Wastewater treatment systems


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Wastewater treatment systems

  1. 1. WastewaterTreatment SystemsOil/Water SeparatorsOil/Sand Interceptors Filtration Systems Catch Basins ® Highland Tank
  2. 2. Highland Tank AFamily Business Since 1946, Highland Tank has been on the leading edge of tank technology. Initially, Highland primarily fabricated fuel storage tanks. In 1986, we entered a new era of fabrication with the development of the Highland Tank Oil/Water Separator to meet more stringent environmental regulations to prevent oil spills and water pollution. As our core business of oil/water separator fabrication grew, we expanded our wastewater treatment systems product line to in- clude Oil/Sand Interceptors, Advanced Filtration Sys- tems, and Collection Catch Basins. We put over 20 years of experience into every High- land Oil/Water Separator we build. Our separators are unparalleled in performance, ease of maintenance, structural strength, product compatibility, and corro- sion resistance. With over 12,000 units in commercial operation worldwide, our patented oil/water separa- tors have a proven record of reliability. Highland engineers have designed a functional means of primary separation that meets and surpasses fed- eral, state, and local oil and grease discharge limita- tion requirements. Our separators handle a wide range of oily discharges from oil storage and vehicle maintenance, fueling, and washing areas at petro- leum, transportation, industrial, military, commercial, and municipal facilities. Specifically, our high performance HTC UL-SU2215 ap- proved separators greatly reduce the level of free oil, grease, and oily coated solids down to 10 ppm and re- move free oil droplets down to 20 microns. Highland’s cylindrical or rectangular separators are available in sin- gle and double-walled construction for aboveground, underground, or belowground vaulted installation.2
  3. 3. Seated: Robert E. Jacob, Vincent J. Jacob Standing: Charles A. Frey, Jr.,John W. Jacob, Michael VanLenten, Gregory G. AymongOur family owned and managed busi- Our Mission:ness formed a humble philosophy in ourearly years that continues to hold true: To manufacture andM anufacture a solid product at a com- deliver the highestpetitive price and deliver it on time. Ourhard work and dedication has helped to quality products atdevelop the high quality, dependability, competitive prices,and craftsmanship put into every pro- provide innovative,duct we manufacture. Now in our third engineered solutionsgeneration of family ownership, High- to our clients, andland Tank leads the industry with inno-vative designs, quality materials, superior maintain respectcraftsmanship, and excellent customer for the environment.service. As the nation’s premier oil/waterseparator manufacturer, we continue ourcommitment to our products, employees,and customers. Trust u s t o h e l p y o uf i n d a solution for your wastewatertreatment needs. 3
  4. 4. Highland Tank 2... Our Company 5... Manufacturing Capabilities 6... Saving Our Environment 9... The Steel Advantage 11... Design & Quality 12... Standard Construction 14... Advanced Corrosion Protection 17... Oil/Water Separators 18... How It Works 20... The Corella ® Coalescer 25... Rectangular Oil/Water Separators 28... DSB Separator Systems 31... Oil/Sand Interceptors 34... Solids Stormwater Interceptors 36... Manual Oil Interceptors 38... Collection Catch Basins 40... Advanced Filtration Systems 42... HighCycle Wash Water Recycle Systems 44... Accessories 46... Highland Service 47... Highland Websites4
  5. 5. Manufacturing Capabilities MANHEIM, PA WATERVLIET, NYSTOYSTOWN, PACapability, Capacity, Commitment Building on an unrivalled commit- ment to environmental and qualityHighland Tank has a national standards extending over 60 years, LEBANON, PAdistribution network and six Highland Tank is now the preferredstate-of-the-art fabrication facilities. supplier to many of the UnitedOur production capabilities in the States leading petroleum andindustry are unmatched to meet industrial companies.your storage and wastewatertreatment tank needs. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss yourManufacturing Area: plans for upcoming projects.255,000 total square feet Highland can provide:Lift Capacity: • Comprehensive quotations65 cranes, 485 tons total • AutoCAD drawings • Product specifications GREENSBORO, NCSteel Rolling: for inclusion into yourUp to1-1/4” maximum thickness project specifications.Maximum Physical Fabrication Size: Our professionals in sales,14-0" OD X 100-0" Long engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, and delivery,Product Transportation: as well as our courteous support40 Class 8 tractors, 100 trailers personnel, are equipped to provide you with the highest quality products available. FRIEDENS, PA 5
  6. 6. Saving Our Environment for Future Generations The publics increasing interest in the conservation of the nations water resources has directly affected industries worldwide. Pressure to control harmful oil spills and discharges from industrial facilities has resulted in increasingly more stringent regulations. Industries are now facing costly penalties for noncompliance. Industrial facilities with oil storage and handling activities commonly produce wastewater containing oil, grease, floating debris, and settleable solids. Highland’s extensive line of wastewater treatment systems helps these facilities comply with the EPA’s NPDES regulations for the proper treatment and discharge of contaminated storm water runoff, and satisfy SPCC requirements for spill control and secondary containment. The method of treatment depends on the concen- tration, the type of contaminants in question, and the location of the discharge. The key to success for collecting, separating, and treating oily wastewater on-site is properly configuring the best available technologies to optimize performance and limit operational costs of the system. A well designed drainage system equipped with a Highland Corella® Oil/Water Separator or Oil/Sand Interceptor as the primary step, frequently com- bined with an Advanced Filtration Systems (AFS) as a secondary step, can economically treat most wastewater flows to achieve nearly all discharge limitations and water quality standards for petroleum compounds.6
