IBM Lotus Notes & Xpages technology to manage Relational data on AS/400


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In this presentation you can view the opportunity to use IBM Lotus Notes & Xpages technoloigy to develop fast application that integrate Lotus Notes DB & Relational Database, in particular IBm DB2 on AS/400

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IBM Lotus Notes & Xpages technology to manage Relational data on AS/400

  1. 1. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationEnzo StanzioneXerum SrlDocument ManagementPortal Solution DesignerLotus Domino Administrator Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl
  2. 2. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationAbout :● Lotus Domino e Lotus Notes● Develop with XPages● Iseries AS/400 Data.● Two real cases, two fast projects at low cost.● The framework “ready to use”● Running Xpages on standard mobile devices. Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 2
  3. 3. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationIBM Domino Server 8.5.2 platform ● Features :Messaging, Ldap, WebServer, Application & Collaboration ● Middleware multiplatform : we are focused on i Series version ● The Sub System : I Series like a rock! ● Partitioned Cluster Load & Balancing, Daos, ID Vault. Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 3
  4. 4. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationIBM Lotus Notes 8.5.2 client. ● Multi Platform : Windows, Linux & Mac OS ● Run on Eclipse, Widgets, Portlet... ● Collaboration with Sametime & Lotus Connections ● Standard Applications or Xpages Applications inside the client ● Mobile computing, replica & security. Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 4
  5. 5. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationInternet Browser & Mobile Devices ● Support for most common web browser ● Support for iPhone with Xpages ● Support for iPad with Xpages Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 5
  6. 6. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationDevelop with Xpages – una nuova frontiera. ● What are Xpages ● New way to develop ● New OneUI interface ● Css dedicated, controls for devices, controls for web ● project : Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 6
  7. 7. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationSummary about Xpages :● XPages is a rapid web and mobile application development platform. It allows IBM Lotus Notes data to be displayed to browser clients on all platforms.● The programming model is based on standards and common web development skills like JavaScript, Ajax, the Dojo Toolkit, Server-side JavaScript, JavaServer Faces and it leverages IBM Lotus Domino functionality like the Document-oriented database. XPages applications are hosted by IBM Lotus Domino, IBMs Rapid application development platform, which has sold more than 145 million licenses.● Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 7
  8. 8. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationFeatures● Standard controls ready to use and public library.● Develop your own controls.● Programming language : Lotus Script ,Javascript e Java SDK● Reusability of code● To merge Lotus Notes/RDBMS data Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 8
  9. 9. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationOneUi interface: the start point! Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 9
  10. 10. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationAbout the WEB ?●HTML automatically generated.●Css standard by OneOUI or custom●Merge more data source also on the web●Control for mobile devices ready available.●Developers kit always updated. Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 10
  11. 11. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationIn the past....● ● The AS/400 data were imported into Lotus Notes Applications. ● Data were processed in Lotus Notes ● Processed data were exported to AS/400 ● Dedicated connectors. Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 11
  12. 12. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationWhat can happen today...●● Is not useful import data from AS/400● You read data from AS/400● The data read can be an integral part of Lotus Notes● You write data into AS/400● Communicate via JDBC drivers● Data may be on various DB. Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 12
  13. 13. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application Two examples of integration 1/2. IntegrationChance 1 : ● Construction of a new industrial product that requires a workflow approval process that involves multiple decision-makers. ● Parts of the information are in Lotus Notes Db (those documents and project) and others residing on the AS/400, such as production cycles, parts lists, articles, etc.. ● The final data depend on decisions made ​based on workflow, validation and consolidation of existing data on the system and in Lotus Notes and creating the final product directly into the AS/400 system. – Xerum Srl Enzo Stanzione ● 16/06/11 13
  14. 14. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application Integration Two examples of integration 2/2.Chance 2 : ● Develop an app for offers / quotes management, which is available online for the entire sales force. ● For some business entities must be available offline ● Price lists must be updated in real time ● You have to manage campaigns for products offered ● Master prospect or customer lists and provisional sales ● Model centralization about offers/ quotes. Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 14
  15. 15. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationThe solution (for us!)●In both cases the data remain on the AS/400system●In Lotus Notes system data are only shown toprovide references for the decision / finalprocessing●Lotus Notes handles the flow of the cycles ofapproval, validation of information, production oftechnical documents●Are returned to the data management system onlyuseful for coding and definition of the problem. Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 15
  16. 16. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationOur development methodology●Definition of the structure of process management inLotus Notes●Definition of the query from AS/400 to XPages●Composition of workflow management, informationand documentary information management bymerging into a single management interface.●Creating documents and decision support in LotusNotes●Return of management data created / edited directlyin AS/400 Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 16
  17. 17. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationHaving a development framework●It means having a solid foundation and proven over time●Management functionality based on Secutiry, workflow,documentation, modeling of business models●Develop only the frontend on the problem should beaddressed●n our case, new product creation, bid management.●Development time drastically reduced●Initial investment that pays off with successivedeployments and / or new developments. Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 17
  18. 18. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application Integration Xpages demo Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 18
  19. 19. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application IntegrationEnd point :●Applications ready for : Client Lotus Notes, Web,Mobile Devices●Lower costs of software production●Common interface for all applications●Centralized maintenance for the different device●Code reusability. Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 19
  20. 20. Notes/Domino/IBM i Application Integration Per maggiori informazioni Enzo Stanzione – Xerum Srl 16/06/11 20