Landscape Case Study


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This is a Case Study done on Landscapers and How good of a job we (eLocal Listing ) did to get them listed and ranked.

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Landscape Case Study

  1. 1. “20% of all searches on Google We Love Watching our Customers’ Business Grow! are with Local Intent.” Savvy businesses understand the importance of including Internet Don’t miss out on millions of Local Marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy, but internet Searches made on Google every marketing can be confusing and expensive. eLocal Listing makes month for the landscaping industry. Internet Marketing easy, affordable, and effective. The Marketing “Landscape” Smart business owners should include The landscape industry is no different, because of the seasonal Internet Marketing as part of their nature of the industry in many areas, landscapers, gardeners, marketing and advertising strategies. landscape design firms, and nurseries must be positioned toward the top of Search Results like Google, Yahoo!, & MicroSoft’s Newspapers and local publications are still an affordable way to reach customers. Facts: Paid Search, known as Pay-Per-Click is a  Google dominates U.S. Internet Searches in April 2010 viable option for small business owners, but it is time consuming and expensive with 64.4%, Yahoo! at 17.7% and MicroSoft Corp 11.8% at to compete with more well known April, to 64.4%. (That is over 93.9%) brands.  Every day more and more customers are using Search Engines (not the phone book) to find landscapers. Submitting your business to Google’s  Google reports that over 3 million local searches are Local Business Center,, and Yahoo! Local are great ways to help your conducted for landscaping related keywords each month. business get found. And it is free.  If a potential customer searches on Google, Yahoo!, or and doesn’t find a business, they are losing that Posting free ads in Craigslist and Kudzu business forever. are also an important part of a business’ online strategy. Updating on a monthly  Working with an Internet Marketing company can get basis helps with top positioning. businesses to the top of major search engines. Take part in Social Media by participating in industry blogs, creating a Facebook fan page, and setting up a twitter account. All of these are free and gets the word out about your business. Include Natural/Organic Results as part of your overall Internet Marketing Strategy. The facts speak for themselves.  76.7% of Google users use the natural Statistics are based on Google AdWords Analytics search links (organic, unpaid listings).  Top 10 positions receive 78% more traffic than those in positions 11-30.  93% of all internet traffic is generated from internet search engines.  97% of them never look beyond the top three results. Souce: hitwise eLocal Listing is the leading provider of Internet Marketing Solutions
  2. 2. Gardening eLocal Listing’s gardening category provides small businesses focusing on gardening and lawn maintenance a chance to compete on the front page of Google® and Yahoo!™ Total Service Gardening is one great example of how eLocal Listing can help gardeners and lawn maintenance companies grow their businesses. Total Service Gardening signed up with eLocal Listing on St Patrick’s Day 2010 for a Found Fast 3 City Package. Located in Hemet, CA and servicing San Jacinto and Valle Vista, CA, Grant was looking for an affordable & Effective Internet Marketing Product that would drive calls to his business, especially during the peak lawn maintenance season. Google Results for Total Service Gardening As a smart business owner, Grant understood that being found on Google® and Yahoo!™ were essential to growing his business, but he didn’t have a website and wasn’t sure he wanted to make the investment in developing one at this time. eLocal Listing’s Found Fast technology was a perfect fit in helping this family owned business get found online. Since signing up with eLocal Listing, Total Service Gardening has received several calls which have turned into sales and has first page ranking on Google® and 80% on Yahoo!™ and®. Google Organic Results for Total Service Gardening Gardener in Hemet, CA 3rd Lawn Mowing in Valle Vista, CA 1st Lawn Care in Hemet, CA 1st Lawn Services in Valle Vista, CA 1st Lawn Maintenance in Hemet, CA 1st Lawn Mowing in Hemet, CA 1st Gardener in San Jacinto, CA 3rd Lawn Care in San Jacinto, CA 1st Lawn Care in Valle Vista, CA 1st Lawn Maintenance in San Jacinto, CA 1st Lawn Maintenance in Valle Vista, CA 1st Lawn Mowing in San Jacinto, CA