  7. 7. Working Together for a CleanerEnvironment 7
  8. 8. Steel... the Material of ChoiceSuperiorStructural Strength8
  9. 9. The Steel AdvantageSteel is the material of choice Environmental Benefitsat Highland Tank because of itsmany advantages. As a construc- Steel is 100% recyclable and hastion material, steel is strong, the highest recycling rate of anyaffordable, reliable, product durable material in the Unitedcompatible, and environmentally States. Unlike concrete and plasticfriendly. Steels unique combina- separators, even those reinforcedtion of properties and characteris- with fiberglass, recycled steeltics enables it to achieve the separators ultimately keep a valu-performance levels required in able commodity out of the nation’stodays storage and wastewater landfills. In addition, modern recy-treatment tanks. cling processes drastically reduce industrial emissions over 70%Specified for Strength! to air and water, accompanied by a reduction of approximatelyWe buy steel according to our own 30% in the amount of energystrict guidelines and meet rigid required to produce our new steel.ASTM specifications. All of oursteel is low carbon and fine grain “Green” Building and Buyingwith superior toughness and sur-face quality that offers both weld- Highland Tank is the largestability and improved corrosion manufacturer of environmentalresistance. The time-tested friendly steel tank products in thestrength and performance of United States. Even our corporatesteel remains unparalleled. color is green! Why is this important to our• Superior strength and ductility customers? Buying "green" is an• Exceptional durability opportunity to use our resources• Excellent corrosion performance efficiently, build a better environ- ment, and provide cost savings.• Abrasion resistant for high The Environmental Protection flow rates Agency (EPA) has even proposed• Ease of fabrication new federal procurement guide- lines for recycled products.• Ready availability in a wide range of forms As all of our steel tank products• Impermeable with zero are 100% recyclable, Highland leaching levels into water Tank will form an integral part• Full recyclability. of your ”green building” and will provide contemporary architectsSteel’s structural integrity can and engineers with a forceful re-withstand even extreme weather sponse to our society’s sensitive,conditions or natural disasters. environmental concerns.Modern fabrication technology,welding, linings, and coatingsreinforce the durability ofHighland’s mild carbon andstainless steel products. According to the Steel Recycling Institute, “Many states and cities have instituted ‘buy recycled’ man- dates that requires purchasing agents to buy prod- ucts with recycled content whenever possible.” 100% Recyclable 9
  10. 10. Leadership in Design & Quality10
  11. 11. Uncompromising CraftsmanshipEngineering depth, state-of-the-art Design Standards Quality Assuranceequipment, and skilled craftsmenwith old-fashioned pride and tradi- We offer innovative steel fabrica- All our products are backedtional American work ethic have tion, combined with a variety of by our helpful support staff togiven us the tools needed to main- specialty coatings designed to meet ensure quality throughout everytain our extreme dedication to your specific needs, at a competi- phase of your project. Highland’squality production. tive price. Many of our products team of professionals in design, feature patented Highland technol- engineering, fabrication, sales,Tools of the Trade ogy and are constructed of mild delivery, and service provide you carbon or stainless steel, meeting with outstanding solutions for• CSI Burn Tables ASTM specifications. Separators your separation problems. are built to one or more of these Our products are competitively• Shell Bending Machines standards: American Petroleum priced and readily available from• Shears Institute API-421, Underwriters our strategically located regional• Press Brakes Laboratories, Inc. UL-58, 142, and distributors and manufacturing 1746 standards and can be certified facilities. Our reputation for timely• Iron Workers to the new UL-SU2215 construction delivery by skilled drivers, experi-• Pipe Threaders and performance requirements. enced with large wastewater Highland and Steel Tank Institute treatment tank handling, is• Circular Shear specifications are followed to as- second to none. We are the only• Head Flangers sure complete internal and external tank manufacturer with a full- corrosion protection. We can supply time service representative who• Drill Presses a full range of equipment packages will visit your site to troubleshoot• Band Saws and we excel in custom fabrication any problems that may arise. for those unique situations. 11
  12. 12. Standard ConstructionForming Steel Single-walled Construction Double-walled ConstructionThe fabrication process Steel plates are formed, fitted, Double-walled separators arebegins with the rolling and welded, creating a separator constructed by wrapping a sec-of steel that meets ASTM of superior strength. Impervious ondary steel wall completelyspecifications. Steel plates bulkheads are added to create around the primary vessel.from 7 gauge to 1 ¼ inch multiple compartments for fluid The space between the twoare rolled to form the rigid treatment, pump, and storage walls, known as the interstice,shell of the vessel. Lap joints options. Flat-flanged heads are can be electronically monitoredwith a 2” overlap provide standard, as are continuous to detect a leak.superior “ribbed” strength. exterior welds on all joints. “The three shapes are hypocy- cloids, symbols for the three materials used to make steel – yellow for coal, orange for iron ore, and blue for scrap steel.”12
