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  • Agrupa a mas de un centenar de empresas especializadas en tecnologías, teniendo como objetivo generar valor agregado a sus miembros y potenciar al sector para posicionarlo como líder de categoría mundial; contribuyendo de esta forma al desarrollo socioeconómico del país.
  • Ejemplo de empresaspanamenas de clasemundial


  • 1. By:Roberto Melo MS, MBA, PMP
  • 2. AGENDA• Pillars for a Tech Hub Platform • Pillar #1: Existing Infrastructure • Pillar #2: Capatec • Pillar #3: City of Knowledge • Pillar #4: Panamanian Tech Sector - Companies• Section #2: Key Elements of World Class Tech Hub • Key Element #1: US-Panama FTA (ICT Industry) • Key Element #2: Global ICT Facts • Key Element #3: Panama Competitive Position • Key Element #4: Regional Growth• Section #3: Recommendations and Action Items
  • 3. Section #1 Tech Hub Platform: Foundation Pillars
  • 4. Existing infrastructure – Pillar #1Panama has great features that makes it very special world wide.• Geographical Position•Panama Canal (Plus the New Expansion)•World Class Communication Infrastructure•Enterprise Oriented Laws•Banking Sector•Travel hub•The dollar
  • 5. TRAVEL HUB– Pillar #2Copa Airlines - Hub of the Americas•The geographical location and favorable climaticconditions of Panama make possible for the Panamaairport operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.•Fast connections without going through immigration orcustoms.Two modern runways ensure that traffic arrives andpeel off without problems.The operation at sea level allows our aircraft to extendtheir reach. 64 destinations in 29 countries
  • 6. CAPATECPillar #2 Panamanian Chamber of Information and Comunication Technologies. Vision : Convert to Panama in the leading country in our region in the use of the information technologies to accelerate Mission : the improvement of the quality of life of Integrate and align the actions of the its population and integrate into the various actors of the sector of information society. technology and telecommunications to foster their sustainable and competitive development at the international level and the socio-economic progress.
  • 7. ICT Strategy 2008-2018 Project of CAPATEC, developed in collaboration with the public and private sector, academic sector and other guilds. Objectives Improvement of competitive factors for the ICT sector Improve the Identify the areas in which Panama presents technological biggest weakness in terms of technology. capacity and management of the Panamanian ICT sector. Define a clear vision to develop the countrys technological sector.
  • 8. City ofKnowledge An international multi-institutional complexPillar #3 for research, education and human and technology development. Mission To be an international center of excellence to generate, disseminate, and apply knowledge to advance human development using Panama’s competitive advantages.
  • 9. City of Knowledge ComponentsWork independently and togetherto create synergyCurrent Statistics• 70 Tech companies and R&D centers• 5 small companies in Incubation• 46 International Organizations• 29 academic programs• 1900 permanent jobs• 5000+ use the installations daily• 200,000 square meters built out• 89% occupied
  • 10. International Technopark of Panamá Software Development Computer Security Corporate Solutions Applications for the logistics sector Developments for the e Government Electronics Telecommunications Multimedia
  • 11. PBAThe Panama Business Accelerator is a space where the competitive maturity process ofdynamic business undertakings is facilitated and accelerated mainly through leverage ofcontacts, and other support value-added services.Bridges are created between entrepreneurs and business people, investors and otherplayers, providing ways to boost business undertakings.
  • 12. City of Knowledge offers access to:Local network of human and capital resourcesNew opportunities for operating regional business initiativesOffshore / Nearshore location We invite you to explore participating at the City of Knowledge, one of the most innovative developments in knowledge management.
  • 13. PanamanianTech SectorPillar #4 dCHAIN is a meaningful example of what a Panamanian company can achieve. Being founded in 1996 in Illinois, and by extending their operations to Panama in 2001, dCHAIN has gained sufficient experience to aim for high goals.
  • 14. • We accumulated a world class portfolio of partners and solutions in Logistics and ITSolutions.•We expanded our customer base to several countries, such as Costa Rica andColombia, having USA and Panama already in our map.• We had the opportunity to compete and then won huge and relevant projects in theGovernment Logistic area, which increased our knowledge and enhanced our potentiala 100%. This is how Panamanian companies are suceeding TODAY!
  • 15. Key Elements ofWorld Class Tech Hub
  • 16. Key Element #1Implications of theUS-Panama FTAfor the ICTIndustry
  • 17. Key Aspect of the FTA for the ICT IndustryThe Agreement will remove barriers to U.S. goods entering Panama’s market.Over 87 percent of U.S. exports of consumer and industrial products to Panama will becomeduty-free immediately, with remaining tariffs phased out over ten years.The Agreement is key to maintaining U.S. market share in this important market.The United States faces strong competition as Panama’s other trading partners increase theirshare of Panama’s total imports.The Agreement provides significant infrastructure opportunities.In addition to the ongoing $5.25 billion Panama Canal expansion project, the Government ofPanama has identified almost $10 billion in other significant infrastructure projects.Greater Protection for Intellectual Property Rights.Fair and Open Government Procurement.An Open and Competitive Telecommunications Market.
  • 18. Trade Capacity Building The US-Panama Free Trade Agreement would create a Committee on Trade Capacity Building (TCB) designed to assist Panama with the transition to freer trade with the United States.Transition Strategy Formulate a strategy to assume all commitments under FTA Assisting Panama with the increase ofDevelopment of three competitiveness arising from international trade.major sectors These sectors are: agro-industry, ict and artisan products.
  • 19. “The Global ICT Industry has shownKey Element #2 tremendous growth, even during economic downtime. It is resilient and has become the center of the business model of almost all industries .”Global ICTIndustry
  • 20. Public trust in selection of Industry sectors2012 Technology 79% Automotive 66% Food & Beverage 64% Consumer packaged goods 62% Telecommunications 60% Brewing and spirits 59% Pharmaceuticals 56% Energy 53% Media 51% Banks 47% Financial services 45% Source: Edelman Trust Barometer 2012
  • 21. Global Information, CommunicationTechnology SpendingA Buoyant Industry GloballyLeading the way in Economic GrowthLatin America is and will be for the next threeyears the number 1 Growth Market. 10.1% Growth in 2012
  • 22. “A nation or a region is competitive to the extent that firms operating there areKey Element #3 able to compete successfully in the global economy while supporting rising wages and living standards for the average citizen” Michael Porter -”PanamaCompetitivePosition
  • 23. Global Competitive Index 2011 - 2012
  • 24. Key Element #4PanamaEconomyGrowth
  • 25. Emerging and Developing Economies: Real GDP Top 2, after Haiti*World Economic Outlook (April 2012) – World Economic and Financial Surveys – IMF *Haiti economy is expected to grow a high percentage due to the recent natural disaster.
  • 26. Section #3 Key Benefits to Operating a Services/Innovation oriented corporation in Panamá
  • 27. Key BenefitsCollaborationFiscalLabor BenefitsLogistic Benefits
  • 28. Thank You