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Articles Articles Presentation Transcript

  • Use of the articles.
    • Eva María Suárez Guillén - Eoi Santa María de Guía
  • a/an - indefinite article
    • Use it when you mention somebody/something for the first time or say who/what somebody/something is.
      • My neighbour has just bought a dog. It is an Alsatian.
  • a/an - indefinite article
      • It is used when we mention something as an example of its kind:
        • A car is always useful (all cars).
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  • a/an - indefinite article
        • With professions:
          • He’s an actor.
        • With certain numbers:
          • a hundred, a thousand
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  • the - definite article
      • Use it when it’s clear who / what somebody /something is. It is unique or has been mentioned before.
        • He got into the car and drove to the Town Hall.
  • the - definite article
        • It is used before superlative forms:
          • The first, second...
  • the - definite article
          • Used with a singular noun can represent a class of animals or things:
            • The dog is a loyal pet. (all dogs)
  • the - definite article
            • Used with an article it can represet a class of persons:
            • We must help the poor.
  • the - definite article
        • Used with a plural surname can mean “that family”:
          • The Browns are very polite.
  • Zero article (no article)
        • Don’t use an article to speak in general with plural and uncountable nouns, or in pharase like at home/work, go home/to bed, next, last week , etc.)
          • I don’t like sports.
          • Men are from Mars, women from Venus.
  • Zero article (no article)
          • Before names of meals:
            • We are having breakfast.
  • Institutions
      • With prison, church, school, hospital and university don’t use an article when you are thinking about the institution and its normal purpose.
        • He is in prison as he has committed several crimes.
  • Institutions
        • If you talk about the building use a or the:
          • They are building a new hospital in my area.
  • Geographical names
      • We don’t normally use the with:
        • most countries
        • continents
        • regions ending with the name of a country.
          • Exceptions: The UK, The Netherlands, etc.
  • Geographical names
      • We don’t normally use the with:
          • roads (except motorways and numbered roads)
          • streets
          • parks
          • shops and restaurants
          • indivudal mountains and lakes
  • Geographical names
      • We usually use the with:
        • mountain ranges
        • rivers
        • canals
        • deserts
        • island groups
  • Geographical names
      • We usually use the with:
        • With the names of:
          • theatres
          • cinemas
          • hotels
          • galleries
          • museums
  • Contact