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Guangdong Electronics Industry Association

  1. 1. 广东电子行业协会Guangzhou Radio Group (GRG) Radio Group (GRG) is a leading manufacturer of Radio communications equipment,a strongest ATM equipment and service provider in domestic market, a well-performed realestate developer, and a Top 100 Enterprises in Chinas Electronic & Information Field with theoperating margin ranking first for several years. GRG has nearly 7000 employees, and hasbecome a key enterprise of Guangzhou Municipality.GRG is located in the Pearl River New City, the CBD of Guangzhou. Two production bases of GRGhave moved to Guangzhou Science City, which means GRG is playing an important role in theGuangzhou hi-tech industry groups. GRG was founded in 1956. In 1995 GRG transformed to anenterprise group. In 2007 one of the member enterprises - GRG Banking Equipment Co., Ltd,was listed on Shenzhen A Share Market. GRG has a history of over 50 years. Now our productsand service have entered the global market in over 40 countries.GRGs key enterprise – Guangzhou Radio Group Co., Ltd., is a state-owned company belonging toGuangzhou Municipality. With the registered capital of RMB 500 million, we are dedicated to hi-techindustry investment operations. GRG is listed as one of the States 520 Key Enterprises, the PilotInnovative Enterprises, the Top 10 Enterprises in Self-innovation, etc. GRG has a state-levelenterprise technology center, a key engineering and technology research and developmentcenter of Guangdong Province and a postdoctoral program. GRG is given such honors as theNational May Day Award, the State-level Enterprise Technology Center Achievement Award,China AAA Credit Level Enterprise, National Enterprise with Excellent Corporate Culture, etc.Guangdong electronic information industry group Co., LTD electronic information industry group Co., LTD. is the approval of the peoplesgovernment of guangdong province by guangdong tai-chung transational system of electroniclarge state-owned enterprise, was founded in 2000 on 19 October. At present, under thecompany and, holding enterprise 40, the staff of nearly ten thousand people, has electronicinformation of guangdong province key engineering technology research center of guangdongprovince, the electronic information industry group technology center and large in theelectronic industry business for more than 20 years of professional and technical personnel andthe production and business operation management backbone, including all kinds of seniorexperts of more than 500 people. The company has jurisdiction over guangdong electronicchamber of commerce and the guangdong electronic to learn. After years of reform anddevelopment, the group has formed to "high end IT industry, new energy battery, the LEDindustry, advanced equipment manufacturing and electronic communication equipment and soon four big hi-tech industry plate is given priority to, also real estate development, electronicpayment, investment and financing business" industrial development pattern.Guangzhou jinpeng group Co., LTD Jinpeng Group Co. , Ltd. (abbreviated as Jinpeng Group) was established with thegreat support of Information Industry Ministry, Guangzhou Communist Part Committee andGuangzhou Municipal Government. The company’s core business is to research, developing,
  2. 2. designing, manufacturing and installation in communication system, providing overall system integrationand technology services for wired and wireless communication operators.Jinpeng Group is one of the earliest companies that developed large capacity programmedtelephone switches, and further developed many other new products that meet the demands ofmarket. At present Jinpeng Group has owned such main products as: (I) GSM/CDMA mobilecommunication system, CDMA2000 1X rural network equipment, CDMA 2000 1X EV-DO system,GSM/CDMA network roaming gate, Broadband Wireless Access System, and GSM/CDMA, PHSmobile terminals and so forth, (II) Value Added Business Products: Wireless IP PBX System,Enterprise Mobile Office System, New Generation Digital Video Monitoring System, BREWMobile Phone Application ; and (III) Integration of Information System : E-Government Project,Construction of Campus Network, Enterprise Information-Oriented Construction, and 110 SocialLinkage System.Jinpeng Group has a high-level, fast expanding intellectual structure and technology platform with staffsaverage age at 30, and a galaxy of R&D professional including holders of academician’s titles, tutor forthe doctoral students, professors, researchers and senior engineers. At present Jinpeng Group hasobtained First Class Qualification of Computer Information System Integration, Qualification ofComputer Information System Integration Related to National Confidential, First ClassQualification of Security Technology Defense, so as to provide strong backup force for the R&Dof communication products and the integration of computer system. Five years after establishment Jinpeng Group has developed a lot in every respect, andwidened its sales area. It’s contract sales transaction has increased from 20 million in 1998 to 3.06billion in 2003. After all these years of striving, Jinpeng Group has reached remarkable achievement inthe industry, and ranked 44th among the top 100 companies of information industry of China in2003……Jinpeng Group insists on leading its own way of development with its own feature, and carryout cooperation with international first class company. At present, in addition to Motorola,Jinpeng has many other international cooperation partners such as IBM, 3 