  3. 3. Landscaping The category of landscaping is quite diverse and so are our customers, but they all have one thing in common, their business is growing with eLocal Listing. Landscaper in Sicklerville, NJ My Lawn Care Company signed up in late November for a Found Fast 5 City Package under the Landscaper category. Robert Bailey of My Lawn Care has over 15 years of experience serving Southern New Jersey. He focuses on lawn service, lawn maintenance, and landscape design. The calls started coming in shortly after. Google Results for My Lawn Care Company My Lawn Care has earned a great reputation as the area’s premier lawn maintenance company and has had great exposure from word of mouth, but he knew he needed help getting the word out to compete with similar companies in his area. He turned to Internet Marketing to compliment his great reputation and traditional advertising efforts. While he is proud of his website, it just wasn’t being found online for the most widely searched key phrases; in fact it was only showing up if a customer already knew his name. To reach new customers he turned to eLocal Listing to get the word out and to help maintain his lawn maintenance company and the results have been great. He not only gets calls, but receives clicks to his own site from his eLocal Listing profile pages. Google Organic Results for Total Service Gardening Landscaper in Sicklerville, NJ 3rd Yard Care in Frankenville, NJ 1st Lawn Care in Sicklerville, NJ 3rd Landscaper in Jewell, MD 6th Landscaping Company in Sicklerville, NJ 1st Lawn Care in Jewell, MD 3rd Landscaper in Frankinville, NJ 1st Yard Care in Jewell, MD 1st Lawn Care in Frankinville, NJ 1st Lawn Care Company in Jewell, MD 1st
  4. 4. Greenhouses and Nurseries The volume of search volumes may have seasonal peaks for green house or nursery, but one thing is certain, if customers search online for a local nursery, those businesses that are found toward the top grow their businesses. Greenhouse and Nurseries take advantage of the more than 400,000 searches for nursery related businesses on line with an Internet Marketing campaign by eLocal Listing. Google Trending for green house and nursery related key terms Google trending tools demonstrate slight peaks and valleys based upon seasonal key terms. While the trending is fairly flat nationwide, various regions will see a much higher fluctuation. Regardless of the season, garden centers benefit from being found at the top of Search Engines where potential customers are searching.
  5. 5. Wilmot Nursery in Lake Ariel, PA Wilmot Nursery of Lake Ariel, PA signed up with eLocal Listing for a Found Fast 3 City Package under the nursery and greenhouse category. Wilmot nursery is the area’s largest nursery. Wilmot Nursery has a website and has experimented with Google AdWords, but it was time consuming. Google Results for Wilmot Nursery After talking with Tony, Wilmot Nursery understood the importance of including Natural/Organic Results as part of their Internet Marketing Strategy and to take advantage of the spring season and the demand for plants, trees, mulch, and other products that they offered. Located in Lake Ariel, PA with a population of 16,508 people, Wilmot Nursery wanted to extend their reach out to the towns of Green Town and Tafton, PA. eLocal Listing’s Found Fast Multi-City Package was a perfect fit. In the first two weeks of signing up, Wilmot Nursery received over 10 calls and 12 clicks to their website from our Profile Pages. Now, while we can’t claim that all of our customers receive such great results so quickly, we can proudly say that Wilmot Nursery is on the front page of Google for 100% of their Search Queries. Google Organic Results for Wilmot Nursery Greenhouses in Lake Ariel, PA 3rd Greenhouse in Green Town, PA 1st Nurseries in Lake Ariel, PA 1st Garden Center in Green Town, PA 3rd Trees in Lake Ariel, PA 1st Greenhouses in Tafton, PA 1st Nursery Plants in Lake Ariel, PA 1st Nursery Plants in Tafton, PA 1st Nursery in Green Town, PA 1st Shrubs in Tafton, PA 4th