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TargetWeight pro

  1. 1. POST BETA / PRE-RELEASE EXCLUSIVE TargetWeight Pro Executive Health Tracking SystemHealth & Features General OverviewNovember 16th 2011
  2. 2. About Tactio Software•  Focused on Mobile Health Software Systems –  Based  in  Montreal,  Canada   –  Healthy,  Ac5ve  and  Family  focused  culture   –  Unique  blend  of  profound  exper5se  in  so@ware  development,  systems  engineering,  test  &   diagnos5cs,  mobile  health  design  and  digital  media  management  •  Our mission is to build Web Apps & iPhone Apps that provide mobile health related services, enabling mass customization of lifestyle changes•  All Tactio iPhone Apps are based on Tactio AppObjects, a library of features required for health measurements, tracking, charting and secured storage•  Projects are performed with selected partners such as pharmacists, doctors, mobile service providers and manufacturers of “mHealth monitoring devices” such as Wifi body weight scales, Bluetooth & ANT+ blood pressure monitors, Step Counters and so forth
  3. 3. About TargetWeight PRO•  Built from TargetWeight System (App, Online Backup, eHealth Connectivity) –  World’s  best  iPhone  Weight  Tracker  over  1,600,000  users  /  Top  50  in  50  countries  •  Executive Health Tracking –  Tracks  Weight,  Body  Fat,  Waist,  BMI,  Blood  Pressure,  Res5ng  Pulse,  Cholesterol  and  Fas5ng  Glucose  •  Activity Tracking –  Tracks  Daily  Steps,  Workouts  and  Ac5ve  Minutes  •  Targets and Plans –  Sets  Target  Weight  and  Date,  Provides  Nutri5on  Plan  and  Ac5ve  Lifestyle  Plan  •  Health Dashboard with Risk Assessments –  Provides  Healthy  Lifestyle  Color  Coded  Dashboard  with  Cardiac,  Type  2  Diabetes  and  Metabolic  Syndrome  Risks  •  No Data Entry –  Allows  for  Manual  Data  Entry  or  Electronic  from  a  wide  variety  of  supported  devices  •  Health Autopilot Service –  Centralized  server  system  verifies  data  and  profile  and  sends  health  best  prac5ce  reminders  •  Other features –  Mul5-­‐user  (8  max),  Mul5-­‐lingual  (English  only  at  launch),  and  CDC/WHO  data  and  formulas  for  children  3+,  Teens  13+   and  Adults  20  to  75  
  4. 4. Launch it… … and create your lifestyle profile
  5. 5. Effortlessupgrade fromTargetWeightfor AdultsOnline Backup
  7. 7. “My Health” Dashboard Set Weight andProfile Picture! Date to startDefault, BMI colored, or anything you like! Target Weight! Tracking! Health Key! Indicators! Timely Lifestyle! Guidelines! Health Risks!
  8. 8. Body Weight Enter data or go live with eHealth TactioReady devices!Height and Weight! with each their! Percentiles! Waist Size &! Body Fat %! Body Mass! Index! Weight & Target! Weight! Color coded! Chart!
  9. 9. Blood Pressure Systolic /! Diastolic! & Resting ! Heart Rate! Average Mean!Arterial Pressure! Blood Pressure! ! Color coded! Chart!
  10. 10. Cholesterol LDL / HDL! Bad / Good! Cholesterol!Triglycerides!& Glucose! Total! Cholesterol! Tracking! Chart!
  11. 11. Electronic Health NO DATA ENTRY Activity Monitors! Body Scales!Blood Pressure!
  12. 12. Tactio Smart Menu!Now…LET’S LOOK AT SOMEGLOBAL FEATURES
  13. 13. Multimedia Health Notes Tactio! Smart Menu! Add Text! Photo &!Audio Notes! Health Journal!
  14. 14. Data History Editing Tactio! Smart Menu!Health Data!History!Editors!Add/Delete/!Modify!
  15. 15. Multi-User Accounts Tactio! Smart Menu!User Selection!
  16. 16. Share by Email, Twitter & FB Tactio! Smart Menu!Share by Email! Share to Preset! User Specific! Health! Professionals!Socialize data!with friends &!followers!
  17. 17. Tactio Lifestyle Indicators!Few pointers on more cool features…THERE IS STILL LOTS THATYOU WILL DISCOVER…
  18. 18. Nutrition Plan Metabolic Rate! & Daily Calorie! + Target! Guidelines! Nutrition! Guidelines! Distributed! by Day and! by Meal!Add Notes to Calorie Search!your journal! online!
  19. 19. Active Lifestyle Plan Daily Steps &! Workout! Plan!Activity Tracking! Win Bronze, Silver-  Daily Steps! and Gold Medals!-  Active Minutes!-  Workouts (Cal)!
  20. 20. Major Health RisksFramingham! Diabetes! Metabolic!10-Yr Cardiac Risk! Type 2 Risk! Syndrome!
  21. 21. Tracking Charts & STATS STATS Various stats are computed for the zoomed period to help you understand Each dot is BMI Colored where you stand and where you are going TRACKING CHART When the Charts are touched in the Weight or Blood Pressure pages, a large tracking chart appears in landscape. It can be zoomed to show the desired focus period.
  22. 22. Tactio DualTouch ButtonsLifeSaver Add NewChart Zone Data Zone
  23. 23. •  iPad Version•  Additional eHealth Devices Support•  Lots of goodies and new features as you expect from TactioCOMING SHORTLY AFTER…
  24. 24. This is only the initial release,how far do you want to make theself tracking health journey withTactio?LET’S GET HEALTHY, LIVEACTIVE LONG AND HAPPY!
  25. 25.