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A collection of websites I have found that are hopefully useful to eInstructon users, and to others as well.

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Useful web sites 2012

  1. 1. Useful websites-Updated July 26, 2012Here is a list of web pages I have found with useful resources for instructors,especially if you have an Interactive Whiteboard, A CPS kit, or a CPSChalkboard or Mobi (wireless tablet). Or even if you don’t!I began compiling this list back in 2007. I have just updated it and added somenew files and links. I tried to go back and check the links to make sure they still“work”, but if you find a broken one, please let me know.And while most of these files are “K-12 centric” I think there are files useful toalmost anyone here, who teaches , trains, or presents, and that includes thosethat aren’t currently using an eInstruction productThese websites have CPS databases you can download. Most of these arek-12 files, but do serve as examples you can ‘deconstruct” if you like.Several include complete lesson plans lesson for grades 2, 3, 4, and 6, 7 and 8 grade math lesson site has 7th grade language arts CPS lessons.CPS databases download in .cps format. Each is a separate database. You canalso use CPS to import a signal lesson from another CPS database to yours.The databases, although they may have been created with an older version ofCPS, will import into the latest version.
  2. 2. There are quite a few lessons and some good tutorials here :, Second and Third grade CPS Lessons : Lessons : CPS Lessons : Lessons : site is part of the official eInstruction site. I mention it here because it isseveral “layers” down and folks have tended to overlook it. are “samplers” of the Learning Series. eInstruction offers a “for sale”version of these test banks. These are samples that come in the various versionsthat are offered1-Topic Aligned2-Core Curriculum Aligned3-Versions aligned for various State standards.eInstruction has versions for MOST of the states. They are working on the rest. Itapparently take a lot of time to do these standard-aligned versions, so while moststates are covered there are still a few to go.These questions are in Examview format. These can be imported into CPS, used
  3. 3. with Examview, or edited with Examview and “repurposed”The new Insight 360 products from eInstruction include a copy of the LearningSeriesDK Books are well known for their wonderful graphics. A huge selection ofthese is available for free download from this web page. These could beused to illustrate CPS questions, or to import into Powerpoints. UK site. The Birmingham learning grid has all kinds of activities that canbe used with a tablet like the CPS Chalkboard, or an Interactive Whiteboard.Because these are in Great Britain, part of the fun for your students might be thefact that many are narrated in “British English” . just games, but activities like SAT prep words. This could be used with CPSin the “verbal question” mode., not tips on how to be a spy. But there are accurate and up to date maps ofthe world,and every country in the world here. You would hope the CIA keeps upwith this kind of stuff..and they do. site a smorgasbord of free graphics, powerpoint images, clip art andtutorials.
  4. 4. www.fiddlersgreen.netA site selling paper models. Mostly of airplanes but also many buildings. A Greatsource for dioramas. There are several freebies there and lots of info on eachmodel plane and house. Thoreau’s cabin and Emerson’s home are among themodels relevant to English teachers, for example. My college American litprofessor, Dr. Joel Myerson, a world’s expert on Thoreau and Emerson, sharedthis site with his students, and sent me a nice email in return. Each modelincludes a write up about the history of the house or airplane. Everything from aNorman Castle to a model of the World Trade Center can be found here.One could combine the “hands on “ learning for the paper models with the infoand history about each file.In the case of Henry David Thoreau’s cabin at Walden, it even tells what he paidfor nails. I sent this to my college American Lit professor, ( now Emeritus) whojust happens to be a world class expert on Thoreau and Emerson and he lovedit.www.funbrain.comAll kinds of on line learning games and activities. K-12. Free Avalon project is a collection of primary documents found at Yale University.This is a great site for history teachers. collection of Powerpoint games, Grades 4 and 5 on line video tutorials on Powerpoint, Word, Excel and many otherprograms. If you don’t know how to use Powerpoint, this is an easy place to learnwithout RTM( Reading the manual)http://www.sciencecourseware.orgOn line Science activities . High school Level
