First half of 2009 Personal report for Dominic Campbell
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My Travels 2009


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A summary of my travels in the first half of 2009

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Transcript of "My Travels 2009"

  1. 1. First half of 2009 Personal report for Dominic Campbell Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Brussels Manchester Berlin Edinburgh Washington Birmingham New York Mar 15 to Mar 16 April 01 Apr 09 to Apr 12 Apr 18 to Apr 20 May 22 to Jun 01 Jun 19 to Jun 20 Wheathampstead 28 to Jul 05 Jun Jun 26 to Jun 28 You took 16 trips, which added up to You spent 43,594 km or 11% of the distance to the moon. 137 44 You mostly coincided with: You have 69 travellers in your network. They travelled a total of 1,409,131 km. In 2008, everyone on Dopplr Barbara travelled a total of 1331.4 million km or 8.9 AU: the approximate distance to Saturn from the Earth as of in Stokesley January 2009. Bill Your personal velocity so far this year was in Stokesley 10.09 km/h, which is about the same as a You spent the longest in Washington. Your carbon for the first half of 2009 butterfly. Christoph The 5 most popular cities in your network are London, in New York Glasgow, San Francisco, Sheffield and New York. Marilyn in Teaneck The furthest distance you travelled was to Washington Garret (5,904 km from London), which is the 8th most popular city on Dopplr. The shortest distance you travelled was 4,867 kg CO2 in Glasgow and London to Wheathampstead (34 km from London). Based on figures from, 1 x Hummer H3 4WD truck produces nearly 10 metric tonnes of CO2 a year. The visualisation above uses this figure to illustrate your carbon from Dopplr as calculated by our friends at and is an approximation only. The city images above sourced from Flickr and are used under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence: Brussels by Spigoo, Lizzie Armistead by johnthescone, we'll meet again by chaosinjune, Penguin Posing by Lord Biro, Pennsylvania Ave - Old Post Office to the Capitol at Night by wyntuition, Selfridges Birmingham by pterjan and News waves by kevindooley.