  13. 13. Single-Walled Construction HighGuard or Other Primary Tank Exterior ProtectiveFlange Fittings & Manway Factory Testing CoatingFittings in various sizes and styles 5 psi factory air test and seam(NPT and flange) enable connec- inspection is conducted on everytion to external piping systems. separator. All double-walled24” diameter or larger cylindrical, underground separators are Double-Walled Constructionor large rectangular manways shipped with a vacuum on theallow for convenient access for interstice for continuous testinginspection and maintenance until installation.from above. Few names in the field of oil/water separator manufacturing Tank are as widely respected as Highland Tank. Our products are Monitoring Primary Tank available in a vast range of sizes, of all types of construc- Pipe tion, and with a variety of options. Tank Interstice HighGuard or Other Exterior Secondary Protective Tank Coating 13
  14. 14. Advanced Corrosion Protection14
  15. 15. Performance Coatings Steel Tank InstituteProper surface preparation is Long before the governmentthe most important factor in became concerned with under-any successful coating or lining. ground storage of hazardous ma-Quality assurance is maintained terials, Highland Tank addressedthrough Highland’s complete this issue with our quality Steelin-house grit blast cleaning, Tank Institute approved corrosionfinishing, and curing facilities. protection systems. Highland TankOur facilities are temperature offers several STI approved sys-controlled for year round applica- tems with, or without, pre-engi-tion. Only qualified and experi- neered cathodic protection.enced personnel, working understringent guidelines, are used toapply our wide range of sprayapplied, high performance formu-lations, including epoxies andhigh-build polyurethanes. Exteriorcoatings and interior linings areselected to meet specific site con-ditions and service requirements.Sample Listof Exterior Coatingsand Interior Linings Stainless Steel• High-solids polyurethane• High-solids epoxy Highland manufactures our• Cross-linked epoxy phenolic oil/water separators and inter- ceptors of 304, 304L, 316 or 316L• Gray alkyd shop primer stainless steel. In many cases stainless steel is preferred because of its attractiveness - it does notHighGuard stain, rust, or corrode.The HighGuard corrosion protec- Other advantages include:tion system is our latest innova- • Ease of cleaningtion. This coating demonstratesan excellent balance of flexibility, • Durabilityimpact strength, abrasion resist- • Longer life expectancyance, and corrosion resistance. • Low costThis plural-component polyure-thane has been approved by The use of stainless steel insuresUnderwriters Laboratories, Inc. a high-quality, virtually mainte-under UL 1746 Part IV. Just 75 nance-free separator. Highland’smils thickness of HighGuard will process and application engineersprovide permanent and fully can assist you in selecting justeffective corrosion protection the right combination of featuresthat can be measured in decades, and options needed to meetrather than years. your individual preferences. 15
  16. 16. Unparalleled in Performance
  17. 17. Oil/Water SeparatorsHighland Tank provides you with They are also located in vehiclethe strongest and most reliable oil/ service areas associated with eachwater separators in the industry. of these facilities :Our separators are designed to • Fueling Facilitiesremove oil, grease, light petroleum • Repair and Maintenance Shopsproducts, and oily coated solidsfrom a variety of wastewater • Wash Areasdischarges. They are typically Highland oil/water separators set theinstalled in industrial areas and standard for reliability. Our separa-receive oily wastewater generated tors are highly efficient - treatingduring processes such as bulk wastewater under a wide rangepetroleum storage and handling, of conditions. Unlike otheraircraft and vehicle fueling, oil/water separators, they are easymaintenance, washing, and envi- to install, operate, and maintain.ronmental remediation of petro-leum contaminated sites. The Highland separators can beeffluent from oil/water separators designed to handle high flowis typically discharged to either rates and remove oils with aa storm or sanitary sewer system. specific gravity up to .95. API-421 design criteria can be employedOur high-efficiency oil/water to engineer a separator to theseparators are recommended specified wastewater flow rate,for a wide range of industrial temperature, oil globule size, andapplications, such as: specific gravity of oil and waste- water. Effluent quality down to• Airports & Aircraft Services 10 ppm has been consistently• Electric Utilities demonstrated on our high per- and Power Plants formance Model HTC UL-SU2215• Environmental Remediation labeled oil/water separators.• Industrial Facilities Our separators come in a variety• Military & Government Facilities of design options and are available• Municipalities in either single-walled or double-• Petroleum Production walled construction, especially for & Marketing Facilities those states and counties where underground oil/water separators• Railroad Yards are considered to be "commercial• Transportation Companies underground storage tanks." We offer an extensive range of standard sizes and capacities with complete accessory packages including leak and level sensors, One of the first pieces of alarm/control panels, influent, capital equipment installed effluent, and oil pump systems. during the rebuilding of Whether your oil/water separator New York City’s World Trade application is for emergency Center was a Highland Tank spill control or high performance Oil/Water Separator. wastewater treatment, Highland Tank has the product for you. 17
  18. 18. Cleaner, Safer, Smarter... CONCRETE PAD** GAUGE PORT INLET VENT PIPING** ISOLATION SPOOL PIECE WHERE REQUIRED FLANGED MANWAY AND COVER FLANGED INLET PIPE LIFTING LUG INLET NOZZLE UNDER FLOW CORELLA® PARALLEL BAFFLE PLATE COALESCER INLET VELOCITY HEAD SEDIMENT CHAMBER DIFFUSION BAFFLE WEAR PLATE OIL WATER SOLIDS SLUDGE BAFFLE * Optional equipment available from Highland Tank **Installer supplied equipment How It Works... Highland’s patented oil/water access for inspection and mainte- out and concentrated oil rises separators are stationary waste- nance from above. Inlet flow is to the surface. The oily water water treatment tanks, filled with directed against the velocity head then passes through the Corella® water. They contain specially diffusion baffle to reduce flow Coalescer, an inclined arrange- designed internal baffles and turbulence and to distribute the ment of stacked, parallel flat, coalescers to accelerate the flow evenly over the separator’s and corrugated plates. The corru- separation process. The tank is cross-sectional area. In the sedi- gated underside of the Corella® designed to allow for convenient ment chamber, heavy solids settle plates causes the oil to coalesce18
