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a few notes on new ways to think of marketing especially for the small business

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F4mmedia responsive marketing

  1. 1. f4mmedia provides marketing, branding, content creation and related services to small businesseslook for f4mmedia on facebook, f4mmedia@gmail.comdropr, murally, google+, pinterest, video, graphic design, social mediatumblr, posterous in addition to the campaigns,links here 08432895485
  2. 2. Everyday life does not remain unchanged – it moves on, things change. The There are a lot of different channels available to us for use in our marketingmarket and our approach to it – marketing – is the same. Things move on, and branding efforts. Yes, we have to include branding here, because it isthings change. Much has been said recently about inbound and content definitely not a situation of fire and forget when it comes to branding – closemarketing, as well as the uses of social media for marketing purposes. Now attention has to be paid to it in an ongoing way. There is far more use madeit is time to take another step on. Just as we have responsive websites, fitting of mobile phones these days, courtesy of mobile friendly websites and thethemselves to the instruments we use to view them – desktop, laptop, tablet, propensity of people to surf on the go using their mobiles. Admittedly theremobile phone – here we introduce the idea of responsive marketing. is less use made of sms marketing than years ago, but it still happens. It had seemed that e-mail marketing took a dive, particularly with the rise of socialCurrent rends in marketing are said to be as follows: media channels and social media marketing.• a move away from large-scale campaigns• a greater use of inbound marketing, taking steps on from content• an integration of social media• greater use of mobile marketing• being more human, less use of marketing speak. responsive marketing - f4mmedia 3
  3. 3. Responsive marketing takes real note of the changes in behaviour we are cur- Responsive marketing is something that re-affirms the statement – content isrently seeing in people generally. Yes, it is a form of reactive marketing, less king! It places it, though, in a changing market, a market that is seen to movecampaign based. It is certainly context based in its approach. It is also a multi- day by day, week by week, using topicality to adapt and evolve the brandchannel form of marketing and branding. and marketing landscape, making your marketing more than a campaign, it becomes a flow, changing over time as things around us change, adapting to the changes in everyday life.
  4. 4. It is not just a form of inbound marketing or content marketing dressed in Here we are talking about a form of marketing that is properly adaptive –new clothes. It is an underlining of the fact that attention moves on and that taking into consideration the particularities of people’s attention at any onebusinesses have to recognise where people are going and when. If you want time. Using a variety of media forms will reinforce the message you are send-to engage them – say something that is going to interest them, say something ing out. Placing it in a particular context, something possibly of that momentinvolving the things they are talking about … How do you say these things, in time that is catching people’s attention, will keep things current. As alwayswhen and where? – well use a variety of media and channels – people move it is a question of attention, interest, engagement.around in their attention. At various times of day and night it may be TV,online, mobile phone – sometimes it will be video, others games, facebook,twitter, pinterest, pictures in general, articles another. responsive marketing - f4mmedia 5
  5. 5. If you are taking a journey you have t know where you are starting (and when). It is also useful to know where you are going. This ‘geography’ is your branding and marketing landscape. It is a clear picture of the business atFor us, our approach to responsive marketing begins with the establishment hand, what it means, its texture, colouring, language, favourite phrases, pre-of a regular and ongoing dialogue with our clients. Out of this a number of ferred music and food.things are generated: From the standard elements of a brand’s icons and its basic message or mes-• the brand and marketing landscape in which we are to work sages the beginnings of ‘the story’ can be created. Your marketing is a mes-• the style book from which we are to work sage, a story told, it is literally given colour and form through the styles you• the keys from which we are to react use, the styles we use for you. Responsive marketing places suitably created• a channel usage table. content of varying forms and suitably complementary styles within channels using a number of media forms. responsive marketing - f4mmedia 7
  6. 6. It may be the case that more than one content form is needed – telling the Responsive marketing begins with content creation and the essence of in-story well may require more than an article or two. It may be that above and bound marketing and then places the whole practice, the content generationbeyond the use of text, graphic imagery is useful to add to the content to give and interest direction within the active present, the active market. Rathervisual depth. From there moving images could easily be of real use. Video than playing out an extended campaign which could easily fall behind theis certainly of real value in SEO terms courtesy of recent google algorhythm movement on of the market, it looks to create micro-campaigns which reactchanges. Perhaps an addition of music could add interest. The basics of mar- rather more to how the market changes. It looks to react to how the brandketing – creating content to capture the imagination of a target audience, to should be placed within the day to day.create interest as well as properly inform in an entertaining way, and from It is very much a ‘conversational’ marketing. It is definitely not a marketingthat interest to direct your audience towards contact – the basics of inbound evangelism. It chats rather than talks at! It gives a living face, a living experi-marketing. ence to any brand, rather than presenting an inanimate lump to an audience having such thrown at them on a regular basis. It is multi-dimensional. It is not the same one-liner day after day. responsive marketing - f4mmedia 9
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