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Developing a social media strategy for recruitment
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  • 1. Developing a Social MediaStrategy for Employer BrandMarketing.Case Study – Royal Bank of Scotland 2012
  • 2. Agenda RBS Digital Road Map – 2010 to 2012. 2012 Objectives for Social Media Channels. The Role and positioning of each SM Channel within the strategy.  LinkedIn  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube How Does it all work  Campaign Brief  Content and Community Management  Automated Job Feeds Multi-channel Campaign Example
  • 3. The RBS Roadmap to an Integrated DigitalInfrastructure
  • 4. 2012 ObjectivesThere are two main roles for Social Media 1. Branding Promote RBS as employer brand in order to make it more appealing and engaging, thus increasing the likelihood of potential candidates to want to join the company. This is done by… ▪ Integrating social media with RBS recruitment activity ▪ Integrating social media with specific relevant cluster activity 2. Candidate generation Increasing the final numbers of job applications by attracting new leads, pushing indecisive candidates through the application funnel and re-engaging old prospects. This is done by… ▪ Defining the role and positioning of each platform ▪ Inter-connecting social media platforms to each other and main site ▪ Establishing processes between RBS stakeholders and SM platforms (content generation, distribution and governance)
  • 5. Influencing each step along the user journey General Awareness Attract and Drive Convert Filter Mindse Measure & (Get people to Retain (Move users to (Get them to (Only the right INTERVIEW t consider working (Bring as many the main hub – register and apply) ones go to & HIRE optimise in RBS either now jobs.rbs.com) interviews) people as or in the future) possible and keep the around for when “the window” opens)Job seeking Mindse t Key platforms & activities involved Key platforms & activities involved Key platforms & activities involved •Content •Main Website •Main Website •SEO • Content •Content & SEO •eCRM • Sign up •eCRM •Advertising • Application process •Advertising •Social Media • eCRM •Social Media •Link building •Link building Main KPI’s Main KPI’s Main KPI’s •Brand perception •Conversion: Visit to registration to •KPI’s of Previous Stages •Amount and quality of visitors application •stages Conversion: Application to brought to the main site •Conversion: Application to hire hire
  • 6. Role and positioning of SM Platforms
  • 7. RBS Jobs - LinkedInPLATFORM ROLE1. Increase visibility of RBS jobs on this platform2. Send traffic to RBS site3. Improve brand perception4. Potential of reaching out to members, establishing a relationship, drive traffic to the main site and creating awareness on the back of specific activities .BENEFITS• Capture audience with the “job seeking” mindset and send them to the RBS Jobs site.• Give RBS Jobs visibility in this social media platform• SEO equity
  • 8. RBS Jobs - Facebook PLATFORM ROLE • Increase visibility of RBS jobs on this Social Media platform • Send traffic to RBS site through email alerts; direct cluster features • Promote RBS brand and cluster activities through RSS feed of jobs; coordinate content management and adverting for campaigns, etc • Create engagement with users.BENEFITS• Stand out from competitors• Create a better impression of the brand and richer information• Have flexibility (across clusters and markets) over time• Improved user experience and simplified journey• Increase effectiveness for engagement and traffic driving• Economies of scale for a regional rollout
  • 9. RBS Jobs - Twitter PLATFORM ROLE • Broadcast available jobs to the twitter community • Send traffic to RBS jobs site and to other platforms • Potentially promote specific activities from different RBS clusters and other social media platforms BENEFITS • Broadcast jobs and RBS activities • Generate more traffic to the main site and other platforms • Brand exposure in this platform • SEO visibility as part of the results page • Potential Buzz monitoring and user outreach
  • 10. RBS Group Jobs - YouTube PLATFORM ROLE - Increase visibility of RBS jobs on this Social Media platform - Send traffic to RBS site - “Multimedia Host” for storing and distributing videos to other SM platforms BENEFITS - SEO equity - Hosts videos from all clusters - Distribute videos to other platforms - Potential for becoming a bigger traffic driver
  • 11. How Does it all work ?The Importance of creating andManaging Content
  • 12. It all starts with the briefA document that is useful and can be shared by all parties, and contains information that is useful for both offline and online Common Information • Objectives • Target Audience • Key Requirements/mandatorys • KPIs • Message • Budget & Timings • Media Suggestions • TOV Offline Specific • TV specific mandatorys, guidelines, materials, etc… Online Specific • URL details, Imagery format (jpeg, etc.), platform requirements
  • 13. Content Management & integration processYou need robust content and community management processes in place eCRM Measure and optimise
  • 14. What is automated?Every time a recruiter uploads a new job on the ATS, it get’s automatically uploaded on Twitter,LInkedIn and Facebook. Refreshed 3x day Refreshed ATS 12x day Refreshed 1x day Manually imputed by the recruitment team
  • 15. Mobile and Digital Banking Recruitment Campaign Example Objective - To recruit c.20 open vacancies within Mobile and Digital banking via the web site and i-Grasp Strategy - Reach out via the jobs.rbs.com/uk site and utilize current database to attract interest in these roles. - Exploit the current social environments to attract potential employees to find out more about these roles and ultimately apply Measurement - The number of people who come through to jobs.rbs.com and/or click on the Mobile and Digital Banking landing page - The number of new registrants - The number of applications
  • 16. Campaign Spread across all Digital Channels via Content & Community Management
  • 17. Next steps This is just the beginning of how you can use social media.