Hanna Brogren´s presentation on WPRF2010


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Hanna Brogren´s presentation on World Public Relations Forum.

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Hanna Brogren´s presentation on WPRF2010

  1. 1. Hanna Brogren Director of Communications City of Stockholm
  2. 2. Why does Stockholm need a brand? • Launched because the city and region need a strong brand • We compete about visitors, investment and citizens with other city´s and regions • We also compete about talent
  3. 3. The image of Barcelona used to be… ”I am from Barcelona”
  4. 4. Barcelona today
  5. 5. London´s image used to be…
  6. 6. London is changing its image
  7. 7. ‘TheICT ‘Gateway to Centre’ ‘Venice of the North’ Sweden’ Beauty on water Stockholm 2005 ‘the biotech ‘Heart of the centre’ ‘The Gateway to Baltic Sea Region’ Northern Europe’
  8. 8. Vision 2030 •Being a world class community for citizens, business and visitors by 2030
  9. 9. World class in every aspect… • One consistent message get a greater effect • The question was then – WHAT to say?
  10. 10. A modern definition of Scandinavia • Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland • The term ”Nordic countries” is less known and have less positive connotations than Scandinavia
  11. 11. Scandinavian Tourist Board In North America represents Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland
  12. 12. Guidebooks include Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland in Scandinavia
  13. 13. What is a Capital? • A place for government • A place for business • A place with a blend of people • A place for events and culture • A place to meet
  14. 14. Our proposition is simple: Scandinavia is one of Europe’s Stockholm meets all the criteria most interesting places, mostly expected of a city that calls itself associated with positive traits. the Capital of Scandinavia.
  15. 15. Can we be so bold? YES! – We dare say so What is good for Stockholm is good for the whole region It places Scandinavia on the world map
  16. 16. Three reasons why we claim that Stockholm is the Capital of Scandinavia
  17. 17. • Tradition of innovation • World class ICT - Intelligent Community of the Year 2009 • Top ten world ranking for conventions • 40 % of Scandinavia's business hotel nights
  18. 18. • The First European Green capital by the European Commission • World leader in clean tech • Hammarby Sjöstad – the worlds first sustainable city area • Next step – Stockholm Royal Seaport
  19. 19. • Scandinavias geographical center • A natural meeting place • Most world leading academical institutions i Scandinavia
  20. 20. • World class mobile and wire less communication • International airports in the region • Local public transportation system ranked top ten in Europe
  21. 21. • The Nobel prize, Water prize, Polar music prize • One of the worlds largest exporters of music • Stockholms subway – the worlds longest art exhibition • Long history of design • World class cuisine
  22. 22. logo 6 juni – 19 juni 2010-06-17 SIDAN 24
  23. 23. Thank you!