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Published on is the of health and fitness data.
Fitoop not only aggregates, and analyzes your data, but also provides you with custom suggestions on how to be a healthier and happier you.

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  • BI Research estimates that the total number of wearable devices with fitness and wellness applications will grow from 16.2 million in 2011 to 93 million in 2017; it also predicts that revenue from sports and wellness mobile apps will rise from $123 million in 2010 to $341 million in 2016.…closed a $43 million funding round….Withings brought in $30 million in new funding …MyFitnessPal just raised $18 million in funding from Kleiner Perkins and Accel Partners. App Graph: Graph:
  • Others not mentioned – Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, Nike, Jawbone
  • The team
  • Fitoop Pitch Deck

    1. 1. The of health and fitness data.
    2. 2. Source:
    3. 3. Athletic Performance Blood Sugar IBGStar GlucoDock Glooko Logbook Glucose Buddy Diabetes Buddy Ontrack Diabetes Glucool Weight Loss Strava MapMyRun RunKeeper TrainingPeaks Garmin Polar Timex Nike+ SYNC Adidas MiCoach Withings Fitbit Blipcare My Fitness Pal Stress Posture Lumoback Mental Acuity Tinke Stress Check Stress Tracker MyStressKit Withings Blipcare iHealth Lumosity Emotiv Inssight Neurosky Mindwave Sleep General Activity Withings Basis Fitbit Misfit Jawbone SYNC Nike+ SparkPeople Phyode Adidas Blood Pressure Withings Fitbit Jawbone Basis Beddit BodyMedia Mental Health Moodometer Finding Optimism Signal Patterns Calorie Counting Bodymedia MyFitnessPal LoseIT! Calorie Counter DailyBurn MealSnap
    4. 4. Nearly all of these record data to different places.
    5. 5. Apps Fitoop solves this fragmentation by pulling all of the data from the various devices and applications. Devices Manual Data We then normalize it to produce analysis and suggestions that make it relevant to the user. Health Blood Sugar Sleep Blood Pressure Fitness Weight Loss Calorie Counting Posture Happiness Mental Health Mental Acuity Stress Activity General Activity Athletic Performance
    6. 6. Fitoop’s correlation engine finds complex statistical relationships between all of the different variables that users are tracking
    7. 7. Data-driven suggestions help the user not just track goals and progress but also get custom guidance on how to improve their overall health.
    8. 8. Target Customer: Someone who uses more than one health/fitness app or device. Approximate Users: • • • • • • • • MyFitnessPal > 1,000,000 Strava: >1,000,000 Lose It: >350,000 Fitbit: >100,000 RunKeeper: 100,000 Endomondo: 100,000 Nike+: 80,000 MapMyRun: 75,000
    9. 9. Focus End User Researchers Quantified Self Quantified Self Displaying Fitbit data Displaying Withings data Founded 2013 2012 2012 2012 2008 2008 Revenue Model Suggestion / Affiliate Researchers pay for data Freemium Freemium Freemium + Device Device (Mobile late 2013) Web iPhone only Web Web, Mobile Web, Mobile Syncs with all major apps Yes – ongoing Fitbit only Yes Yes – ongoing Yes Yes Manual Data Types R T T T T T Statistical Correlation R T R T T T Suggestions & Insights R T T T T T Platform Web
    10. 10. 1200 45 Signups Unique Visitors Traction Confirmed Pageviews Facebook Likes 1000 • Live for Less Than a Quarter • First traffic recorded 8/26/2013 • Prelaunch only until Oct 1 • Confirmed 30 beta users in October • Signups growing quickly without significant word of mouth 40 35 800 30 25 600 20 • Traffic Growth • Blog entries getting good reach • Started on Facebook on October 5 – 400 likes in first month • Engagement For Logged In Users • 65% stay longer than 5 minutes • 77% visit at least 5 pages • 94% return at least every 2 days 400 15 10 200 5 0 0 1-Sep 8-Sep 15-Sep 22-Sep 29-Sep 6-Oct 13-Oct 20-Oct 27-Oct 3-Nov
    11. 11. Michael Murray Kati Rodzon Technology Behavior / Stats / Marketing • Experienced technology entrepreneur who co-founded MAD Security / The Hacker Academy and lead it to $25M total revenue in first 3 years • Renowned speaker • Type II Diabetic who used data to control his disease • Triathlete, runner and cyclist • Kati drives the statistical methods of Fitoop • ABD Ph.D in Psychology • Masters in Psychology focused on statistics • Celiac who used data to diagnose her disease • Runner, Roller Derby girl and yoga teacher
    12. 12. Get in touch with us: Email: Twitter: @fit00p Facebook: fitoop