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  • 1. Music Industry G322 Lesson Aims To consider the ways in which audiences are powerful in the music industry To understanding the fragmentation and targeting of the audiences
  • 2. Music Industry G322 Audience related key terms Niche Audiences Active Audiences Fragmentation Audience Consumption Personalisation
  • 3. R e-cap Institutions What have we learnt so far? What key terms would I use when discussing institutions? What key evidence do I have about institutions?
  • 4. Audiences Define the following: Niche Audience Mainstream Audience Fans
  • 5. Audiences Is this true????????????
  • 6. Audiences What about you? How often to you buy music? How many hours a day do you listen to music? How important is new music to you? How you consume music?
  • 7. Audiences 2
  • 8. Coursework deadline: Friday 27 th March 2009 Final DVD commentary and PowerPoint evaluation
  • 9. What key evidence can we get from this? How can we use this in an essay. PEE Time!!!!!!!!! How has the impact of new technologies changed audience consumption of music?
  • 10. 360 Degree Deal Due to the loss of revenue from piracy the live music industry has seen massive growth. What is the 360 degree deal and how are institutions using it to their advantage? What some examples of 360 degree deals????
  • 11. How have new technologies offered audiences ………… Choice Control Diversity Access Ability to try before you buy With streaming Can select different tracks and create own bundles Ability to create, edit, make playlists Be creative with music, make produce Able to share More range of music More specific and specialist Can consume in more places Portability Convergence
  • 12. Direct Targeting of Audiences The following websites are good examples of Web 2.0- Research how they work and why they are good to discuss in regards of new technology Digital technology has shifted power to the consumers. The industry must therefore become much more focused on the consumer and use digital technology to target them