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Hodgson Consulting Scope of Solutions


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Hodgson Consulting Scope of Solutions

  1. 1. Company Overview From our founding in 2001, we have worked ceaselessly to make Hodgson the premier strategic web development and interactive technology firm in the Greater Washington and Mid-Atlantic region, and in 2007, expanded our efforts to Boston and the New England region. We have built our business by understanding that our growth and success depends entirely on helping other businesses achieve their goals, and have done this through the application of strategic, creative and technology solutions that solve real problems in the real world. Hodgson provides businesses and organizations with web-based tools and solutions that are essential to achieving their important objectives. We meet each client’s expectations by providing accurate analysis based on a clear understanding of their needs and objectives and our own deep experience. Following this, we execute every aspect of our engagements with skill, imagination and expertise, all in an atmosphere of openness and partnership. We are able to deliver truly effective, functional solutions because we uniquely combine broad business experience and deep understanding of technology with a willingness to really listen to our clients and understand their needs and objectives. Why should you use us? We are experts who know our business inside out. We are partners to our clients and treat their concerns, objectives and successes as our own. Fueled by Technology — Powered by People
  2. 2. Case Study — Portal Application Development & Web Design Capabilities Finance Compliance Solutions Website Strategy (Audit and Assessment): Finance and Compliance Solutions (FCS) provides a unique Following our 8-step assessment process, our website audit culminates with the delivery of a new or revised combination of access to banks, advanced technology and information architecture, content suggestions, and recommendations on user interface design, navigation and professional F&I staff. FCS services are designed to be flexible so that existing application integration. The assessment also examines user behavior based on user metrics. they compliment and enhance a dealer’s F&I operation. Website User Interface Design: Hodgson creates sophisticated user interface designs that meet the goals and objectives established for the Challenge: website in relation to branding, corporate positioning, content, usability, audiences and navigation. FCS needed rapid architecting, development and deployment of their Website Content Management Tool Development: portal application and a mechanism to promote their services. Hodgson recommends the Ektron CMS400.NET Content Management System, which provides extensive CMS functionality while allowing for custom application integration and development. Ektron CMS Solution: provides a rich web authoring environment and includes features such as customizable user control menu FCS engaged Hodgson to provide the following services: options, full text and page layout capability, permissions and access rights, search, metadata support, Application definition and architecting. FCS utilized Hodgson’s holistic approach to application personalization, website analytics, RSS, XLIFF support, surveys and polls and a complete content/document check-in/check-out process. development Application development and usability expertise in designing functional and intuitive interface for users Custom Application Architecting and Development: Integration of multiple XML data sources being ‘pushed and pulled’ from multiple environments Hodgson designs, develops and integrates web-based business tools using Microsoft.NET® technology to create a range of complex applications that include: dynamic data-driven query applications, time reporting and locations and management systems, invoicing and billing tools, custom content management systems and email Design and development process incorporating five steps with multiple milestones and both marketing applications. client/vendor approval and review points Search Engine Optimization Strategy (organic and paid): Result: At Hodgson we are experts in optimizing websites to maximize your potential to be ‘seen’ by search engines. While we cannot reliably guarantee a ranking position without using paid advertising activities on specific FCS had the portal application deployed and to market within eight weeks and, by utilizing the website as a pages based on user searches, we can, and will, fine-tune your website to give you the best opportunity to get marketing tool, had a mechanism to promote their tools and services. excellent results through the search engines. URL: Website Hosting: Through our solution provider relationship with Rackspace, Hodgson provides both dedicated and shared hosting opportunities with 24/7 support and a large range of optional managed services. Fueled by Technology — Powered by People
  3. 3. Case Study — Web Strategy & User Interface Design Representative Clients Development Gateway Foundation Ektron Marketing Web Design Development Development Web Hosting Support The Development Gateway Foundation is an international Advantage Marketing nonprofit organization that provides web-based platforms to make Akridge aid and development efforts more effective around the world. AMC Technology Blue Ridge Networks Challenge: BoxTone The website was perceived by users to be the entry point into the Children’s Literature flagship resource DG Communities — DGF needed to promote its Circuit City brand and other products and to engage casual users rather than Development Gateway Foundation just community members. DGF also needed to streamline and Environmental Manpower simplify the navigational structure and access to valuable content. Flanagan Architects Harvey Cleary Solution: Inter-American Development Bank DGF engaged Hodgson to redesign a number of their web properties and execute the following: JS Watkins Partners Strategic branding assistance to help solidify the DGF brand message and position the Foundation as Keystone Tech Group a leader reducing poverty and enabling change in developing nations through information technology Maine Lakes Conservancy Institute Enhancement to DGF’s existing technology team’s capabilities by providing creative user interface design Manugistics A navigational structure and information architecture that clearly articulated the DGF MeriStar Mid Atlantic Data Systems brand and supported the online strategies of affiliates NASDAQ HTML 508 compliant developed templates along with a web standards style guide National Association of Gifted Children Result: National Cooperative Bank (NCB) Netplay Network The redesign effort achieved the following: Panacya Reduced homepage abandonment Pepco Energy Services Increased loyalty from users (both page views and time spent browsing) Public Safety Corporation Increased activity on all web properties due to intuitive navigation Quadel Consulting Roeper School URL: TANDBERG (foundation website) The Firehouse Gallery (foundation portal to online tools) Uni-Sim Corporation Fueled by Technology — Powered by People
