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the new elements - an e-zine with content based around what interests me and what I am working on

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  1. 1. earth fire waterimagination volume 2 edition 1 elements 1
  2. 2. If you would like to contribute please get in touch. you will find contact details here f4mmedia@gmail.com http://www.f4mmedia.co.uk http://www.futurhoodav.co.uk Here we present the new ‘elements’, no longer just a series of style books http://f4mmedia.wordpress.com and portfolios but an irregular - and I mean very ‘irregukar’ magazine of the things that interest me. You will find bits and pieces of the things I am working on or have just completed., generally the things I want to talk about. If you can please subscribe to my various channels, I have a good few. Donations via paypal would be useful - f4mmedia@gmail.com. There are resources to be found on a variety of my channels and pages - graphic and video resources in the main. There are some new projects coming through, mainly centred on work in Sheffield and Sweden. twitter@f4mmedia 08432895485 http://www.behance.net/futurhoodav http://entertainingtoolbox.wix.com/arts https://f4mmedia.artery.io/ http://www.youtube.com/user/futurhoodav http://www.youtube.com/user/f4mmediavideoelements 2
  3. 3. elements 3
  4. 4. I really like hybrids. Although grunge may have fallen by the wayside somewhat given the rise in popularity of other design schemasand styles, something I like to call electro grunge still has some appeal and some use.elements 4
  5. 5. graphic resourcesThere are a number of freebies in our deviant art porfolio. As you will undoubtedly notice I am not a trained graphicFeel free to download away. Always useful for anyone artist. I am simply someone who has an abiding love ofneeding graphic content. the visual - whether it is still imagery, illustration, graphicIn addition there are a number of paid for prints available. design or moving imagery, animation, motion graphics orYou can find more on fine art america film.a paypal donation to f4mmedia@gmail.com would be You find a varoety of other reources on the arterynice - it will help webstore - f4mmedia elements 5
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  8. 8. Business Video Video you make for your business can be so much more than the almost blank face direct to camera, or the evangelical emotivism, you find around. It certainly can be more than a few One thing you can do is to look for small, low overhead still images strung together and a complementary few bits of agencies - yes like f4mmedia! So why shouldn’t I put in a text, perhaps as lower thirds, crawling along the bottom of the pitch for us. We are cute and lovable, we also have a sense of screen or, perhaps, as a sort of sidebar scroll. humour. We have a tagline - ‘who put the art into marketing’. We are not the greatest things since sliced bread, the answer to world peace, or the cure for all of the dread diseases and No we are not giving ourselves airs and graces, but we do try to the common cold. make what we produce interesting without being overpoweringly self-absorbed. We are straight up, honest, hard working and have eyes and ears as well as imaginations. So why don’t you just pick up Video is well within the reach of small businesses these days. the phone or send us an e-mail. For those who have the courage the next step is often to do it yourself. This can be a mistake. Then again, learning by your The images come from a promo we did for ourselves a little mistakes is an old adage while ago. The discounts are still running. They won’t forever.elements 8
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  11. 11. As with all marketing video has its own rules. The basics are that it should run with the overall branding scheme. If you don’t have one, or it is implicit or unconscious - make it plain. This makes all sorts of things a lot easier. Clearly set out your message, your story, your tagline, palette, design scheme, the landscape, setting and scene, the palette and typography, where applicable.There are lots of different sorts of business video. Do Think carefully about your targets. To aim squarely atnot assume that what you think will work well is them you need to find the right channels, as well asgoing to be necessarily true. the right content.Promos, demos, presentations, testimonials, straight Get someone else to look at the whole project - youads, comparisons, staff presentations, how-tos, i get too many answers ‘yes’, ‘great’, ‘I like it’, from thosenfomercials, these are just a few. One Market Media close, or those working directly for you.llists 51 different forms of business video. They arenot far wrong. After all that - you can always call us. elements 11
  12. 12. Audio- visual art Can you give it a real and full definition? I call myself an audio-visual artist. Why? Because I play and produce, eventually creating pieces to be watched on a screen or projected. These pieces incorporate all too often el- ements of video, music, spoken word, text, still imagery from photo, vectors and so on. I like it! I hope you do as well.elements 12
  13. 13. These images are taken from a recent project called‘wireframe steam’. You can find it here, on youtube.I had been musing on the whole steampunk thing. As usual Igot caught up in the musings and let my mind andimagination wander. A little wireframe here and there, a fewpieces of bright blocks, well windows 8 is floating around,a blur or two to fit my generally dizzy nature and the visualscame about.As with all of my visuals and visual art, that side of things wasporduced under the name Quantize of futurhood av.The music was produced under the name Silverback DJ,something from the dim and distnt past ... the days of our oldclub night, Spannered - don’t ask.Out of samples supplied as a bonus by Loopmasters and acouple of other bits, I managed to create what I think is asuitable piece. Just a nod towards steam, if that can be done. elements 13
  14. 14. elements 14
  15. 15. music videoI really enjoy creating music videos - you can find awhole range on the youtube channel - futurhoodavThere are video there ranging from hiphop, throughdubstep, chilled/ambient, to varieties of house, fromminimal to tech and so on.You will notice that the videos on my channel are notjust performance videos. For me there is nothing worsethan the tired and tedious performance music videos,set and shot in a place predictable for the genre, indeedpredictable in every way.I like to use footage, styles, motion graphics that areevocative but certainly not predictable. elements 15
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  20. 20. work in progress Here are some stills from recent pieces uploaded to the futurhood av youtube channel. playing with bits and pieces in and around a steampunk ethic but not taking on the style directly. The titles played with the notion of anti-aliasing. I may look at doing something to unify all of them and take the thread on to something closer to steampunk proper or find an established or recognizable hybrid to make all of these bits and pieces something singular.elements 20
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