COM, LG, Hyundai,Airspan, Tellabs, Hitachi, and JRC.Re-configuring all its resources, Jinpeng Group takes up multiple development strategy and willcontinue to develop new products and explore new market. With our expertise, efforts andwhole-hearted enthusiasm, we are ready to provide our customers all over the world with highquality telecommunication products in this information-based era.SHENZHEN SANYO HUAQIANG Laser and Electronic Co. Ltd. Holdings Limited is a large investment holding group with high technology industries as itscore businesses. Founded in 1979, based on the corporate philosophy of “Honesty, Innovation,Harmony and Win-Win”, and with over 30 years experience and development, the Company hasestablished its core business structure in industries including hi-tech electronics componentsmanufacturing, culture and technology industry, electronic specialized market and sugar andpaper making. In parallel to this it has achieved a transition from industrial operation to capitaloperation. At present, we have exclusively invested in more than 40 companies in China andoverseas, of which two of them are listed public companies, six are high technologies
  3. 3. enterprises, three are national grade technology research centers and one is post-doctoralresearch center.The company plays a leading role in electronic manufacture area of the world. The annualproduction of laser pick-ups and accessories equates to 25% of the global output and for micro-motors equates to 25% of the global output as well. Three large high-tech theme parks havebeen built in Wuhu of Anhui Province, Chongqing and Shantou of Guangdong Province, amongwhich Wuhu Fantawild Adventure, the first high-tech theme park planned, innovated, designed andconstructed by Chinese people, is also the largest cultural theme park around the world. Most of themajor attractions in this park have our own intellectual property and represent the world’s mostadvanced techniques. In 2007, under the authority and guidance of National Minister ofInformation Industry, the company began to release the only electronic market price index inChina: Huaqiang North Chinas Electronics Market Price Index, which provides more and moreauthority and deep influence for the electronic trade. We also established the largest specialized marketof electronic components in China and own an electronic trade platform ranking the first specializedwebsite of China’s electronic components.For a number of consecutive years, we have been accredited as one of the Top 500 Enterprisesin China, the Top 500 of the Chinese Big Enterprises of Competition Force, the Top 500Enterprises in China Manufacturing Industry, the Top 100 Chinese Electronic Enterprises, the TopForeign Exchange-Earning Enterprise in China, the Top 50 Enterprises in Guangdong Province,the Top 50 Industrial Conglomerates in Guangdong Province, the most advanced enterprises inGuangdong Province in terms of efficiency and quality, and the Top 100 Enterprises in ShenzhenCity. The company was also awarded the titles of the advanced collectives in material, ethicaland cultural progress in Guangdong Province, creditable enterprise, big tax-payer and rolemodel in ethical and cultural progress both in Guangdong Province and in Shenzhen City.Continuing to build the open trading platform, our group will realize Win-Win with you andcreate a more glorious future.Desay group Co., LTD As a key enterprise in Chinese leather industry, Desay Group Co., Ltd. has won many honorarytitles such as "Chinese Well-known Trademark", "State Inspection Exemption Products","Wenzhou Famousbrand Products" and "Wenzhou Famous Trademark" etc. Other honors includeChinese Genuine Leather Label Product Enterprise, ISO9001:2000 International QualityManagement System Certification Enterprise, "Zhejiang Province Credible Model Enterprise","Wenzhou Credible Enterprise", one of "Wenzhou Top -Ten Vigorous Enterprises" and "WenzhouTop 100 Enterprises", "Ouhai District Star Enterprise", "Ouhai District Leading Enterprise","Chinese Shoes City Tax-paying Star Enterprise" and so on.Established in 1996, the company is located in Ouhai Economic Development Zone, covering anarea of 35000 square meters. With 12 internationally-advanced shoes making production lines,more than 300 skilled talents and over 2600 employees, the company specializes in productionof medium and high grade DSAYDLN brand men and women leather shoes and is a modernlarge enterprise which integrates R & D, production with marketing. Now, 150 marketing centersand more than 3500 sales outlets have been set up nationwide and worldwide, enjoying high
  4. 4. level popularity and reputation both at home and abroad. Products have been quite marketableon the markets of USA, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Western Africa etc."Desay" members who are making unceasing progress always insist on the corporatephilosophy of "advancing with the times, winning success by morality" and the managementphilosophy of "Quality, service, standard, innovation" so as to spare no time in graduallyfostering DSAYDLN brand into a century-old well-known brand!The Guangdong TongYU Communication Co., LTD the YuTong-Co., LTD was founded in 1996, is located in zhongshan torch high andnew technology industry development zone, is that the ministry of science and technology ofnational torch plan key high-tech enterprise and the financial, tax bureau of guangdongprovince, by the common recognition of the high-tech enterprises.The company research and development center has four r&d department and 1 postdoctoralresearch stations, research and development personnel more than 200 