  19. 19. ALARM CONTROL PANEL* MANWAY & COVER* MANWAY VENT PIPING** OUTLET VENT PIPING** INTERFACE MONITORING OIL PUMP-OUT & LEVEL PIPE PIPE SENSOR PIPE FLANGED OUTLET PIPE INTERFACE & PETRO-SCREEN LEVEL SENSOR* COALESCER* OUTLET OIL WATER INTERFACE ISOLATION SPOOL PIECE WHERE REQUIRED OUTLET DOWNCOMER PEA GRAVEL** OIL/WATER SEPARATION CHAMBER WATERSTRIKER PLATE TANK INTERSTICE LEAK HOLD DETECTION DOWN SENSOR* PAD** Model HTC Oil/Water Separator with EZ-Access Option shown SU2215 Listed into sheets. The oil globules ward to the outlet and is dis- oil-attracting fibers). Electronic then rise to the surface of the charged by gravity displacement. oil level controls sound an alarm separation chamber, where To intercept droplets of oil too at high oil levels so that waste the separated oil accumulates. minute to be removed by the oil can be removed from the Any remaining solids sink to the parallel flat/corrugated plates, separator. Double-walled separa- top of the plates and slide off we use a Petro-Screen polypropy- tors are monitored with electronic the plates to the solids collection lene impingement coalescer leak detection systems for the area. The effluent flows down- (an encased bundle of layered interstitial space. 19
  20. 20. The Corella ® Coalescer The Corella® inclined parallel This new “self-cleaning” design plate coalescer combines the performs better than traditional features of both a flat-plate plate coalescers. Corella® plate separator and a corrugated-plate packs are available with a variety separator into a new, “self-clean- of pack lengths and angles and ing” design that performs better are tailored to the specified sep- than traditional plate coalescers. arator duty. They can be config- ured to meet a wide variety of The primary reason for oil/water capacities and conditions and separator failure is clogging of can be integrated with many the coalescing plates with set- other unit operations to provide tleable solids. The Corella® solves a total solution to a wastewater the problem of extensive separa- treatment problem. tor shutdown and maintenance by simultaneously separating Features, Advantages, free oil droplets and settleable and Benefits or suspended solids from water, without clogging the coalescer. • Permits separation of mixtures containing both oil and The difference lies in our precise settleable solids without manufacturing of the coalescer the settleable solids with inclined parallel plates clogging the coalescer. that are flat on the top and corrugated on the bottom. • Process flows from The plates are constructed and 5 to 6,000 gal/min. arranged to allow settleable solids to accumulate on the flat • Separation of oil droplets top of the plates and slide down- of 60 micron or larger size. ward, while the oil coalesces into • Provides improved oil sheets on the corrugated under- separating efficiency. sides and flows upwards. Unlike other oil/water separators, both • Operates on water oil and solids can be removed temperatures from without shutting down the 40° to 120° F. separator for periodic cleaning. • Handles wide range and Utilizing Highland’s EZ Access specific gravities of oil manways, inspection of the and suspended particle Corella® is easy, without a concentrations. dangerous confined space entry. Both oil and solids can be • Manufactured of oleophilic removed without shutting (oil-attracting) materials down the separator. The access or stainless steel. from above permits separator • Constructed using multiple pumpout and cleaning, using cartridges to allow a high-pressure washer with for easy removal. the coalescer in place, so that hazardous materials are not • Custom packs are available discharged at grade during for higher flow rates, temper- the cleaning process. atures or solids loading.20
  21. 21. The Corella® Coalescer is a removable, inclined parallel, flat/corrugated plate coalescer that enhances separation of both oil and solids from all strata of the wastewater stream. It is in- dividually engineered to specific application and job-site requirements to maximize utility. Coalescers are removable from above Large rectangular manways, with removable, lightweight top panels for easy access and maintenance Patented internal baffles and coalescers accelerateFluid level cannot rise into the separation process formanways for total secondary containment unparalleled performance down to 10 ppm free oil Effective wastewater treatment at varying flowInlet and outlet through separator rates and concentrationsheads for shallower burial depth Rugged steel construction for greater structural strength, superior product compatibility, and unsurpassed corrosion resistance Double-walled construction available with interstitial leak monitoring Solids slide off flat plate tops Oil coalesces into sheets on the corrugated and settle in collecting area undersides and flows upwards 21
  22. 22. Pre-Engineered Design Options Series GSeries G oil/water separators featurean integral sand interceptor compart-ment to permit sand and gravel to set- INLET OUTLETtle out before the wastewater entersthe oil/water separator. Integral Sand Interceptor Compartment Series J Pumped Discharge Pump Discharge Option ShownSeries J oil/water separators have an OUTLET ENDintegral effluent pump-out com-partment with level controls. The INLET Pumppumped effluent can be routed Controls and Railsthrough Highland’s Advanced Filtra-tion System to further reduce the oil Effluent Dischargecontent. Pump Bulkhead Highland Oil/Water Separators are listed and approved under one or more of the following patents and approvals: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. UL-SU2215 U.S. Patents - 4,722,800, 5,520,825 & 6,605,224 Canadian Patents - 1,325,179, 1,296,263 & 2,389,065 City of New York, Board of Standards and Appeals under Calendar Number 1215-88-SA Massachusetts Board of State Examiners of Plumber and Gas Fitters Approval Code P1-0594-25 Evaluated to DIN Parts 4 & 5, DIN 38-409 Part 1822
