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Community museum

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Community museum

  1. 1. Community museum "Over the years" December, 2011
  2. 2. Identification of the problem The lack of a museum is a deficiency that Colotlán, because the people do not have a place in which look important and outstanding objects in addition to know a little history of the town; in which you can retrieve the identity of the Colotlenses that has been lost.
  3. 3. Approach It aims to put a community museum where the habitants of Colotlán provide ancient objects.
  4. 4. Justification The creation of a museum would be historic and important part of education and tourism in the municipality. The creation of this museum is for the purpose of Colotlán have a place where will you can see tangible and intangible history, where we can show objects that were used many years ago and were of great importance for the development of the municipality.
  6. 6. General Install a Community Museum where we can save some valuable pieces and for this way save history of Colotlán and transmit the information to the colotlences, visitors and tourists.
  7. 7. Specifics • Create an attractive touristic and cultural product to the people. • Transmit the historical, cultural and educational wealth that exist in Colotlán •Detonate a tourist attraction.
  8. 8. Mission To preserve, promote and strengthen the traditions and customs and history of the town of Cololtán, Jalisco, in order to inform, to regional cohesion, linking our past with our present, providing feedback to the participation of different sectors of the population through exhibitions.
  9. 9. Vision In 2013 we are the first Community Museum in the town of Colotlan, Jalisco, which manages, promotes a cultural space, integrating the different sectors of society, spreads the historical content of cultural heritage is clearly within a pleasant environment, placing action to the social positioning of the museum as a public leader in the dissemination of cultural heritage within its scope.
  10. 10. Type of market It is aimed at any age because it is a recreational activity, history, culture and learning. Costs • The costs would be minimal since most of the pieces are available for free, which in this case would be the objects that we plan to be donated or loaned by the community.
  11. 11. Location Old House: more interesting and very spacious Financing FOJAL MICROJAL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONACULTA