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This is a presentation that was made to the Dennis Economic Development Committee on January 19, 2012 regarding the status of the Heritage Sands Seasonal Resort Community project.

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Heritage sands edc january 2012

  1. 1. HERITAGE SANDS The Cottage Colony returns to Cape Cod! www.HeritageSands.com
  2. 2. A Cottage RevivalThe Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Forbes Magazine have heralded the Cottage as the “anti- McMansion” of the post-bubble real estate market“Pocket Neighborhoods” epitomize principles of New Urbanism and Smart Growth:  Increased densities and efficient land use  Common areas that foster traditional neighborhood living  Safe, convenient, manageable and affordable homes
  3. 3. A Cottage RevivalIn the Primary Home Market: Appeal to single, professional females and empty nesters Proven success in Pacific Northwest “Cottage Zoning” Danielson Grove, WA Third Street Cottage, WA Salish Pond Cottages, OR
  4. 4. A Cottage RevivalIn the Primary Home Market: Local examples:  Concord Riverwalk, Concord, MA (75% sold pre-const.)  Cottages on Greene, East Greenwich, RI (100% sold) Concord, MA East Greenwich, RI
  5. 5. A Cottage RevivalIn the Second-Home Market: Nostalgia of “Cottage Living” appeals to a broad demographic of prospective buyers Seasonal cottages have historically been an important part of the local economy and culture
  6. 6. A Cottage RevivalIn the Second-Home Market: Local Examples:  Summer Village, Westford, MA  Summer Village and Seaglass Village, Wells, ME
  7. 7. A Cottage RevivalCottages at Hidden Pond, Kennebunkport, ME: Combination of prime location and inspired design
  8. 8. A Cottage RevivalHeritage Sands will feature site design, environmental enhancements and architecture necessary to “retain the historic ‘way of life’ and character of the area” while contributing to Dennisport’s future.
  9. 9. Project Overview61 Old Wharf Road, Dennisport: Former home of “Grindell’s Ocean View” RV Park Approx 7.75 acres on Nantucket SoundExisting Improvements 144 RV Sites 15 CottagesRezoned in November 2010 under Town of Dennis Seasonal Resort Community (“SRC”) bylaw.
  10. 10. Project OverviewRedevelopment under SRC Bylaw 60 Cottages (1-, 2- and 3-bedroom) total 130 bedrooms Condominium ownership Community clubhouse and pool Title V septic system upgrade (below 15,000 g.p.d.)Cape Cod Commission has waived project reviewCoastal Living to feature 2 cottages as 2013 Idea HomesConstruction to begin November 1, 2012
  11. 11. Project Team MS Ocean View LLC Brennan, Dain, Le Ray, Wiest, Torpy & Garner, P.C., Legal Counsel Larry Carr, Director of Development Coastal Engineering Co., Engineering Consultants Donald Powers & Associates, Architect Hawk Design, Inc., Site Planner and Landscape Architect
  12. 12. Project Site 7.75 contiguous acres on Old Wharf Road Located mid-Cape in Village of Dennisport Exit 9A off of Route 6 (80 miles and 90 minutes from Boston) Historically operated as “Grindell’s” RV Park since the 1930’s Proximity to Cape Cod Rail Trail, Haigis Beach and Swan Pond River
  13. 13. Project SiteHealthy dune system, jetties and elevations offer significant flood protection.
  14. 14. Project SiteBeachfront includes a pre-1978* mortared stone revetment extending the entire length of the property Boulder and Mortar Revetment * “Grandfathered” revetment may be maintained and repaired because it pre-dates Mass. Wetlands Protection Act
  15. 15. Seasonal Resort Community Bylaw Prior to adoption of the SRC cottages and RV parks had been pre- existing non-conforming structures and uses under applicable zoning A working group of property owners, Town officials, business owners, and neighborhood residents met weekly throughout Summer 2010 For 80 years seasonal residents have been a vital part of the local economy The objective was to preserve neighborhood character and secure the continued viability of cottage communities for the next 100 years by allowing for redevelopment and renovation of existing properties
  16. 16. Seasonal Resort Community Bylaw Introduced by the Economic Development Committee  Unanimously Approved by the Economic Development Committee, Zoning Bylaw Study Committee, Planning Board, Finance Committee, and Board of Selectmen  Adopted at Special Town Meeting by a vote of 230-2.
