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POUND Advice for Weight Loss!


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The lecture of Drs. Cady and Gabhart, presented at the Evansville Public LIbrary on both common-sensical as well as more endocrinological refined methods for achieving weight loss.

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POUND Advice for Weight Loss!

  1. 1. POUND Advice for weight loss!With Dr. Louis B. Cady, MD – Founder, CEO – Cady WellnessInstitute & Dr. W. Whitney Gabhart, Naturopathic Doctor
  2. 2. “There are two objects of medical education: to healthe sick and to advance the science.”- Dr. Charles H. Mayo, MD “The glory of medicine is that it is always moving forward, that there is always more to learn.” H -2 - Dr. William J. Mayo
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Here it is again… :)
  5. 5. My portion• What are the stats?• How does this eating and insulin thing work?• Is the problem “all in your glands”?• What have the Feds said and why are their recommendations so stupid?• What’s a rational way to eat (with references)
  6. 6. Current stats on obesity National Center for Health Statistics
  7. 7. “F as in Fat – How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2012” – Robert Wood Johnson foundation Current and future IN obesity rates:2011 – 25 %2030 –49.5%(if BMI reduced5%)2030 – 56%
  8. 8. The Doc Cady “Candy Bar a Day” Weight Loss Program• 1 lb. of fat = 3,500 kcal (“calories”)• 3,500 / 7 = 500 calories per day – You need to not eat’em, or burn’em • Starving yourself slows your metabolism down, and you lose muscle mass – Therefore: reduce 250 calories; burn 250 calories• 250 calories = no candy bar, or “NO” to 1 & ½ Cokes• 250 calories = ½ - ¾ hour on treadmill• NET = 500 calories per day, or 1 lb. lost per week
  9. 9. One problem…• It doesn’t work!• TBL: It’s the INSULIN RESPONSE• RX: EAT LESS CARBS AND SUGAR!!!
  10. 10. Glycemic index• A measure of how fast a carbohydrate triggers a rise in circulating blood sugar.• The higher the number, the greater the blood sugar response.
  11. 11. The Old FDA Food pyramid – R.I.P 2005
  12. 12. W. Wheat Rice Big Mac, Ice cream;Toast, OJ, cakes, Fries, Shake Coke & chips coffee coffee H - 12
  13. 13. Doc Cady “Candy Bar a Day” program FLAWS:• Not all calories from food do the same thing to your body: – Removing 250 cal of sweet potatoes is not the same as removing 250 calories from candy bar.• Doesn’t account for thyroid or thyroid resistance.• This program only focuses on WEIGHT LOSS, and not OPTIMUM HEALTH H - 13
  14. 14. The horrifying facts about the foods you eat! (food) (glycemic index) Glucose 100 Table sugar (sucrose) 64 Tofutti 115 French bread 95 Instant rice 90 Baked potato 85 Rice cakes!!/ (jelly beans) 77!! / (80) Cheerios 74 Spaghetti, white 41 Spaghetti, protein 27 H - 14 enriched
  15. 15. June 1, 2011
  16. 16. “Pyramid Power” Grains and Starches (Use in Moderation) Monounsaturated Fat Low-fat Protein Fruits VegetablesZone Food Pyramid USDA Food Pyramid
  17. 17. Benefits of low-glycemic eating H - 19
  18. 18. Selenium, the Thyroid, and You • “T3” is the ACTIVE form of thyroid • Conversion of T4 to T3 is selenium dependent • LP Nano has 200% of RDA of Se+ selenium 
  19. 19. Se+ “the foot soldier”
  20. 20. WRUFT? with Dr. G
  21. 21. Why Are You Fat? I weighed 450 pounds! Why? Why do you weigh 5, 10 100pounds over your best weight?
  22. 22. What does 450 pounds look like?
  23. 23. Pants at 380 pounds
  25. 25. 2 Very Common Causes of Fat Gain• Hyperinsulinisn; “Metabolic Syndrome”
  26. 26. 2 Very Common Causes of Fat Gain• Estrogen and Progesterone imbalances
  27. 27. Foundational Hormone AxisThe Bermuda Triangle of Fat And Fatigue!
  28. 28. Adrenals?
  29. 29. ADRENALSCommon Symptoms of Adrenal Dysfunction Weight gain, especially in waist hips and thighs ( cortisol response) Crave sugar/starch and sometimes salt Fatigue Low blood pressure which may becomes elevated in middle age Allergies Exercise does not promote weight loss . . . And may even gain! Low blood sugar usually after lunch ( the low energy/sleepy drop) Muscle loss and flab even with exercise Wakes up every few hours at night Is more hungry during the day if eats breakfast Low or no libido!
  30. 30. SEX STEROIDSESTRADIOL Improves insulin sensitivity ( less cortisol, less fat storage) Improves muscle mass, strength, and metabolism Better muscle mass = increased metabolic rate, and you burn more calories Increased serotonin function which decreases cravings and desires for comfort foods Inhibits MAO enzyme activity, which prolongs activity of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine and helps to decrease appetite Restores normal sleep stages, which lowers cortisol, increases GH (growth hormone), and improves nighttime muscle repair More?
  31. 31. Other Symptoms Of Estradiol Imbalances Weight gain Insomnia Hot flushes or flashes Night sweats Memory, communication, and attention span loss, brain “fog”, depression, and/or anxiety to panic attacks Mood swings Aches and pain Incontinence Digestive disturbances Sensory function loss Ageing skin . . . thinning, wrinkles, sagging
  32. 32. Sex Steroid- Progesterone Has a calming effect, acting like a benzodiazapene to the brain Enhances mood Regulates fluid balance, sodium mineral balance Balances blood sugar Necessary for fertility Increases energy and libido Helps relieve menopausal symptoms Decreases risk of endomettrial cancer and may help protect against breast cancer, fibrocystic breasts, and osteoporosis
  33. 33. Key? Labs example:As an educational consultant to licensed MD’s, these are the labs I recommend: For Adrenal /Hyperinsulinism: 3hr GTT with concomitant insulin blood draws fasting draw for glucose, insulin and cortisol 1hr draw for glucose and insulin 2hr draw for glucose and insulin 3hr draw for glucose, insulin and cortisol
  34. 34. Why ARE YOU FAT?• 2 out of the top10 reasons why you are fat; Sex Steroids and Metabolic Syndrome.• More? – Food Allergies – Viruses (EBV, Herpes and CMV) – Stress (emotional and/or physical) – Leptin Resistance – Sleep disorders – (Bad dietary choices!!)
  35. 35. Staff help monitor my food intake!
  36. 36. Get Help!(whatever it takes)
  37. 37. Whitney Gabhart, ND Weight, Hormone and Anti-Aging Specialist• (programs) • • 812.429.0772 (appointments)
  38. 38. Wrapping up Antioxidants and vitaminsupplementation to facilitate weight loss
  39. 39. Personal collection Louis B. Cady, M.D.
  40. 40. Contact information: Louis B. Cady, M.D. Office: 812-429-0772 E-mail: 4727 Rosebud Lane – Suite F Interstate Office Park Newburgh, IN 47630 (USA) Download fromiTunes or Android App stores now!