Lebenslauf Dix


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Lebenslauf Dix

  1. 1. Otto Dix
  2. 2. Biographie 1891 Otto Dix is born in Gera as a son of a working class family. 1905-1909 Apprenticeship as decorational painter. 1909-1914 Academic studies at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Dresden, with the financial help of the prince of Reuss. His field of studies: impressionism, expressionism. ab 1912 Examination of the tradition of german painting of the renaissance. Dix is testing to paint with cubistic, futuristic and later dadaistic shapes. 1914-1918 Dix voluntarily participates in military service during the first world war. The horror of war becomes a fundamental component of his paintings.
  3. 3. 1919 Joins forces with other painters, founding the "group 1919". 1920 Dix paints critical dadaistic society-collages. 1922 Emigration to Düsseldorf. 1923 Marriage with Martha Koch. 1925-1927 Dix lives and works again in Berlin. 1927-1933 Professorship at the Academy of Arts in Dresden.
  4. 4. 1933 Dismissal from teaching activity by the Nazis. Dix escapes to Singen. 1936 Emigration to Hemmenhofen at Bodensee, Dix paints like the old masters classical landscape pictures. 1937 Nazis do not like his pictures and destroy many of them. 1945 Dix is imprisoned. 1959 Dix is awarded the federal cross of merit, he is honoured in east- and west-germany. 1969 25. Juli: Otto Dix dies in Singen.