  23. 23. Cylindrical Separator Sizing Guide Flanged Manway & Cover with Gauge Port 2” dia. Interface & Level Sensor Pipe Vent Gravity discharge Fitting 4”dia. Oil option shown Flanged Lifting Lug Pump Out Inlet Pipe Pipe Flanged Outlet Pipe INLET Underflow Baffle OUTLET Velocity Head Petro ScreenDiffusion Baffle Coalescer Corella® Parallel Wear Plate Plate Coalescer Diameter Sludge Baffle Striker Plate Length Flow Total Recommended Inlet & Model Rate Volume Oil Pump-out Dimensions Outlet HTC or HT Gal/Min Gallons Gallons Diameter Length Diameter 350 35 350 70 3’-6” 6’-0” 4” 550 55 550 110 3’-6” 7’-9” 4“ 1,000 100 1,000 200 4’-0” 10’-9” 6” 2,000 200 2,000 400 5’-4” 12’-0” 6” 3,000 300 3,000 600 5’-4” 18’-0” 8” 4,000 400 4,000 800 5’-4” 24’-0” 8” 5,000 500 5,000 1,000 6’-0” 23’-10” 8” 6,000 600 6,000 1,200 6’-0” 28’-8” 10” 7,000 700 7,000 1,400 7’-0” 24’-4” 10” 8,000 800 8,000 1,600 7’-0” 28’-0” 10” 9,000 900 9,000 1,800 8’-0” 24’-0” 12” 10,000 1,000 10,000 2,000 8’-0” 26’-8” 12” 12,000 1,200 12,000 2,400 8’-0” 32’-0” 12” 15,000 1,500 15,000 3,000 10’-0” 25’-6” 14” 20,000 2,000 20,000 4,000 10’-6” 31’-0” 16” 25,000 2,500 25,000 5,000 10’-6” 38’-9” 18” 30,000 3,000 30,000 6,000 10’-6” 46’-6” 20” 40,000 4,000 40,000 8,000 12’-0” 47’-6” 24” 50,000 5,000 50,000 10,000 12’-0” 59’-6” 24” 60,000 6,000 60,000 12,000 13’-0” 60’-6” 24” Plate spacing and orientation may vary depending on site. Custom sizing is available. Consult Highland Tank for Series G, J oil/water separator sizing guides. 231
  24. 24. Innovation, Quality, Economy Rectangular separator design permits total, uncon- fined, unrestricted OSHA compliant top access for safe visual inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.24
  25. 25. Rectangular Oil/Water Separators Rectangular oil/water separators can be installed aboveground to help industrial facilities comply with the EPA’s spill and discharge regulations. Like our cylindrical, belowground units, these separators are equipped with our non-clogging Corella® coalescers that accelerate the separation process and greatly reduce the level of oil and oily coated solids discharged into municipal storm or sanitary sewer systems. Our rectangular separators can serve as a stand-alone oil/water separator or can be readily adapted for use in conjunction with our polishing systems, like our Trickle Filters or Advanced Filtration Systems.Easy to Install, Operate, and Maintain Aboveground installation Electronic oil level sensor Removable, top panels avoids costly excavation can signal remote alarm for easy access and panel of high oil condition maintenance High performance wastewater treatment at varying flow rates and conditions Optional Sludge Hopper Coalescers with drain for sludge removal are removable from the top Coalescers engineered Integral Effluent Clearwell to API-421, accelerate to easily adapt from Rugged all-steel construction the separation process gravity to pumped discharge for superior structural strengthAlso available with a UL-SU2215 Label 25
  26. 26. Pre-Engineered Design OptionsSeries G oil/water separators fea- Series Gture an integral sand interceptorcompartment to permit sand andgravel to settle out before the INLETwastewater enters the separation Integral OUTLETchamber. Sand Interceptor CompartmentSeries J oil/water separators fea-ture an integral effluent pump- Series J Pump Discharge Pump Pump Pump Option Shown Level Power Lift Liftout compartment with level Sensor Supply Chain Railscontrols to operate a pump at pre-scribed levels. The pumped efflu-ent can then be routed through INLET OUTLET ENDHighland’s Advanced FiltrationSystem to further improve per-formance. Effluent Bulkhead Discharge PumpSeries S oil/water separators fea- Series Sture an integral side product com- Oil Pump Outpartment for storing separated oil.The special side product compart-ment permits the removal of only INLETthe skimmed oil by pump-out. Theeffluent is discharged either by OUTLETpump or gravity flow. Oil Skimmer Side Oil Storage CompartmentSeries TF oil/water separators fea- Series TFture an integral “trickle filter” to High Oil Sensor Diffusion Pipe High Water Sensorremove dispersed and mechani-cally emulsified oils that may pass Vent Fittingthrough the separator untreated. INLETWater flows freely out of the sep- OUTLETarator to the diffusion pipe andpasses through the oleophilc Trickle Filter Mediatrickle filter media bags to removeany troublesome discharges. Themedia bags can be easily removedand replaced when necessary.26
  27. 27. Rectangular Separator Sizing Guide Removable Length Top Cover Width Corella Parallel ® Oil Dam Lifting Handles Plate Coalescer INLET Lifting Lugs Height OUTLETVelocityHeadDiffusionBaffleOptional Petro-Screen EffluentSludge Coalescer Transfer Pipes OptionalHopper Support Legs Flow Total Recommended Inlet & Model Rate Volume Oil Pump-out Dimensions Outlet R-HTC or R-HT Gal/Min Gallons Gallons LxWxH Diameter 100 5 100 20 5’-0” x 1’-6” x 3’-0” 1” 200 10 200 40 5-’0” x 2’-0” x 3’-0” 2” 300 25 300 60 7’-0” x 2’-0” x 3’-0” 3” 600 50 600 120 9’-0” x 3’-0” x 3’-0” 4” 900 75 900 180 10’-0” x 3’-0” x 4’-0” 6” 1,000 100 1,000 200 11’-0” x 4’-0” x 4’-0” 6” 2,000 200 2,000 400 12’-0” x 5’-0” x 5’-0” 8” 3,000 300 3,000 600 18’-0” x 5’-0” x 5’-0” 10” 4,000 400 4,000 800 18’-0” x 6’-0” x 5’-0” 10” 5,000 500 5,000 1,000 20’-0” x 6’-0” x 6’-0” 10” 6,000 600 6,000 1,200 19’-2” x 7’-0” x 6’-0” 10” 7,000 700 7,000 1,400 19’-2” x 7’-0” x 7’-0” 10” 8,000 800 8,000 1,600 19’-2” x 8’-0” x 7’-0” 10” 9,000 900 9,000 1,800 18’-10” x 8’-0” x 8’-0” 12” 10,000 1,000 10,000 2,000 20’-11” x 8’-0” x 8’-0” 12” 12,000 1,200 12,000 2,400 19’-10” x 9’-0” x 9’-0” 12” 15,000 1,500 15,000 3,000 24’-9” x 9’-0” x 9’-0” 14” 20,000 2,000 20,000 4,000 29’-9” x 10’-0” x 9’-0” 16” 25,000 2,500 25,000 5,000 33’-6” x 10’-0” x 10’-0” 18” 30,000 3,000 30,000 6,000 40’-0” x 10’-0” x 10’-0” 20” Plate spacing and orientation may vary depending on site conditions. Consult Highland Tank for series G, J, S, and TF oil/water separator sizing guides. 27