  5. 5. helping teachers. A website with many useful resources. web site with listing of sites for virtual field trips. animations of how everyday things are made site of a PBS Program, “In Search of Shakespeare” buddy, Dustin Frank, in Kansas has put together a page with links to all kindsof activities that teachers can use with the CPS Chalkboard( Yes, you can usethese with an IWB ( Interactive Whiteboard too! New York Times Classroom Resource Center has lots of useful info ,including quizzes that could be downloaded, printed and used with the “Fastgrade” aspect of CPS.www.Pogueman.comSpeaking of the New York Times, David Pogue and I are old friends. He has anew show coming out in soon on the Discovery Channel. David is the technologycolumnist for the NY Times, and the smartest person I have ever met. You wontfind any lessons or clip art, but if you want to learn about what’s new withtechnology, David is “da man” He also wrote “Classical Music for Dummies” and“Magic for Dummies”(he has a total of 8 “Dummies” books and all the manualsfor the music software , FINALE…Like I said, smart guy. You might find his“Missing manual” books useful. ( I don’t get a commission! ) . He has a newseries that premiered May 18, 2007 on the Discovery Channel : “Its all Geek to
  6. 6. Me”. He has a show about the Elements now as well.He has an informative( and hilarious) set of videos on his NY times web page.Several of David’s “ Its all Geek to Me” videos , and videos on LOTS of topics,Can be found at is a site hosted by the Discovery Channel. While there are videos here onalmost any topic you can imagine, there seems to be a lot of science-related andcomputer-related videos and “how to “ articles.‘Do you have students with Ipods or MP3 players. How bout some free audiobooks for them to use ?Here is a list of the books and stories to be found on this site.I checked and there are now videos here as well. * A Christmas Tale, Charles Dickens (iTunes) * A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens (iTunes) * Aesop’s Fables, Aesop (mp3 download) * Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll (mp3 download) * Andersen’s Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Andersen (mp3 download) * Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche (mp3 download) * Beyond Lies the Wub, Philip K. Dick (iTunes) * Call of the Wild, Jack London (mp3 download) * Candide, Voltaire (mp3 download) * Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer (mp3 download) * Chamber Music, James Joyce (mp3 download) * Collected Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson (iTunes) * Common Sense, Thomas Paine (mp3 download) * Discourse on Method, Rene Descartes (mp3 download) * Dracula, Bram Stoker (Just an fyi, this is not the best reading Ive everheard.) (iTunes) * Emma, Jane Austen (mp3 download)
  7. 7. * Frankenstein, Mary Shelley (rss feed) o Also check out the 1938 radio broadcast that is faithful to Mary Shelleystext. (iTunes) * Free Culture, Lawrence Lessig * Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln (mp3 download) * Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death, Patrick Henry (mp3 download) * Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad (mp3 download) * Kubla Khan & The Pains of Sleep (mp3 download) * Lady Chatterleys Lover, DH Lawrence (mp3 download) * Lancelot, or The Knight of the Cart, Chretien DeTroyes (rss feed) * Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman (mp3 download) * Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving (iTunes) * Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens (mp3 download) * Notes from the Underground, Fyodor Dostoyevsky (mp3 download) * Poetics, Aristotle (mp3 download) * Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen (mp3 download) * Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe (iTunes) * Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare (mp3 download) * Silas Marner, George Eliot (mp3 download) * Shakespeares Sonnets, William Shakespeare (mp3 download) * The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain (mp3 download) * The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle (rss feed) * The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain (mp3 download) * The Art of War, Sun-tzu (mp3 download) * The Cask of Amontillado, Edgar Allan Poe (iTunes) * The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calveras County, Mark Twain (rss feed) * The Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri (mp3 download) * The Dungeon, Samuel Taylor Coleridge (mp3 download) * The History of the Peloponnesian War, Thucydides (mp3 download) * The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving (mp3 download) * The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde (mp3 download) * The Invisible Man, HG Wells (iTunes) * The Lees of Happiness, F. Scott Fitzgerald (rss feed) * The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka (mp3 download) * The New Accelerator, HG Wells (rss feed) * The New Testament (iTunes) * The Prince, Machiavelli (mp3 download) * The Raven, Edgar Allen Poe (mp3 download) * The Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane (mp3 download) * The Republic, Plato (iTunes) * The Social Contract, Jean-Jacques Rousseau (mp3 download) * The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson (mp3download) * The Tell Tale Heart, Edgar Allen Poe (feed) * The Turn of the Screw, Henry James (mp3 download) * The Warden, Anthony Trollope (mp3 download)
