River Thames


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Project about the River Thames, written by Miguel Angel, age 8.

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River Thames

  1. 1. River Thames By Miguel Ángel Reyes Suárez in 3A
  2. 2. The River Thames  The river Thames is a very famous river located in London, England.  It’s the longest river in England and the second longest in the United Kingdom, after the River Severn.  It doesn´t only flow through London, it also flows through Oxford, Reading, Henley-on-Thames and Windsor.
  3. 3. Location  The river is located in England.
  4. 4. The river´s physical features  The river is 346km long and has a rise and fall of 7 metres (23ft).  The river ends in the North Sea.  The river has got over 80 islands and some island are inhabited.  Most of the interesting things of London like the Big Ben, the London Eye and the Tower of London are near the river.
  5. 5. Does the river changes along its course?  Yes. Through its course, the river makes some little rivers called canals.  In the canals, you can go through boats.  If you have been to a London canal, maybe you didn´t realise that the canals were part of the river Thames.
  6. 6. What happens if the river floods?  If the river floods there is no problem thanks to the flood barrier, that doesn´t let the river flood go to the land.  When the river floods, the barrier closes at high tidean when the river is at low tide the barrier opens.  Sadly, there is only a flood barrier in a part of the river so the land can flood in other places.
  7. 7. BUT!!!
  8. 8. HELP! The river is flooding!!!!!  Did you know London is flooding?  Since more or less from the 10th of February parts of London have been flooded.  Nearly 6,000 homes have been inundated along the Thames Valley and elsewhere following England's wettest January in 2½ centuries.  For that reason, London was in orange alert.
  9. 9. What effect does the river have on people who live in their banks?  The river gives work to people because it is used for transport and communications across England.
  10. 10. What happens if there is a drought?  The river will NEVER be dry because in England it rains a LOOOOT.
  11. 11. The river at night  The Thames at night is incredibly beautiful with the London Eye lights…  If you go through the river Thames at night, it will probably be the paradise.
  12. 12. The river in the GREAT fire of London  The river is also famous for stopping the Great fire of London going to the other half of London.  In the 1660´s people have done lots of paintings of the river during the Great Fire of London.  People used the river to transport their things because their houses haf been destroyed by the fire.
  13. 13. The End