  28. 28. DSB Separator System The DSB is a complete packaged Features system consisting of the Deep Sump Basin with Integral Grit • Automatic for ease and Pump Lift Chambers, Influ- of operation. ent Pump Package, and Model • Utilizes patented Corella® HTC Rectangular Aboveground coalescer technology. Oil/Water Separator. The system is designed to remove free-float- • Rugged all-steel design ing oil, grease, and settleable, & construction. DSBs are installed in vehicle oily-coated solids from a vehicle • Easy installation with repair and service facilities, maintenance facilitys fuel area, limited excavation. car and truck dealerships, and wash area, and service bay drains. fast lube shops to help pre- • Removable vapor-tight vent discharges of harmful DSB Systems are available in top covers for service pollutants into the storm or standard flow rates from 25 to and maintenance. sanitary sewer system. 200 gal/min. Higher flow rate systems are also available. Pneu- matic sensor and influent pump systems are standard, with electronic systems available.28
  29. 29. High Performance Separators with Influent Pump Packages Model R-HTC Oil/Water Separator Removable Top Cover Corella® Parallel Level Oil Dam Lifting Lugs with Lifting Handle Plate Coalescer Sensor DSB-Deep Sump Basin Removable Lid Pump Discharge OUTLET with Lifting Handle to Separator Height Influent Diaphram Pump Supply Vent Velocity Head Petro-Screen EffluentConcrete Diffusion Baffle Coalescer Transfer PipesFloor Level Sensor Length Height Suction Pipe INLET Strainer Striker Plate Standard Components • DSB- Deep Sump Basin with Inlet Integral Grit Pump Lift Chamber Chamber • Pneumatic Influent Diaphragm Pump Diameter with Air Filter Regulator, Suction Pipe and Strainer • Model R-HTC Oil/Water Separator with Level Sensor and Controls DSB Sizing Guide Flow Recommended Separator Inlet & Sump Model Rate Oil Pump-out Dimensions Outlet Dimensions* DSB Gal/Min Gallons Length Width Height Diameter Diameter x Height 300 25 60 7’-4” x 2’-0” x 3’-0” 1" / 3” 2’-6” x 6’-0” 600 50 120 9’-0” x 3’-0” x 3’-0” 1-1/4" / 4” 2’-6” x 6’-0” 900 75 180 10’-0” x 3’-0” x 4’-0” 2" / 6” 4’-0” x 8’-0” 1,000 100 200 11’-0” x 4’-0” x 4’-0” 2" / 6” 4’-0” x 8’-0” 2,000 200 400 12’-0” x 5’-0” x 5’-0” 4" / 8” 5’-4” x 9’-0” *Custom sizing available 29
  30. 30. Design, Dependability, Durability Oil/Sand Interceptors are required in all establishments…including car washes, commercial vehicle garages, repair facilities, service stations, and similar facilities that conduct washing, servicing, re- pairing, maintenance or storage of motor vehicles…where oil and/or flammable liquid may be introduced into the sewer system.30
  31. 31. Oil/Sand Interceptors Transfer Pipe Outlet Pipe Access ManwaysHighGuard Protection SystemInlet Pipe Hold-Down Straps Internal Lining Sludge Baffle Solids Collection Concrete Hold Down Pad or Deadmen Anchors Oil/Sand Interceptors (OSI) are to the bottom sludge baffle. The They’re lighter than concrete wastewater treatment tanks clearer water beneath flows down- interceptors and can be sized for designed to intercept and collect ward to the outlet downcomer greater volumes and retention sand, grit, free oil, and grease where it is discharged from the qui- times. Unlike many competitive (hydrocarbons and other petroleum escent section of the interceptor. concrete units, they are water-tight products), and prevent their entry and pressure or vacuum testable into the sanitary sewer system. Interceptor sizing and construction in both the factory and the field. conforms to many recognized Designed to accept gravity flow, plumbing codes and municipal We offer an extensive range of the Interceptors large volume sewer pretreatment regulations. standard sizes and capacities with allows for a lengthy retention time They are available in double-walled complete accessory packages, for these materials to separate construction for those states and including leak and level sensors, from the water due to their local jurisdictions where under- alarm/control panels, and influent, differences in specific gravity. ground interceptors are considered effluent, and oil pump systems. The Interceptor contains one to to be "commercial underground Variations in capacity, arrange- four compartments (basins) where storage tanks." ment, dimensions, and pipe pene- oil separates and floats to the tration locations can be made surface,while sand and grit settles to fit your specific requirements. 31
  32. 32. Pre-Engineered Design Options Single Basin Single-basin interceptors have a sin- gle collection chamber and sludge baffle to remove sand, grit, grease, and free oil. It’s our own simple oil and sand "knock-out" design. Double-basin interceptors have two collection chambers and a sludge baf- fle. Commonly used in car wash and commercial or municipal vehicle washing applications for oil and sand Double Basin removal prior to discharging to a re- cycle wash system. An optional over- flow bypass directs excess flow to an auxiliary retention area. Triple-basin* interceptors have three collection chambers and a sludge baffle. Our most popular and versatile design has a variety of ap- plications, such as car washes and commercial garages. Floatables, oil, sand, and other sediments are Triple Basin trapped in the first chamber, and any remaining oil is trapped in the second chamber. The third chamber can be equipped with an effluent pump system when used in conjunc- tion with Highland’s HighCycle Wash Water Recycle System. Quad-basin interceptors have four collection chambers and a sludge baffle. In addition to their use at large, commercial vehicle washes, Quad Basin they are commonly used at construc- tion sites for oil, dirt, and debris re- moval during site dewatering operations, to comply with strict stormwater regulations. • Conforms to IAPMO - PS - 80 - 2006. 32
