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Social Media Week London -- Quizzes: The Secret Weapon of the World's Best Content Creators


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Owen shared these slides at Social Media Week in London on September 15, 2015. They cover how to generate social traffic and leads with quizzes.

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Social Media Week London -- Quizzes: The Secret Weapon of the World's Best Content Creators

  1. 1. Quizzes: The Secret Weapon of the World’s Best Content Creators
  2. 2. These slides will be available through #SMWLND Share the love on social @boomboxteam @owenfuller
  3. 3. Who are these guys?
  4. 4. Create, embed and share quizzes
  5. 5. The platform for people who create world-class interactive content
  6. 6. The Toolbox Outcome quiz ex. The world’s hardest John Stamos quiz. Graded quiz ex. Where is this place? Checklist quiz ex. How New Yorker are you? This or that poll ex. Vote: Twizzlers or Red Vines Multi-option poll ex. Vote: Who is your favorite Beatle? Lists (coming soon) ex. Vote: Who is your favorite Beatle?
  7. 7. Everyone’s a publisher 1
  8. 8. Give to get 2
  9. 9. Be remarkable or die 3
  10. 10. Have a heart 4
  11. 11. Look past the eyeballs 5
  12. 12. Don’t deceive 6
  13. 13. Make it stick 7
  14. 14. Feedback is essential 8
  15. 15. Questions are powerful 9
  16. 16. Know thyself 10
  17. 17. Millions of engagements…
  18. 18. Let’s talk about lessons learned …from the world’s best publishers, brands and agencies.
  19. 19. Our goals 1. Expose the hottest form of interactive content (quizzes) 2. Show how to drive social traffic and generate leads with quizzes 3. Tell the story of the million dollar quiz 4. Get you started with some quiz concepts you can create today
  20. 20. Welcome to the quiz revolution Hieroglyphics Paper Billboards Mail Email Blogs TV Digital images Video Surveys/polls Infographics Lists Quizzes
  21. 21. And it’s something we hated while we were in school Type to enter text
  22. 22. Uber publishers leading the way Number one article on NY Times in 2013 was a quiz Eight of the top ten most shared articles in the last eight months were quizzes (BuzzSumo, April 2014) Nine of the top ten most shared stories on Facebook in January, 2015 were quizzes
  23. 23. What about the rest of us?
  24. 24. Solution: World-class quizzes for all (oh, and polls, lists, etc. too)
  25. 25. Why are quizzes so irresistable? Engaging, Nourishing, and… All about ME!!!
  26. 26. “Stop telling me interesting and useful things about myself” - Said no one, ever.
  27. 27. Wait, what about surveys? Under the hood of a quiz is a survey that people actually want to take and complete… and answer honestly… and share it with their friends
  28. 28. 82% click to conversion rate 78% completion rate 2:27 average time 14% lead conversion rate Quizzes – The Secret Weapon
  29. 29. Three jobs content creators hire a quiz to do: 1. Drive social traffic 2. Generate qualified leads 3. Drive traffic to targeted offers
  30. 30. You don’t need a big channel • 0 likes, 6 comments • Taken 70,000+ times • Over 750x Social Lift
  31. 31. Or a hot topic • Wildest dream was that 1,000 people would take the quiz • 70,000+ have taken it today
  33. 33. ROI Top revenue-generating channels included: • Organic Search: $143,692 • Email: $126,674 • Paid Search: $103,545 Traffic to the quiz landing page: 573,338 unique visitors Revenue: $1,167,746.21 9,655% Return on Investment:
  34. 34. From good to great quizzes 6 steps for content marketers 1. Do some research – what works? 2. Decide on quiz type and title 3. Work backwards from results – calls to action 4. Create quiz, media and embed 5. Share and promote 6. Learn, adapt and improve
  35. 35. Proceed with caution
  36. 36. It’s ok to break rules if you’re doing it on purpose
  37. 37. 1. Do some research
  38. 38. Right answers No right answers 2. Choose a type and title
  39. 39. What titles/topics would work for me? What content resonates with your audience? What are the most shared topics? What topics get the most questions? What topics are most controversial? Are there decisions that people struggle to make? Are there topics that are misunderstood?