  8. 8. * Time Machine, HG Wells (iTunes) * Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson (mp3 download) * Uncle Toms Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe (mp3 download) * Walden, Henry David Thoreau (mp3 download) * War of the Worlds, HG Wells (iTunes)There are also text files accompany most of these audio versions. You might, forexample consider projecting them onto an interactive whiteboard and using thesound files to narrate for your students. You could also use CPS to askquestions about either the text or the sound files. I recently found a cable that willallow my ipod to be plugged into the “sound in “ port on my projector.If you project onto a screen you can use a wireless tablet( like the new Mobi withWorkspace software) and let students highlight a key passage, or ask students tounderline parts of speech( Circle verbs, underline nouns). Being able to hear andsee a passage of text could be very powerful.As I get older, it has also dawned on me I can use a projector and Project bookson a screen. When I acquired an Ipad, I made sure to get the Ipad to RGBadapter so I could hook the Ipad up directly to a projector or my TV! I have anApple TV box too, but that is “hard to travel with” and the direct connection to aprojector has already come in useful , if only to show a Picture of something, likea CPS pad or etc.www.juniorgeneral.orgA website with dozens of military history simulations. The neat thing is you canprint out , on cardboard, the boards games and the soldiers, etc for playing thesesimulation games. The simulations go all the way back to the Battle of Marathonin Ancient Greece and up to the 20th century. You can also find templates forbuilding a medieval castle . And there are lots of links from the simulations towebsites with the actual history of the battle or event. site has links to thousands of public domain clip art and other images.These can be used with an IWB(Interactive Whiteboard) to import into CPSquestions, or with the the CPS Chalkboard, Interwrite Mobi ( or other wirelesstablet) .Here is a table of contents of the images to be found on this site:
  9. 9. * 1 History o 1.1 Historical images o 1.2 Specific periods o 1.3 People * 2 Art o 2.1 Visual arts o 2.2 Music * 3 Logos and flags * 4 Postage stamps * 5 General collections * 6 Computer-generated public domain images * 7 Public domain image meta-resources * 8 Uncategorized links o 8.1 U.S. Government siteswww.amathsdictionaryforkids.comAn interactive math dictionary. No “math” is not mis-spelled. This site is inAustralia, and people who speak British English called it “maths” . site has connections to more things that an average teacher could use thanany other site I have found. It is worth checking out for the Clip Art andPowerpoints alone. have become “Facebook friends” with an outstanding Community Collegeeducator in Arizona, Sue Glascoe. Sue has “blogged” about how she useseInstruction’s products to teach math. To be sure, she blogs about other thingsas well, but she has posted some good info about using eInstruction’s productsto teach math.
  10. 10. site contains a list of Hundreds of sites. Most have free content, while otherare ads for “for sale” products. In checking few of the hundreds of free sites, Ifound many free and useful resourcesThis website has all kinds of games that can be used with either a CPSChalkboard, or an IWB( interactive whiteboard or “smart board” I mentionedSheppard software above. These are social studies activities.This site also has a lot of info about creating whiteboard movies with CamtasiaStudio, as well as much useful info on Examview of topic-organized Powerpoints, all created and share b y teacher canbe found at: is another website I just got from my friend and mentor, Dr. Kemble Oliver are animated maps from world history. These are not “tactical maps”, butrather some very good animated and narrated maps that show the flow andscope of history. Conflict is a key aspect of human history and this site would beideal to use with a wireless table,IWB, or without. website, created by a teachers lists what he thinks are the top 101 websiteswith useful information for teachers. They are broken down by category school district website right here in South Carolina that has a lot of really goodpowerpoints.