people, seniortitle/doctoral five people, intermediate title/masters 14 people, with a strong strength and level.The company and huawei technologies Co., LTD, xian university of electronic science andtechnology (power), university of electronic science and technology (into electricity), cityuniversity of Hong Kong millimeter wave national key laboratory, guangdong university oftechnology and so on has established the close cooperation relations, the companydevelopment strength in a leading level. In 2009, our company was identified as guangdongprovincial enterprise technology center; In 2010, the company to get a human resources andsocial security management committee approved the establishment of national post-doctoralpostdoctoral research stations, the company established by the national development andreform commission of national high-tech industrialization demonstration project, also beassessed as guangdong province innovative enterprise.At present, the company has 61 patents, including invention patent, patent for utility model of58, exterior design patent two, another 16 invention patent through the first trial and into thepublic stage.Dongguan City Pacific Computer Technology Co., Ltd.版本 1:Dongguan City Pacific Computer Technology Co., Ltd. is the localization IT professionalservice providers, is the only one in Dongguan Municipal State Ministry of Information Industryhas identified three qualification system integration, ISO9001: 2000 quality management systemcertification of private science and technology, and High-tech enterprises. Founded in 1993 inDongguan Pacific Computer Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly: Dongguan City, Gordon computernetwork Limited) was established in March 1997, the existing staff of more than 200 people, ofwhom 96 percent are young college education, senior engineer, graduate students , Theprofessional development of engineers to be a large number of middle and high-rankingtechnical backbone. Dongguan to build the "IT aircraft carrier" to provide specialized IT services,including the government, administrative institutions, education, manufacturing andconstruction enterprises comprehensive information in the planning, implementation and
  5. 5. application of wide-area network (video / audio / data communications ), GM / universalapplication software, computer hardware / networking products integration, contactless smartmanagement of R & D and production facilities and supporting the industry applicationmanagement system has been successful in widely used in personnel, payroll, attendancemanagement, the campus smart card Integrated solutions that provide fast, high-quality after-sales service and technical support and specialized technical training so that the Pacifictechnology companies together with the customer has made rapid development in Dongguan,a leading systems integrator. And January 8, 2004 Katherine successful participation inGuangzhou City Institute Technology Development Co., Ltd., successfully entered the market inGuangzhou City. Pacific Computer Technology Co., Ltd. to technology and services as its corecompetitiveness, the company introduced a number of professional training and technicalengineers, to provide users with specialized systems integration solutions; established acomprehensive pre-sale, and sale of aftermarket Service system. Will be the most applicabletechnology, the most intimate of services to our customers. Pacific Computer Technology Co.,Ltd. as personnel for enterprises of the country, and to promote the management of humannature to good employment mechanism to recruit talent and retain talent, improve personnelquality is to survive in this business, the company in accordance with the ISO9001 qualitymanagement system of strict products Quality, service clearance. Ben Yong from the informationage has provided us with an unprecedented opportunity for development, unlimited businessopportunities, the future bright but unpredictable, full of challenges. We keep up with the paceof the times, adjusting and developing the business plan for sustainable development, andstrive to 5-10 years in a leading domestic IT companies.版本 2:有道翻译:Following the Pacific computer technology Co., LTD, is IT and RFID professional localizationsystem integration and services provider, was approved by the provincial department of thehigh-tech continuous technical enterprise and private scientific and technological enterpriseprovince; RFID technology support center of guangdong province public dongguan center;Guangdong RFID industry alliance members of the enterprise core; Following the governmentonly authorized RFID engineering research and development center; Harbin industrial universityRFID engineering research institute; Harbin industrial university RFID masters graduate schooland following RFID r&d alliance chairman of the enterprise; Following the government keysupport high-tech enterpriseFounded in 1993, dongguan Pacific of computer science and technology limited company, theexisting staff of more than 300 people, including 78% with college degree or above, a seniorengineer, the national senior project manager, the graduate student, professional developmentengineer, a large number of high-level technical backbone. At present, the enterprise has passedthe authentication: the ISO9001:2000 international quality system authentication, the nationalcompulsory product certification (CCC), national computer information system integrationsecondary qualification certification (dongguan first), the national industrial production license,guangdong security system level 3 certificate, etc.