"The Prince of the Winds" fundraising.


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Young Lithuanian writer, startuper and piligrim Tomas Staniulis prepared fundraising campaign for his newest book.

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"The Prince of the Winds" fundraising.

  1. 1. PI “Gold of Lithuania”: Featuring Tomas StaniulisFundraise Lithuanian literature talent!http://fnd.us/c/7X8N1
  2. 2. MISSION: BUILD BRIDGES AMONG CITIES, STATES,BUSINESSES AND PEOPLE• “Gold of Lithuania” is the public institution (est. 2009), internationaltalent, promotion, diplomacy, education and image creation startup.• The initiative starts from Junior Chamber International - (JCI) Vilnius,global organization of young leaders, and Vilnius City Council.• The very first Our public diplomacy project was Lithuania’s and Vilniuscity representing in Meditteranean region.• Per year “Gold of Lithuania” participates and organizes up to 10 projectsand evens.• Vision: Lithuania as an enterprising marine state
  3. 3. HISTORICALRECONSTRUCTION"I propose to take 1583-1584 route of M.K.Radvila Našlaitėlis’ (theOrphan) (he was best known for ordering the first accurate map of theGrand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL) in 1613) journey to the Holy Land.This historical figure is important in a deeper perspective, too. In 1586,right upon returning from this journey, he funded early baroque JesuitChurch of Nesvyžius built imitating Il Gesù of Rome consecrated in 1583.This fact testifies that the cultural phenomena of Western Europereached Lithuania and the GDL without delay. Thus, the fact may be deeplyconceptualised envisaging in it Lithuania’s becoming a genuinely integralpart of Europe as early as in the 16th c."Prof. Dr. A. Bumblauskas
  4. 4. 60 ports in whole the Mediterranean visited
  5. 5. CHALLENGE: TO REPEAT THE LEGENDARY JOURNEY• Idea: BUSINESS PILGRIMAGE: to continue thetradition of sea trade scouts, young businessleaders travel to the Mediterranean Sea ports inquest of new trade relations and for theirfurther development.• OBJECTIVE: to sign Memoranda ofUnderstanding, concerning the development ofcommercial relations, with the officers of citycouncils, commercial attachés and Chambers ofCommerce of the destination cities.• THIS PROMOTES diplomatic, cultural and traderelations as well as Lithuanian exports, tourismand country image.
  6. 6. 4 years of public diplomacy projects– Historical sailing expedition around the Mediterranean sea 2009-2011, afterthe legend of M. K. Radzivill The Orphan. ~ 250 project participants.– Start-up project, “Captains of the 7 seas”, idea, implementation, almost 120of participants (universities and business) www.kapitonai.lt , funded by EU2013– Great team, experience with EU institutions, public diplomacy, relationshipswith 60 municipalities in Mediterranean and ports.
  7. 7. Looking for donorsObjectives:- Translate „Vėjų valdovas“ (The Prince of the Winds) to the languages below- English, Polish, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Belorussian- Publish book worldwide and revive the one of best keep secret European legend aboutNicolas Christopori Radziwill.-Fulfill our mission:- Build the bridges and represent Lithuania as a maritime and business country;- Inspire states ant nations get interested in Lithuanian language and literatura;- Strenghteen Lithuanian diplomacy, culture, and business relationships with:- EU, Israel, USA, Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine.Benefits for donors (on particular agreement):- Advert, logo, product placement in the book (2-3cover),- Promo on „Facebook“, blogging, taging, account boosting, chained andtailored campaigns,- Branded memorabilities- Culture gates for import / export relationship
  8. 8. Private donationshttp://fnd.us/c/7X8N1
  9. 9. Business donationsPublic Institution „Gold of Lithuania“, code: 302450974Bank account: LT307300010119098735, „Swedbank“Director, writer & startuper - Tomas Staniulis, M. +37068518451info@goldoflithuania.comwww.goldoflithuania.comhttp://www.facebook.com/VejuValdovas
  10. 10. The book e.g.