  4. 4. Case Study — Ektron CMS Implementation & Web Design Our Process National Cooperative Bank Overall Approach: NCB is dedicated to strengthening communities nationwide Hodgson follows a consistent process through every engagement it undertakes, no matter how large or through the delivery of banking and financial services, small. This process establishes reviews and approvals as a system of checks and balances to ensure that key complemented by a special focus on cooperative expansion tasks, dates and information are communicated. and economic development. Headquartered in Washington, Obviously, all clients have unique needs and requirements. Hodgson prides itself on having a process that DC, NCB has offices in California, Connecticut and New can adapt to each project’s requirements while still following an established project path understood by York. In addition, the bank has a growing community banking both the Hodgson team members and our client’s team. network in southwestern Ohio. Our process is very collaborative, utilizing key points of contact on the client’s side and a dedicated project Challenge: manager on our side. To do this, we utilize the subject matter expertise of our clients and partner with them NCB completed a branding exercise and needed to redesign the corporate website and non-profit arm to to design and develop a website that meets their needs and objectives. conform to the new brand and message. In addition, NCB needed to implement a CMT that would allow Detailed below is the process with which we approach each project we undertake. content providers access to update content. Solution: Define Phase: NCB engaged Hodgson to provide the following services: To establish criteria, specifications, requirements and business goals from which the design Website audit and assessment – utilizing our proven eight step process to analyze all aspects of the NCB can begin. web properties to understand how to users interact with the site and where improvements are needed Configuring and implementing the Ektron CMS400 to allow content providers access to update content Design Phase: To design the creative, technical, and business system that meets the criteria outlined in the and streamline the form submission process utilizing custom .NET application development define phase. Creative user interface design and experience with community building websites Develop Phase: Result: To manufacture, produce, and execute the design into the desired deliverable format. Hodgson implemented the new brand and message and configured the Ektron CMS to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party applications and custom built applications. Integrate Phase: To deliver the developed or produced materials to the desired environment. URL: Operate Phase: (corporate website) The execution and operation of the final deliverables. (non-profit website) Fueled by Technology — Powered by People
  5. 5. Case Study — Web Design & Ektron CMS Implementation Case Study — Web Property Management & Administration National Association for Gifted Children TANDBERG NAGC is a non-profit organization of more than 8,000 TANDBERG is a leading global provider of visual parents, teachers, educators, business professionals, and communication products and services with dual headquarters community leaders who unite to address the unique needs in New York and Norway. TANDBERG designs, develops and of children and youth with demonstrated gifts and talents markets systems and software for video, voice and data. as well as those children who may be able to develop their talent potential with appropriate educational experiences. Challenge: NAGC is a small association with no IT department and TANDBERG needed web support for all internal and external is predominantly made up of subject matter experts and global web properties utilizing many skill sets and resources. association specialists in finance, membership and meetings Solution: management. TANDBERG engaged Hodgson to: Challenge: Manage and administer all aspects of the global web marketing function for TANDBERG NAGC needed a way to enable project managers to update website content in real time, as well as update Work as a team to update content, develop applications, design and enhance user interface design and access membership contact data. They also needed to allow site visitors to purchase publications, make Review web statistics and metrics and develop strategies in relation to ROI and SEO donations, request information, and review resources. Implement secure internal web-based applications including document management tools Assist promotion of the site through banner advertising Solution: Implement and manipulate streaming video NAGC engaged Hodgson to: Administer and manage the local, development and hosting environments Create a new and sophisticated interface design to promote the NAGC brand Implement the Ektron CMS 400 Content management system Result: Customize the resources directory to enhance the search functionality and highlight premium sponsors TANDBERG had at its disposal a full set of resources on an as-needed basis that understood both the marketing and technological needs and goals of the organization. Result: Implementation of the Ektron CMS allowed content providers easy access to update content and the new URL: information architecture transformed the site into a valuable resource for their membership. URL:
  6. 6. WASHINGTON, DC BOSTON, MA 3750 University Blvd., Suite 201 258 Harvard Street, #337 Kensington, MD 20895 Brookline, MA 02446 TEL: 301.942.7040 TEL: 866.942.7040 FAX: 301.942.7034 FAX: 301.942.7034