Creation of the “DeStilj” collective withVan Doesburg, Van DerLeck, Vilmos Husza, Van’t Hoff, Kok and Wils.1919 - 20 : Coloured grids and lozenges,neoplastic works.1932 : Moves back to Paris. Double-linedpaintings, plan and line at the same time.1938 : Moves to London.1940 Moves to New York.1944 : Death blog.punkartoon.net
  • 16. Piet Mondrian - Grey Tree (1911) blog.punkartoon.net
  • 17. Piet Mondrian - Composition VII (1913) blog.punkartoon.net
  • 18. Piet Mondrian - Composition V (1914)Yellowish tones bringing life to a basically sad picture. blog.punkartoon.net
  • 19. Piet Mondrian - Composition with Grid VII (1919)Pinkish, blueish and yellowish pastel tones bringing purity, softness andsmoothness to straight lines. The oblique orientation give dynamism to theensemble by breaking the perpendicular angles. blog.punkartoon.net
  • 20. Piet Mondrian - Composition Piet Mondrian - CompositionWith Black, Red, Gray, Yellow, With Blue And Red (1929)and Blue (1921) blog.punkartoon.net
  • 21. Piet MondrianComposition (1917) blog.punkartoon.net
  • 22. Theo Van DoesburgComposition X(1917) blog.punkartoon.net
  • 23. Gerrit Rietveld Rietveld ChairSchröder House (1918)(1924) blog.punkartoon.net
  • 24. blog.punkartoon.net blog.punkartoon.net