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  • 1. Creating Your First Site Planning and Managing Your Business Web Site BA 65
  • 2. Getting Started
    • Web site - a series of documents that are all linked together and placed in a folder that is located on a server that is attached to the Internet.
    • HTML - Formatting behind the scenes that makes a simple text file into a web page
    • File Management - Must become your friend!
  • 3. More on HTML
    • H yper T ext M arkup L anguage - tags tell the web browser how to display the page.
    • HTML is not rocket science - Notepad to Dreamweaver
    • Know the tool and the code
  • 4. Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
    • Stage One: You usually start off with on “online brochure” site. This site consists of static pages that explain your business.
    • Stage Two: You add ecommerce features. In this stage, your customers can research your business and its offerings and conduct business with you over the internet
    • Stage Three: You allow customers to engage with your site on a personal level. Perhaps you customize their browsing experience. Or you offer membership features that foster a sense of community.
  • 5. Online Brochure Sites
    • Every piece of information customers need to help them decide to hire you.
    • Benefits and FAQ’s
    • Testimonials
    • Articles, Special Reports
    • Persuade your potential clients to contact you.
    • Personal rapport
  • 6. Online Brochure Sites - cont…
    • Professional - attorney, tax preparer
    • Personal - babysitter, day care, pet sitters
    • Therapeutic - massage, doctors, dentist
    • Coaching/Teaching - voice, music, dance, business
    • Repair/Maintenance - house cleaner, plumber, painter, piano tuner
  • 7. Web Site Design
    • Personal taste
    • Tidy!
    • Design Goals
    • Site is functional
    • 10 Seconds!
    • Avoid designing as you go
  • 8. Preliminary Research
    • Let’s surf! - Take a walk in your customer’s shoes
      • What catches your eye first?
      • What makes the site appealing?
      • Why is that site ugly?
      • Why is the site easy to use?
      • Why is that site impossible to figure out?
      • Is it easy to find what you want to purchase?
      • Is the shopping cart easy to use?
  • 9. Design Goals
    • Ultimate mission is to convince someone to purchase your product or engage your services.
    • Mission Statement - Overall point of site?
    • Everything on site should support mission
  • 10. Avoid the Tangled Web
    • You are the Weaver!
    • Write down and organize all of the information you want to include in your site.
    • Main Concepts
    • Title and General Description for every page
  • 11. Avoid the Tangled Web
    • Start with Home Bubble
    • Draw a bubble for each category
    • Draw a bubble for subcategories if you have them
    • Draw your bubble pages and connect to category
  • 12. Understanding Your Bubble Diagram
    • Graphical representation of your site - Map
    • Home page should introduce entire site
    • Home page is most general
    • Categories and subcategories deal with different aspects of what you sell
    • Subcategories build on general information in Category pages
    • Category pages will introduce and summarize subcategory pages