  33. 33. Oil/Sand Interceptor Sizing Guide Vent Flanged 24” Dia. Fitting Flanged Inlet Pipe Inlet Vent Manholes Outlet Outlet Vent Pipe Optional Flanged Isolation Spool INLET where required Sensor Fitting OUTLET Optional Flanged Isolation Spool Sludge Striker where required Baffle Plate Diameter Length Flow Total Recommended Inlet & Model Rate Volume Oil Pump-out Dimensions Outlet OSI Gal/Min Gallons Gallons Diameter Length Diameter *350 35 350 88 3’-6” 4’-3” 4” 550 55 550 138 3’-6” 7’-9” 4” 750 75 750 188 4’-0” 8’-0” 6” 1,000 100 1,000 250 4’-0” 10’-9” 6” 1,500 150 1,500 375 5’-4” 9’-0” 6” 2,000 200 2,000 500 5’-4” 12’-0” 6” 3,000 300 3,000 750 5’-4” 18’-0” 8” 4,000 400 4,000 1,000 5’-4” 24’-0” 8” 5,000 500 5,000 1,250 6’-0” 23’-10” 8” 6,000 600 6,000 1,500 6’-0” 28’-8” 10” 7,000 700 7,000 1,750 7’-0” 24’-4” 10” 8,000 800 8,000 2,000 7’-0” 28’-0” 10” 9,000 900 9,000 2,250 8’-0” 24’-0” 12” 10,000 1,000 10,000 2,500 8’-0” 26’-8” 12” 12,000 1,200 12,000 3,000 8’-0” 32’-0” 12” 15,000 1,500 15,000 3,750 10’-0” 25’-6” 14” 20,000 2,000 20,000 5,000 10’-6” 31’-0” 16” 25,000 2,500 25,000 6,250 10’-6” 38’-9” 18” 30,000 3,000 30,000 7,500 10’-6” 46’-6” 20” 40,000 4,000 40,000 10,000 12’-0” 47’-3” 24” 50,000 5,000 50,000 12,500 12’-0” 59’-0” 24” 60,000 6,000 60,000 15,000 13’-0” 60’-6” 24” NPT available for 4 - 6" Inlet and Outlet; 8" and larger will be Flanged Connections Optional sampling/monitoring ports available. * One Manway, Single and Double Basin ONLY. 33
  34. 34. Solids Stormwater Interceptor The Solids Stormwater Interceptor accumulate in the first chamber (SSI) is a simple, inexpensive hy- while smaller particles usually set- drodynamic separation device tle out in subsequent chambers. designed to remove debris and Large access manways allow main- settleable and suspended solids tenance personnel to inspect and from stormwater runoff through remove the accumulated waste gravitational settling and trapping from grade level. of pollutants. The SSI system is typically designed The SSI is designed to slow the to bypass runoff flows in excess of flow velocity though the intercep- the design flow rate. A diversion tor, thereby allowing solids and structure installed ahead of the SSI associated pollutants to settle and as well as an outfall adapter can accumulate on the bottom. be provided to allow flows in ex- SSI perform a key role The SSI contains a series of settling cess of the “first flush” to bypass in removing floating chambers separated by baffles the SSI preventing wash out. debris and settleable to capture sand, sediment, and solids from a stormwater grit and specially designed trash- SSI’s are constructed from pro- screens to capture larger materi- tected steel, meeting ASTM speci- stream prior to its entry als, trash and floatables. fications. Industry and factory into a detention basin, specifications are followed to as- constructed wetland, In operation, stormwater enters sure complete internal and exter- or collection system. the interceptor by gravity flow and nal corrosion protection. encounters the velocity head diffu- We offer complete interior/ exte- sion screen. Floating solids are rior blast and finish coatings, in- trapped and the flow velocity de- cluding Highlands HighGuard creases allowing particles to settle. protective coating. An additional The baffles impede particle move- internal polyurethane lining as- ment – as suspended solids strike sures years of continuous service. the baffles they begin to settle. Stainless steel and/or double-wall Large particles settle out first and construction are available.34
  35. 35. How it Works! Access Manways Hold-Down Straps Secondary Floating Solids Intercept ScreenOutlet Pipe Velocity Head Diffusion Screen Inlet PipeInternalLining HighGuard Protection System Sludge Baffle Sediment Weir Sediment Baffle Solids Collection Concrete Hold Down Pad or Deadmen Anchors Solids Interceptors Sizing Guide Drainage Req’d. Flow Total Sediment Inlet & Model Area WQTV* Rate Volume Volume Dimensions Outlet SSI Acres Gallons Gal/Min-Ft3/s Gallons Cubic Feet Dia/Length Diameter 2,000 1/8 1,700 300-0.668 2,000 186.2 5’-4” X12’-0” 6” 4,000 1/4 3,400 500-1.114 4,000 361.7 5’-4” X 24’-0” 8” 8,000 1/2 6,800 1,000-2.228 8,000 746.2 8’-0” X 21’-4” 10” 12,000 3/4 10,200 1,500-3.342 12,000 1,128.5 10’-0”X 20’-6” 12” 15,000 1 13,600 1,700-3.787 15,000 1,382.1 10’-0” X 25’-6” 14” 20,000 1 1/4 17,000 2,500-5.570 20,000 1.836.8 10’-6” X 31’-0” 16” 25,000 1 1/2 20,400 3.000-6.684 25,000 2,312.3 10’-6” X 38’-9” 18” 30,000 2 27,200 3,500-7.798 30,000 2,710.2 10’-6” X 46’-6” 18” 40,000 2 1/2 34,000 4.500-10.026 40,000 3,551.0 12’-0” X 47’-9” 24” 50,000 3 40,800 5,200-11.585 50,000 4,425.1 12’-0” X 59’-6” 24” 60,000 4 54,400 6,100-13.591 60,000 5,361.5 13’-0” X 60’-6” 24” Notes: 1. Standard SSI will provide efficient removal of pollutant particles (1/2 inch solids/sieve size 200 sediment) for the majority of site conditions. 2. WQTV* is the Water Quality Treatment Volume ("First Flush") or the first 1/2 inch of rainwater runoff from the drainage area. 3. 24” dia. Manways are standard; 30”, 36”, and large rectangular “EZ-Access” Manways are available. 35
  36. 36. Manual Oil Interceptors MEMBER City of New York Material and Equipment Acceptance MEMBER MEA NO. 8-07-EManual Oil Interceptors (MOI) are cleaning. Vapor-tight, quick open- All-NEW Product!designed to trap sediment and re- ing covers or hinged, hatch doorstain free-floating oil and grease are available as an option. Highland Manual Oil Interceptors are now(petroleum hydrocarbons and other Tank offers an extensive range of available with an integral wastevolatile liquids) from wastewater standard sizes and capacities. Cus- oil storage compartment.discharged from floor drains, such tom manufacturing and many op- This simplifies the installationas those found in aircraft and vehi- tions and accessories are available. and maintenance of the inter-cle maintenance, storage, and ceptor system by fabricatingwashing facilities. MOIs prevent the Operation the oil separation chamber anddischarge of sediment, oil, grease, storage tank in one unit, thusand other substances harmful to Manual Oil Interceptors are in- eliminating the need to installthe building drainage system, the stalled between the floor drain(s) a separate waste oil storagepublic sewer, or sewage treatment and the sanitary sewer. The opera- tank and connecting piping.plant or processes. tion of