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Lotus Foundations Start : One year later


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My experience of one year with IBM Lotus Foundations told to Dominopoint Day 3, Milan November 13, 2009

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Lotus Foundations Start : One year later

  1. 1. Lotus Foundations Start Promises from the premises...... Lotus Foundations Start a year later – Part 2 Autore: Enzo Stanzione Professione: Middleware Administrator
  2. 2. Today we still talk of .......... Start 1.1.3 #4 2 Enzo Stanzione
  3. 3. ...... we had left so! Lotus Foundations Start? To grow! Enzo Stanzione
  4. 4. In one year... Enzo Stanzione
  5. 5. We wanted to see it "On The Road" with customers !!!!! Enzo Stanzione
  6. 6. ....Today? We sold and installed We know more We appreciate it more We understand the value and ease of use We "love" more it We would like to see it installed anywhere In short ... .. we are still working ..... Enzo Stanzione
  7. 7. Lotus Foundations “On The Road” 4 .. I know .. but it is only the beginning! Enzo Stanzione
  8. 8. Infrastructure for DPDay 3 .. and now we're off! Enzo Stanzione
  9. 9. Infrastructure for DPDay 3 The master and slave servers are hosted in the 'aquarium', ie in the 'IBM Innovation Center on the side. Call Massimo Colorio of IBM to learn more! Enzo Stanzione
  10. 10. Hardware News ! Really easy to install. Everything written is real Two models to suit your needs Our experience on my blog • Available! Enzo Stanzione
  11. 11. from Lotuspehre 2009...! Enzo Stanzione
  12. 12. Software News ! We are on version 1.1.3 # 4 and by the end of the year out release 1.2 We are in the 1.2 beta program so if I can I will keep you updated. Addons: Finally something interesting! News in 5 points. Enzo Stanzione
  13. 13. Software News! (follows) Lotus Foundations RUN : Vmware Server 2.0 Scalable Services Branch Office 1.1.0a Reach Server 1.0.0a Developer toolkit to deploy Domino pkgs Enzo Stanzione
  14. 14. Lotus Foundations RUN : Vmware Server 2.0 The Lotus Foundations Run feature provides users with the ability to run Windows applications on a Lotus Foundations server. When you find that you want to use the functions of idb and the ease of user management, but the client has an application that has to run on a Windows operating system. A VMware server runs in an NVS environment. The user interface within the Webconfig console provides the ability to control the virtual server and customize configuration and backup settings. Note: For the Lotus Foundations Run add-on, Lotus Foundations Start must be installed on a hardware platform and not as a virtual machine itself. VMware Server 2 for Linux does not work on a virtual installation of Lotus Foundations Start. Enzo Stanzione
  15. 15. Lotus Foundations RUN : Vmware Server 2.0 What can you need: 2 GB of physical memory (in addition to what is required for Lotus Foundations Start). A license key from VMware for VMware Server version 2 for Linux. Lotus Foundations Run installation package. VMware Server 2 add-on for IBM Lotus Foundations Run 1.1 installation package. Enzo Stanzione
  16. 16. Lotus Foundations RUN : Vmware Server 2.0 WebConfig console : Add-ons section Enzo Stanzione
  17. 17. Lotus Foundations RUN : Vmware Server 2.0 Vmware Console Enzo Stanzione
  18. 18. Scalable Services Definition Lotus Foundations scalable services are not intended to replace the functionality provided by Microsoft Windows domains. They are designed with the intention of making Lotus Foundations more scalable by centralizing the administration of a group of Lotus Foundations servers. Scalable services employ a master-slave network model, enabling a single master server to centrally manage all users and licensing for multiple slave servers. There are three main features of Lotus Foundations scalable services: • User synchronization • Domain Name Service (DNS) synchronization • Scalable services licensing and user licenses Enzo Stanzione
  19. 19. Scalable Services WebConfig console : Scalable Services section Enzo Stanzione
  20. 20. Scalable Services WebConfig console : Node Status Enzo Stanzione
  21. 21. Scalable Services User synchronization Lotus Foundations scalable services helps you centrally manage user and team information from the Lotus Foundations scalable services master server. The synchronization of users and team includes ALL user configuration information, including the following information: • Username • Password • Full Name • Team membership • Administrative rights • Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) setting • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) setting • Drive mounting • Disk quota Enzo Stanzione
  22. 22. Scalable Services DNS Synchronization (Domain Name Service) This feature includes the ability to propagate workstation host names to the other nodes so that workstations and servers may be addressed by name across an Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) virtual private network (VPN) rather than just by Internet Protocol (IP) address. The master accumulates lists of all host names from each slave, combines these lists with its own list of local host names, and distributes it to each of the slaves that has DNS Sync enabled. To resolve situations in which there are identical host names on different servers, DNS Sync sorts the list of host names such that hosts that are local to the current server are resolved first. That is, on a slave, local host names take priority over host names local to the master which, in turn, take priority over those on other slaves. DNS Synchronization allows a scalable services region with multiple locations to use a single domain name across the entire region. By synchronizing with the master server on specified intervals, the slave servers also acquire the ability to recognize the region’s domain and propagate it throughout the region. This makes it even easier to recognize all the servers by name, such as,, and, rather than having each node using their own domain name. Enzo Stanzione
