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Biz quizzing: Presentation for Ignite
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Biz quizzing: Presentation for Ignite



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  • 1. Biz Quizzing : Gyan in 300 Seconds!
    • Shubham Roy
    • ( [email_address] )
  • 2. What are you going to hear
    • What the hell is Biz Quiz all bout
    • Why it makes sense for you to get into Biz quizzing
    • Cheat code to Biz quizzing!
    • All and this and more in Less than 300 Seconds!!!
    • As they say in Quizzes, ‘Your time starts now’
  • 3. Who am I to Blabber all this stuff?
    • An avid Biz ,movie and general quizzer for 10+ years
    • Winner of decent amount of Corporate, College and School Quizzes at all level!
    • Competed and teamed with best of quizzers
    • Finally, I live and breathe Quizzing and hence this need to share this passion of mine!
  • 4. Okay! So What is Biz Quiz
    • Heard about ‘Brand Equity Quiz’ hosted by Derek O Brien???
    • Simply, a multi team sport of Brands, Brands and More Brands
    • Packed with Visuals, Brand Histories, Business Trivia, Print Ads, Commercials and the dreaded Buzzer rounds!
    • Has a written prelims, selection of top 6 to 8 team and Finals !
  • 5. Understood! But Why Should I be Interested?
    • Path to quick money: ( Tata Crucible and Brand Equity have prizes worth 3 to 4 Lakh bucks for the winners!)
    • Become a hero: See the respect commanded by champion quizzers!
    • Network Net worth!: Meet folks from all walks of life as competitors, team mates and audience!
    • Appear Intelligent and build your CV!
  • 6. Am too Young/Old to Play this Sport!
    • Age no bar for Biz quizzing : From Undergrads to Graying hair, everyone is in it
    • No entry barrier at all for any gender or age! Just check out any of the Quizzes!
    • There is no age bar for exercising your grey cells!
  • 7. Am a Techie. Why Should I be listening to all this?
    • Quizzing is no longer restricted to B-school kids anymore!
    • Bangalore’s Biz quiz circuit is abundant of ‘Java Strut’ing Brand Gurus.
    • Believe me, Biz quiz consists of whole of technology related stuff
    • Anyways, you are hooked to Wiki and You tube…Right?
  • 8. Ok! Is this phenomena Bangalore Centric only?
    • Nope! Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata,Delhi ,Pune and Mumbai are in big league too!
    • But, Chennai and Namma City have a cult following of this sport
    • If Kolkata is birth place then Bangalore is the breeding ground of this game
    • Quiz clubs, City based e-quiz groups, Wiki..Its all across India
  • 9. But, How Do I get Started?
    • Simple! Just Get ‘Wiki’ed!
    • Go to Fortune.com ,select a domain ( Say Automotive) and Pick top 6 to 8 companies in that domain!
    • And then , Absorb EVERYTHING about them!
    • Brand history, Founders, Logo,timeline , interesting Trivia…everything!
    • Believe me it not as tough as you think!
  • 10. Whoa! This sounds tough
    • Its not! Just be little patient and give yourself 6 complete months!
    • Hey! We all can optimize our Surfing habits, right?
    • Plus, there are plethora of Quiz blogs ,e-groups to help you out
    • Also, Start looking for a Partner in Crime
  • 11. Partner?? But Why?
    • A Lone Wolf wins, but a pack of Wolves hit hard!
    • Quiz partner complements you and shares the quest for knowledge
    • Brings different perspective, enhances knowledge base and completes the thought process!
    • Importantly, the motivation level remains high !
  • 12. But Where Do I Find a Quiz Partner?
    • Every company has a quiz club, quiz e-group…Find em there!
    • Use e-groups and blogs to connect up with Quiz aficionados
    • Start visiting quizzes in B’lore ….You will find many Lone quizzers looking for team mates!
  • 13. Ok! How do Champion Quizzers Prepare?
    • They maintain database of Fortune 500 Companies covering brand logo, history, about founders and major events ( courtesy: Wikipedia)
    • Subscribe to news feeds, blog feeds ( Eg; Businesweek, Afaqs, Adrants …..)
    • Read, revise, read ,revise ,read ,revise…..
    • AND ,regularly attend ALL the quizzes ( as much as possible)
  • 14. Boy! Is it a quiz or a memory test?
    • Not exactly… Biz quiz is all about logic and co-relation of events and personalities.( Look Left)
    • Cramming surely helps, but can’t you too far…You gotta apply brains too!
    • Quizzes are topical and related to current biz environment…hence make an educated guess
    • Remember: Biz quizzes can’t get trivial..Quiz master has to keep the audience clued
  • 15. Am all set ! But What does it take to Win quizzes?
    • Learn to lose first…Every loss is a gain in your information repository for the next quiz
    • Luck and level of competition…
    • A good quiz partner of Course!
    • Presence of mind, Quick thinking and and loads of logic twist
    • Most importantly dedication to learn and eternal optimistic attitude
  • 16. But! Has Biz quizzing really benefitted anyone?
    • Lots of them….Some folks just quiz for living!
    • Many quizzers have amassed loads of moolah and other stuff , only thanks to quizzes
    • Job switches, career jumps have also happened
    • Folks have built up huge network of folks due to regular features at quizzes
    • Blogs, online diaries, e groups, quiz companies….all thanks to quizzes
  • 17. To Whom is this not meant for ?
    • Pessimists cant thrive in this sport of luck and knowledge
    • Highly impatient folks also have a tough time in this game
    • That’s it……Otherwise Biz Quizzing is meant for everyone under the Sun
    • So I before I leave, here’s a typical takeaway from a Quizzer…..
  • 18. Some Common Tricks in Quizzes
    • Listen to the Quiz Master attentively….The clues are all in the questions!
    • Listen very carefully to answers given by other teams…
    • And logically eliminate the options to get the correct answer
    • Think topical : Eg : Who few years ago banned the sale of Indian made ‘Beedis’ in state of Iowa, US??
  • 19. TO Summarize
    • Biz quizzing mean big buck,name and fame
    • ANYONE can get into this game ANYTIME
    • Finding a suitable quiz partner is a crucial element
    • Believe in yourself, keep reading and keep attending quizzes
    • Before I leave, Here is quick poser!