the MOI is simple: MOIs re- tain wastewater long enough to Operation of the MOI-SO isThey are constructed of mild carbon allow those contaminants with spe- simple: as the separated oil floatssteel and coated with heavy duty cific gravities different than water, to the surface of the separationpolyurethane for superior corrosion to separate out by gravity. Since oil compartment, it is removed byresistance. Stainless steel construc- is lighter than water, the oil floats the adjustable oil skimmer intotion is also available. MOIs are suit- and can be manually skimmed from the adjacent oil compartment byable for installation above or below the surface of the interceptor. Con- gravity. The collected oil can thengrade, and are available in configu- versely, solids settle to the bottom be regularly removed by a certifiedrations to fit almost any require- and accumulate at the sludge baf- waste hauler. Access hatches arement. Top Deck Plate Covers allow fle. The accumulating waste oil and supplied for each compartmentfor flush-with-floor installation for solids are periodically removed and of the interceptor for ease ofeasy access for maintenance and properly disposed. inspection and maintenance.36
  37. 37. Manual Oil Interceptors Sizing Guide MOI-SO MOI Bolt-on Painted Carbon Steel Deck Waste Oil Storage Plate Cover with Flush-Mount Compartment Lifting Eyes for Light Foot Traffic ONLY Inlet/Outlet “No Hub” Vent Fittings from 2” to 4” Under FlowPolyurethane Diffusion Baffle Coated INLET OUTLET Mild Carbon Indirect Flow Steel Transfer Baffle Height Inlet/Outlet Height Skimmer Fitting Adjustable Sludge Skimmer Baffle Width Length Width CL Waste Oil Total Inlet/ †Inlet/ Storage Model *Flow Rate Volume Dimensions (Inches) Outlet Outlet Compartment Gal/Min Gallons Ft.3 Length Width Height NPT Height Width Volume MOI - 25 25 55.2 7.4 26 20 32 3 26 17-1/4” 50 MOI - 35 35 74.7 10 32 22 32 3 26 14” 50 MOI - 50 50 80.8 10.8 32 22 34 3 28 25-3/4” 100 MOI - 75 75 168.9 22.6 46 32 36 3 28 18” 100 MOI - 100 100 187.5 25.1 49 34 36 4 28 33” 200 MOI - 125 125 195.2 26.1 51 34 37 4 28 33” 200 MOI - 150 150 214.3 28.6 56 34 38 4 28 29-1/2” 200 MOI - 200 200 291.4 39 66 34 42 4 32 33” 300 MOI - 250 250 426.4 57 72 38 50 4 38 22-3/4” 300 MOI - 300 300 511.3 68.3 76 42 52 4 40 25-1/2” 300 MOI - 350 350 549.7 73.5 78 44 52 4 40 37” 500 MOI - 400 400 621.3 83.1 80 46 54 4 42 34-3/8” 500 MOI - 450 450 664.5 88.8 82 48 54 4 42 33-1/2” 500 MOI - 500 500 781.8 104.5 84 50 58 4 46 30” 500 * Intermittent flow. † NPT. 6" and larger – companion flanged connection. Also available with 8" or 10" inlet or outlet. “No-Hub” connections can be supplied for floor mounting or partially recessed installations. Note: Vent Connections are 2" or 3" NPT, on outlet end of MOI. Check and advise for local code requirements. 37
  38. 38. Collection Catch BasinsCollection Catch Basins (CB) are designedto capture sand, grit, debris, and asso-ciated pollutants discharged from vehiclemaintenance and fueling facilities andto prevent their entry into the drainagesystem. When installed in conjunctionwith an oil/water separator, the catchbasin acts as a simple pretreatment device,to collect this trash and help prevent itfrom clogging the drain lines. The resultis also less waste material enteringinto the separator!Catch basins are easy to install, operate,and maintain. The catch basin’s remov-able drop-in wastebasket collects trash,which may be deposited at the servicebay drains or fuel islands. A secondscreen welded inside the catch basin,adds further protection against wasteentering the separator. Unlike older style concrete units, our catch basins are constructed of heavy duty steel that wont crack or leak. They’re also available in double- walled construction to meet strict environmental regulations Features: • Coated mild carbon or stainless steel construction • Pre-formed attached grating frame with heavy duty grate • Easy access removable basket for trash collection and removal • Screened discharge pipe • Large sediment retention38
  39. 39. Collection Catch Basins Sizing Guide H-20 Traffic Rated Removable Steel Screen Steel Grating 1-1/2” for Solids Removal Concrete Anchor 2” Typical all sides Height Outlet Outlet Diameter Height Exit Strainer Basket Width Length Outlet Outlet Model Length Width Height Diameter Height CB-30 18” 18” 36” 4” 24” CB-55 24” 24” 36” 4” 24” CB-125 36” 30” 42” 6” 30” CB-150 36” 36” 42” 6” 30” Options: • Side inlet connections • Custom sizing • Hooded outlet or down-turned • Pedestrian grating 900 down comer pipe helps prevent • Bottom outlet connections petroleum products, floatable solids, and trash from entering the drainage • No-hub or flanged connections system and/or separator. CollectionCatch Basin Integral Sand Series G Interceptor Oil/Water Compartment Separator 39
  40. 40. Advanced Filtration SystemAdvanced Filtration Systems (AFS) AFS contain oleophobic filters that Features and Benefits:are used in applications where utilize a patented hydrocarbon • Ideal for use by a diversehydrocarbon removal beyond the removal technology that instantly range of industriescapability of a standard oil/water bonds hydrocarbons to the filter • Consistently high hydrocarbonseparator is necessary. These robust, media-making them hydrophobic removal efficiencyfield-proven filtration systems pro- and viscoelastic - removing themvide efficient and cost-effective completely from the water. • Ensures compliance with environmental regulationsremoval of a variety of hydrocar-bons, ranging from BTEX to crude The single-pass efficiency through • Durable construction andoil, from water. They also help the filter cartridges is often as high simple servicingsafeguard the environment as 99.9%, with very little pressure • Compact design - small footprintand personnel from harmful, drop created by oil saturation. • Easy operation & maintenancepersistent chemicals and pollutants. • Minimized waste disposal Our custom built AFS are skid-mounted with filters, pumps, motors, controls, valves, piping, and wiring. By designing our AFS from the ground up, Highland’s skilled engineers can assemble all the compo- nents necessary to meet your specific applications.40