Countable and uncountable nouns 2


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Countable and uncountable nouns 2

  1. 1. Countable andUncountab le NounsIan Rizki R amadhan 2411100023Dahry Yuniar Ak bar 2411100107
  2. 2. Countable Noun0 Countable nouns can be : 0 Singular 0 Plural
  3. 3. Countable noun - Singular0 In a few sentence, when a countable noun is singular, we must use a word like a/the/my/this with it, for example: 0 I want an orange. 0 Where is my bottle?0 Countable noun - singular common tobe followed : is (s.present t.) and was (s.past t.), for example : 0 Cholis is happy.0 Cholis is a singular / single (there is only one noun that is Cholis), therefore its use is tobe. 0 Coco was sick yesterday.0 Form of the sentence we know it is past tense because the pain seized yesterday (already happening). And the noun that is Coco, just no one, then it is tobe was.
  4. 4. Countable noun - Plural0 When a countable noun is plural, we can use it alone: 0 I like oranges. 0 Bottles can break.0 We can use some and any with countable nouns: 0 Ive got some dollars. 0 Have you got any pens?0 We can use a few and many with countable nouns: 0 Ive got a few dollars. 0 I havent got many pens. • Countable noun – Plural common tobe followed: are (if simple present tense), and were (if the past tense), for example : 0 Those cars are very expensive. 0 Those cars (the cars) is the plural (the cars, more than 1), therefore its use are tobe • The former presidents of Indonesia were Soekarno, Soeharto, B.J Habibie, Gus Dur, and Megawati. • The noun is more than 1 (ex-holders of the presidency in Indonesia), and served in the past tense sentence, so its tobe is were
  5. 5. Uncountable noun0 Uncountable nouns are substances, concepts etc that we cannot divide into separate elements. We cannot "count" them. We usually treat uncountable nouns as singular.
  6. 6. Uncountable noun – Singular0 Singular 0 Can not be used in the plural. He is considered to have a single form only. So tobe used in the sentence are "is" (present) and "was" (past). For example : 0 This news is very important. 0 Your luggage looks heavy.0 We do not usually use the indefinite article a/an with uncountable nouns. We cannot say "an information" or "a music". But we can say a something of: 0 a piece of news 0 a bottle of water 0 a grain of rice
  7. 7. Uncountable noun – Singular• Uncountable noun followed by the numerator as much (negative / interrogative), all, a lot, some, any, a plenty of. For example :0 Ive got some money.0 Have you got any rice?0 Ive got a little money.0 I havent got much rice.
  8. 8. Uncountable noun – Singular0 Abstract nouns, (abstract noun) is always in the category of uncountable noun. For example: information, news, intelligence, knowledege, energy, etc.0 Natural phenomena also come into uncountable noun. For example: weather, rain, etc.0 All kinds of liquids, gases and solids are also in the category of uncountable noun: blood, water, oil, etc.0 All fields of science also entered into the uncountable noun: english, chemistry, etc.
  9. 9. The different0 How many artinya berapa banyak. Ia digunakan untuk menanyakan CN.0 How much artinya berapa banyak. Ia digunakan untuk menanyakan UN0 Some artinya beberapa, cenderung digunakan dalam kalimat positif/pernyataan0 A few, artinya sedikit, digunakan untuk kalimat positif/pernyataan (CN/UN)0 A little, artinya sedikit, digunakan untuk kalimat positif/pernyataan (UN)0 Any, artinya tak satupun. Ia digunakan dalam kalimat negatif/penyangkal (I dont have any)
  10. 10. Nouns that can be Countable and UncountableSometimes, the same noun can be countable and uncountable, often with a change of meaning. Countable Uncountable There are two lights in our bedroom. light Close the curtain. Theres too much light! Shhhhh! I thought I heard a noise. There are so many different noises in the noise Its difficult to work when there is too much noise. city. Have you got a paper to read? (newspaper) paper I want to draw a picture. Have you got some paper? Hand me those student papers. Our house has seven rooms. room Is there room for me to sit here? We had a great time at the party. time Have you got time for a coffee? How many times have I told you no? Macbeth is one of Shakespeares greatest work I have no money. I need work works.
  11. 11. Thank you 0 Any question?
  12. 12. Test0 Countable and Uncountable Noun
  13. 13. 0 Decide whether these nouns are CN or UN 0 How much coffee do you drink? 0 How many newspapers do you read everyday? 0 There are some people in this room. 0 There isn’t any money in my wallet. 0 I’d like some cup of tea right now. 0 Complete the following sentence (much, any, many etc) 7. They had only a packets biscuits, so they didn’t have … 8. They had some chocolate, but they didn’t have… 9. They had some meat, but they didn’t have… 10. Did they have some/any milk ? No, they didn’t have … (milk) 11. How … Rupiahs have you got?
  14. 14. Time’s up
  15. 15. Answer 12.UN3.CN4.CN5.UN6.CNAnswer 21. Any9.Much10.Much11.Any12.Many
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