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another in the series of elements - recent projects, new illustrations

Published in: Design
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  1. 1. earth fire water vol 2imagination ed2
  2. 2. f4mmedia on youtube on mixcloud on wordpress all rights reserved f4mmedia Derek Bate elements vol2 ed 2 2
  3. 3. branding Use a palette to suit all of the considerations to hand: - the actual and ongoing character of the brand itself - the specific tasks at hand, what is it you are promoting, what direct message are you putting out - the trajectory of the brand itself, what is the future history of the business and the brand as a whole going to have. Use a suitable font palette. Have a typgraphy that does the job: - the font you use for the logo - a suitable font for display purposes, for headings - a font for any particular message, but not one that contradicts or clashes with the efforts made and that you are making. Take a look at my recent blog articles on the f4mmedia wordpress blog any story is not simply a case of throwing out dialogue small-business/and characters, even though they may be really great - full life, well drawn, gorgeously fun. It is also about setting the ing/right scene or series of scenes. content-online/Branding, indeed, any sort of marketing, is just the same. If background and the course of the story you are telling is yourself/just right, the message is better received. chology-branding/A large part of any process of branding is to establish a seriesof icons - logo, tagline etc. These may be the first and - and there are more coming very soon in this whole series ...essential steps but they are not the only areas of effort.
  4. 4. elements vol2 ed 2 4
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  6. 6. elements vol2 ed 2 8
  7. 7. audio-visual artelements vol2 ed 2 10
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