  40. 40. Tips for graded quizzes Choose a compelling title: • Are you a ____ expert? • Can you pass the ___ test? • The world’s hardest ___ quiz • Are you a true ____? • ____ or ____
  41. 41. Make graded quizzes the hardest ever (or at least say they are)
  42. 42. Tips for graded quizzes Limit the number of answers to each question Remove any friction from the experience
  43. 43. Tips for graded quizzes Show feedback: give more information about the right answer Now you’re entertaining and educating
  44. 44. Tips for graded quizzes Make people feel good about their results 45% of shares on graded quizzes come from 100% scores
  45. 45. Tips for graded quizzes Assign outcomes + CTA “You got 90%. You’re a genius!” Other geniuses subscribed to our newsletter….
  46. 46. Tips for outcome quizzes Choose a compelling title: • Which ___ are you? • What ___ do you actually belong in? • What kind of ___ are you?
  47. 47. Tips for outcome quizzes Create shareworthy outcomes: Invoke awe, laughter or amusement (BuzzSumo) Make it a “feel-good, look-good” mechanism
  48. 48. Tips for outcome quizzes
  49. 49. Tips for outcome quizzes The most “efficientive” process: • Identify outcomes • Map differentiating factors • Be creative with your questions
  50. 50. 3. Work backwards from results Write these first and decide on the CTA. Make sure people would be proud to share This is buyer persona data… If you have a CTA, make sure it relates to your outcome Hey 3PO – you’re research driven, so why not download this guide…
  51. 51. 4. Create quiz & embed
  52. 52. 5. Share and promote
  53. 53. Top Promotional Channels • Facebook - 84% of shares • Website or blog • Email or newsletter • Twitter • LinkedIn • Forums • Communities
  54. 54. 6. Learn, adapt, improve
  55. 55. Learn, adapt, improve Quiz answers = data. What can you do with it? “Baby boomers prefer Rihanna to Taylor Swift” “People that like the color red, prefer Audi over Mercedes” “Starbucks fans would rather live in Europe than any other place.”
  56. 56. Pro tip: learn more with polls
  57. 57. Virality takes a pinch of luck You can control consistency
  58. 58. When you understand the motivations of your audience you win
  59. 59. Share Rate Lead Conversion What Famous Hymn Are You? What type of Ford Mustang are you? hich Star Wars Bounty Hunter are you? What Bible Dad are you? What kind of linguist should you be? Which member of U2 are you? Where should you go on a mission trip? Can you identify these places in Utah? ow would you die in Game of Thrones? Which Bible figure are you? What kind of girl geek are you? Which Studio 5 contributor are you? Which Master StrongFirst instructor are yo Are you really StrongFirst? How Manly is Your Man? Do you really know Dan John? A Fairly Tale in the Making Which Star Wars Bounty Hunter are you Where should you go on a mission trip? Which biblical world cup player are you? A couple quizzes made more than one list All have great content Interesting topics Great titles Both large and small channels Which Celebrity Home are you meant to live in? Do you know how to create a viral quiz? What is your GRE verbal score? What would you change about your organization's culture? Are you emotionally sensitive? What is your GRE math score? Which kind of marketing rockstar are you? Test your world population smarts Are you an inbound marketing expert? How up-to-date is your social media marketing expertise? Offer Conversion
  60. 60. Entertained by the quiz Challenged by the quiz Proud of their result Amused by their result Felt questions were fair Trust the data Share Conversion Want to see how friends do Interested in offer Trust the person offering Passionate about topic The motivations of a quiz taker Feel sufficiently assessed Fed by the quiz
  61. 61. 10. Show me something cool
  62. 62. 9. Ask me interesting questions
  63. 63. 8. Be fair
  64. 64. 7. Reel me in with your title
  65. 65. 6. Help me feel sufficiently assessed
  66. 66. 5. Feed me
  67. 67. 4. Stay on topic
  68. 68. 3. Make me laugh “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”- Victor Borge
  69. 69. 2. Give me something to brag about
  70. 70. 1. Make me an offer I can’t refuse
  71. 71. Bottom line: Just go make something remarkable You can do it
  72. 72. Quizzes: The Secret Weapon of the World’s Best Content Creators