  17. 17. Seasonal Resort Community Bylaw Seasonal units (cottages and RV sites) already in existence as of September 5, 2010 were deemed “lawfully conforming” Allows expansion and/or redevelopment of units within dimensional limits.  900 s.f. footprint  1 ½ stories  25’ height  10’ separation between structures
  18. 18. Seasonal Resort Community Bylaw Current occupancy limitation of 4 days per month November 1 – March 31  Precludes Winter and Spring school vacation stays  Limits weekend stays  Limits local spending  Raises concerns with prospective owners Allowing up to 10 days occupancy per month in “off season”  Would expand “seasonal” spending in local economy  Would provide enhanced neighborhood security
  19. 19. Remaining Non-Zoning Approvals Cape Cod Commission  March 15, 2011 Commission staff issued jurisdictional waiver (concluding no net regional impacts) Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection  Approval of final Title V design  Because flow is under 15,000 g.p.d. no groundwater discharge permit required, and no active operation and maintenance  MassDEP has already approved 50% reduction in leaching field design (as “remedial” project) and use of Alternative/Innovative Technologies
  20. 20. Remaining Non-Zoning Approvals Dennis Conservation Commission  Notice of Intent will be submitted for approval as soon as Title V septic design is finalized  Site plan and construction strategy have been designed to fully comply with wetlands performance standards
  21. 21. Site Plan
  22. 22. Site PlanOceanfront tier of cottages sites, including Coastal Living cottages (orange) will enjoy direct oceanviews
  23. 23. Site PlanMiddle tier of cottages sites feature courtyard views to ocean and close proximity to clubhouse and pool
  24. 24. Site Plan
  25. 25. Site PlanClubhouse tier of cottages sites maintain direct path access to beach and are proximate to poolamenities
  26. 26. Site PlanParking courtyards located to the rear of cottages and screened from public/private open space Will provide 2+ Parking Spaces per unit
  27. 27. Cottage Design Open floor plans and creation of “outdoor rooms” Built-ins provide efficient use of space and functional design Each building style floor plan can evolve from 1BR to 2BR to 3BR
  28. 28. Cottage Design Site will include a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom cottages. Total of 130 bedrooms  For example: (20) 3-BR, (30) 2-BR, (10) 1-BR Currently 6 building styles  A through E  CL (Coastal Living)
  29. 29. Cottage DesignCottage A Cottage B Cottage C Cottage D Cottage E Coastal Living Cottage
  30. 30. Cottage Design
  31. 31. Cottage Design
  32. 32. Cottage Design
  33. 33. Cottage Design
  34. 34. Cottage Design
  35. 35. Cottage Design
  36. 36. Coastal LivingApproached by Coastal Living Magazine to be featured as its 2013 Idea Home(s) Coastal Living to design two “twin” beachfront cottages Featured in October 2013 issue of Coastal Living Magazine and on CoastalLiving.com  Cottages, Development and Surrounding Community Cottage Tours July-August and September-October 2013  Tour proceeds to benefit local charity/organization
  37. 37. Coastal Living
  38. 38. Coastal Living
  39. 39. Coastal Living
  40. 40. Project TimelineMarch 2012 – Pre-construction sales launchSummer 2012 – Operate RV Park and pre- construction salesNovember 2012 – Heritage Sands GroundbreakingFall/Winter 2012 – ConstructionSpring 2013 – Opening and first cottage season!Summer 2013 – Coastal Living ToursOctober 2013 – Coastal Living “Idea Home” Feature
  41. 41. HERITAGE SANDS The Cottage Colony returns to Cape Cod! www.HeritageSands.com