  23. 23. Scalable Services Scalable Services and end users licensing User license management is simplified with scalable services. One user license is automatically synchronized to each slave for each user (or team that has its own password) synchronized to that slave. This means that in a typical setup, the master server is purchased with sufficient user license so that each user/team has one and slave servers do not need to be purchased with any. The master scalable services node requires user licenses for each user in the region. User accounts that are no longer being synchronized to the slaves are not automatically deleted (and hence may use a user license on the slave). This is not of great consequence because the number of user licenses a slave has allocated to it depends on the accounts that are being actively synchronized. That is, extra (old) accounts on the slave are locked out. By using scalable services, you can convert the Lotus Foundations user licenses on the master server into network user licenses. You no longer need to worry about user licenses for any of the slave servers, as they will automatically inherit any required user licenses from the master server for all users controlled by the master server. Enzo Stanzione
  24. 24. Branch Office Definition Lotus Foundations Branch Office is designed to be used by a branch office location connected into an existing primary Domino Enterprise server for the purpose of local replication and sending and receiving email and other Lotus Domino features. It is assumed that you already have a configured Domino Enterprise server capable of interacting with secondary Domino servers and that you have full administrative access to the infrastructure that you are working with. It must be used as a ″spoke″ within an existing Lotus Domino Enterprise server ″hub and spoke″ infrastructure Enzo Stanzione
  25. 25. Branch Office Definition (...follows) It must connect into a hub that is a Lotus Domino Enterprise server or IBM Lotus Domino Messaging Server It can be used with up to 500 users The Lotus Foundations Branch Office server cannot be clustered Enzo Stanzione
  26. 26. Branch Office Installation: how we have to do Install Lotus Foundations Core and after Lotus Foundations Branch Office 1.1.0a Copy to / local / notesdata the file server ID, generated by the Domino Enterprise Server Enable remote configuration of a Domino server and make the first setup as additional server After the configuration, administration is done using the Domino Administrator from the server that we can consider the Primary Enzo Stanzione
  27. 27. Reach Server 1.0.0a To know Resolve problems and questions through clear, high-quality communications Access distributed teams in real time Communicate quickly with anybody on the network Work with others as if they are in the same room Offer access to expertise and knowledge throughout the organization Provide all of this within a security-rich system that can help minimize risk Enzo Stanzione
  28. 28. Reach Server 1.0.0a Integrated services Lotus Foundations Reach Server è un servizio nativo che permette di avere i seguenti servizi di comunicazione : • Company-wide instant messaging and presence • Lotus Sametime awareness and chat features on a Microsoft Windows Mobile device, Research in Motion BlackBerry device, Nokia ESeries, or Sony Ericsson mobile device • Rich text, time stamps, spell check and emoticons • Multi-way chat • Built-in VoIP and point-to-point video • Out-of-the-box integration with IBM Lotus Notes • Optional file transfer • Chat histories • Location awareness • Contact list with type-ahead and search • Contact business cards Enzo Stanzione
  29. 29. Reach Server 1.0.0a ...depth It installs like any other applications that run on Lotus Foundations Start. Requires a minimum 2GB of RAM and Lotus Foundations Start 1.1 or higher It consists of two parts: • The server side • The connect client • The client can be distributed stand-alone or integrated into the Lotus Notes Client VOIP systems can integrate with existing (but I have not tried yet!) Enzo Stanzione
  30. 30. Reach Server 1.0.0a WebConfig console : status For Domino Admin! As you can see the server Reach (Domino Sametime server is reachable on port 13520th! Users depend on the configuration of the Foundations Start (Domino) and the creation of groups with ST prefix xxxx is dedicated to internal management. It is subject to servicing standards Domino and is immediately added to IDB Backup. Enzo Stanzione
  31. 31. Reach Server 1.0.0a WebConfig console : Where should configure Enzo Stanzione
  32. 32. Reach Server 1.0.0a WebConfig console : Where should configure Enzo Stanzione
  33. 33. Reach Server 1.0.0a Here's how you can distribute the client St Connect 8.0.2 Fix 1 Enzo Stanzione
  34. 34. Develop and deploy Domino PKG with Toolkit Enzo Stanzione
  35. 35. Develop and deploy Domino PKG with Toolkit Enzo Stanzione
  36. 36. Develop and deploy Domino PKG with Toolkit Enzo Stanzione
  37. 37. Tips & Tricks Customers told us they have problems with Lotus Foundation, but in the end the fault was theirs. Here are some "false" anomalies! 1 Slowness in transferring files from LF to MAC and vice versa. 2 Crash IMAP service (Domino IF5 solved it!). 3 TimeZone and update time. 4 Problems downloading mail from external POP3. 5 Interpretation of logs and where they are. Enzo Stanzione
  38. 38. Public resources (others?) (IBM) (IBM) (IBM online Support) (IBM) (IBM) (IBM) (IBM) (IBM) My Blog Enzo Stanzione
  39. 39. Lotus Foundations Support : they are really fast and accurate in their responses (latency support 4 / 6 hours, and there's time zone) Michele Peschechera : my colleague who followed me in this adventure and that is my support "technical heavy" testing and study of the product. Xerum Srl : my company that believes in the product and continues to bring in the market Lotus Foundations. Enzo Stanzione
  40. 40. Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsor Enzo Stanzione
  41. 41. Enzo Stanzione