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the next in the occasional e-zine series - aromatiq revisited - chillstep - marketing content, artwork, music video stills, branding, graphic design,

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Elements v2 e5

  1. 1. elements vol 2 ed 5 1
  2. 2. elements vol 2 ed 5 2 elements vol 2 ed 5 3(c) 2013 all rights reserved Des Bate f4mmediahttp://f4mmedia.wordpress.comhttp://www.f4mmedia.co.uk08432895485f4mmedia@gmail.comtwitter@f4mmediahttp://www.youtube.com/user/f4mmediavideohttp://www.youtube.com/user/futurhoodavhttp://www.behance.net/futurhoodavhttp://dropr.com/f4mmediahttps://f4mmedia.artery.io/http://f4mmedia.deviantart.comhttps://vimeo.com/user8573012http://coloursheard.wordpress.comhttp://www.scribd.com/futurhoodahttp://www.slideshare.net/f4mmediahttp://entertainingtoolbox.wix.com/artsIn this issue I will show you something continuous - not a series of differentbits and pieces worked on recently - but a single piece of work with differentareas of interest and importance, different elements of value ... The music - DJ mixes, DJ producersAs you may know I still have a serious love of music and try to involvemyself in all sorts of music and related projects. Even though I am a littleolder than the general club going and gig going public, I still DJ, still VJ,still look to create audio, visuals, music videos, audio-visual art, motiongraphics and so on.In pottering around various music sites I came across a genre I had notencountered before- chillstep.I was instantly drawn.I had been around and DJing seriously at the time of dubstep’s birth. Iplayed out all sorts of stuff called variously - breakstep, sublow, 8 bar,grime and, of course, dubstep. At the same time I had a love, generally, ofthe chillout room at parties. Combine all of this with a night we used torun called Aromatiq- variously broken beat, wine bar 2 step, jazzy hip hop, nujazz, nusoul,intelligent dnb, deep house, and anything around all of such- you can see the attraction.The result was and is - Aromatiq revisited. Basically a series of chillstepmixes, with odd bits an pieces of intelligent dnb, broken beat, ambient,chillout, 2 step, psydub/cuberdub/chilleddubstep thrown in.As I investigated there were names I knew from the past- dBridge, Synkro, DFRNT.There were names I had heardmentioned in passing- Submotion Orchestra.There were new discoveries- Intelligent Manners, Jack Dixon, Phaelah, Volor Flex, Liquid Stranger.
  3. 3. elements vol 2 ed 5 4 elements vol 2 ed 5 5Chillstep takes threads from so many genres - dubstep, of course, giving it achilled and ambient electronica flavour at times. It becomes less theraucous dancefloor, bass ridden music of the present,and moves into a seriously thoughtful and emotive area of audio. If you addto that hints of soulful and jazzy vocals, a range of different beats fromliquid and intelligent dnb, 2 step reminiscent of the ‘wine bar’ garage of theoriginal Aromatiq,occasional broken beats and deep house style 4x4. Givingthoughtful chillout a resonant bassand interesting beats- interest renewed ...2 step Atlantic soul derived from an old West African rhythm. Dancemusic producers take up the soul rhythm to produce 2 step garagewhich gradually morphs through a whole series of forms acquiringelements of breaks instrumentation and arrangement during the pe-riod of the height of breaks as a serious club genre (see Urban Gorilla,Spannered et al). Breakstep has a short life and gradually morphsagain becoming darker and herder with the addition of a slowerbeat and darker harder basslines. Grime ultimately becomes a morehiphop flavoured genre, sublow and 8 bar become unkowns, dubstepreigns as a genre title and developes gradually into what it is today. Achilled form begins to grow.The entire area of the new genre - chillstep takes on all sorts of other musicalforms:- 2 step beats- female vocals, in addition to male vocals, of course- intelligent dnb- ambient soundscapes- electronica in its downtempo and chilled forms- hints of nujazz, world music, fashion pop.It’s chilled, it’s wide, it’s urban, it’s mellow, it’s thoughtful andit’s not just for listening to alongside ‘other chemical additions’.
  4. 4. elements vol 2 ed 5 6 elements vol 2 ed 5 7The designWhere to start with the design for anything such as this is nothing more thanthat question itself - where to start?For me I begin with the usual and ordinary questions:- what keywords can you put to the project?- what does this evoke, what is conjured up?- what springs to mind immeiately?- what is said directly?- where can you place this?- where does it want to be?- so then, what are the design references that are, first of all, obvious, andthose not so obvious?Some of the answers involve:dreams, countryside, foliage, autumn, spring, early morning, quiet, space,night, bars, the edge of town centre, breath, flow, geometrics, the shore,water, beach, dance, rest ...a variety of ideas are shown.
  5. 5. elements vol 2 ed 5 8 elements vol 2 ed 5 9How would you present all of that visually - to add to theexperience and to suitably brand it?It would not just be a case of decorating the product.It would be a case of giving it a suitable scenery which adds tothe whole and gives a reinforcement of everything alluded towithin the music.What we have is something both of the night- the chillout room at a party,- a particular bar or small venue,- an event outside of a rammed club.It is also something that points towards the gentleness andquiet of the rural, the countryside, towards early morning andrest, to friends and still intimacy, to a slow dance and also awalk with fresh smells, to a look upwards at the stars and acomfortable room and rest.Here is something that can display pastels, distressedtextures, fine lines, geometrics as well as the fractured andthe fractal.The Art and Design
  6. 6. elements vol 2 ed 5 10 elements vol 2 ed 5 11The branding... and here, a series of mockups of cd covers andgeneral artwork associated with the projected brandincluding stills from short music videos on both vimeoand youtube- there are other examples of all of this work on droprand behance
  7. 7. elements vol 2 ed 5 12 elements vol 2 ed 5 13
  8. 8. elements vol 2 ed 5 14 elements vol 2 ed 5 15The examples shown are stills from music videos, possible cd covers andgeneral promo designs.mixcloudfuturhood avcheck out the playlist - aromatiq chillstep
  9. 9. elements vol 2 ed 5 16 elements vol 2 ed 5 17
  10. 10. elements vol 2 ed 5 18Brendon Tyree - Photographerhttp://www.brendontyree.com/