  11. 11. Georgia site with templates for LOTS of educational Powerpoint games andother great resources NASA website has all kinds of materials on science education that are freeto download, along with links to many good science education web sites. of NASA, this site is an amazing animation of the International Spacestation. site with dozens, if not hundreds of Powerpoints. This site is wellorganized . There are also Lesson plans to go with many of these Powerpoints! you would like to take a “virtual tour” of an authentic antebellum plantation, thencheck out this page at the Boone Hall website. I have been friends with theMcRae family that owns Boone Hall for many years, and “rode out” HurricaneHugo there in 1989. I have quite a few pictures of Boone Hall in my personalcollection I would be glad to share.Another site for a “virtual field trip” here in SCwww.patriotspoint.orgThe World War II Aircraft Carrier U.S.S Yorktown, CV 10 is the heart of thismemorial here in Mt Pleasant SC. I began , when I was a teacher, bring kidsfrom 80 miles away to visit the ship in the late 70’sThe displays and collectionsboth on the ship and in the complex as a whole have grown over the years. Thewebsite is excellent and has lots of info. And yes, they use CPS for theirhistorical and STEM programs at Patriots Point. And yes, you can do a “real “field trip there.d
  12. 12. This is an amazing photo of President Obama giving his inaugural address. Thissite posts photos that allow you to “zoom” right in and see very small details. Forexample, you can zoom in this photos and see all the dignitaries on the platform.There are more photos on this site as website contains info on a very good historical simulation, the Calm and theStorm, about the events leading up to World War II. You can download the demoversion for free. The full working version is reasonably priced. Also, many usershave written “Mods” ( Modifications) that can be downloaded. Several of theseMods deal with Alternative History: What if Hitler had won? What if there was anuclear war?Great stuff and this program lends itself to use with an Interactive whiteboard orwireless tabletThis program would work especially well with the Mobi, since you can have morethan one Mobi( up to 9) inputting on the same computer at the same time. Soyou could have each “team” or Country with their own Mobi.I modified a board game called “Diplomacy”, akin to “Risk” for use with my 7thgrade social studies classes. It was amazing to see kids, who at the beginning ofthe year didnt know what continent they lived own complaining to me that their“Navy” was the one who had the right to control the Baltic Sea. “Diplomacy” isstill around and at one time there was a web site dedicated to those who play theboard game..some by mail. Or email now, I suppose. site is the brainchild of my friend, Guy Kawasaki. Guy was part of theoriginal Macintosh evangelist team. He has gone on to write “amazingly great”books about a variety of topics. The idea of this website is simple but brilliant:Alltop is an “online magazine rack” of popular topics. We update the storiesevery hour. Pick a topic by searching, news category, or name, and we’ll deliverit to you 24 x 7. All the topics, all the timeSo if you have a special interest like sports or education, you can find a collectionof the latest files here.www.slideshare.netThis is a site where members( it is free to join) can post and share Powerpoints.
  13. 13. It is searchable, so you can find useful Powerpoints there. I have already posteda couple about CPS.www.teacherspayteachers.comThis website allows teachers to post files they have created and either give themaway ( there are 14 Examview test banks , and a few ARE free) or sell them. Amembership is free. There are 2,446 free downloads, including manyPowerpoints on page. maps, ideal for use with a interactive whiteboard or wireless tablet. Sims : is an animated map that shows the growth of the United States over time.This map is free for anyone to use. It is a “teaser” for the other products that thiscompany sells. site has free “quick reference guides for Windows, Microsoft OfficePrograms, and Adobe Programs. These are free , handy “cheat sheets” for thesoftware most people have on their computer.If you have a site you want to share, let me know and I will add to the list.And I also use This site organizes the files I post into eitherpresentations or documents, which makes them easy to find : the way, there are materials of all kinds, on any topic you can name, from
  14. 14. cookbooks to computer books and lots of education related materials on thesesites. You may find information other than that related to eInstruction products.These sites are basically on-line libraries, where anyone can post a document toshare.Finally , I have begun using, and several of my friends and clients have joinedme on .Dropbox allows me to create “sets” of files, so I have put.CPS databases, Workspace files and Examview files there.You can see a menu of the files I have posted to dropbox (and how to join) here: