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Case study on Resort

This is a presentation on the case study of Amandari Resort, Bali and Nazimgarh Resort, Sylhet.

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Case study on Resort

  1. 1. Resort Pakhitiki holidays
  2. 2. Index • Source study (Amandari resort ) • Practical survey (Nazimgarh resort) • Zoning of proposed resort • Functional linkage
  3. 3. Amandari resort , Kedawatan , Bali R e s o r t Case study
  4. 4. Location and site analysis located in the village of Kedewatan, Ubud, Bali  designed as a traditional Balinese village  reflects village culture of art ,dance and music Architect: Peter Muller
  5. 5. Site surroundings:  Tropical climate  Main 2 seasons dry and rainy  Weather relatively cool  Less humid  Temperature 22 - 33 degree  Building forms organized on the hillock  Surrounded by rice fields
  6. 6. Plan of a typical single storey villa
  7. 7. Amandari Suite • one or two detached bedrooms • separate living room pavilion. • outdoor dining bale • spacious tropical garden, private swimming pool . Pool Suite : • garden courtyard, living area • separate shower,toilet,dressing area • walled but open to the sky • Outdoor sunken tub Amandari suite entrance Pool suite bedroom  Asmara/Ayung Suite are duplexes  private swimming pools  rice terrace view and valley below.
  8. 8.  thatch roofing, bamboo poles, woven bamboo, coconut wood, teak wood, brick and stone.  crafted largely of coconut-wood and teak  bamboo-frame roofs layered in alang alang thatching  classic Amandari style in interior design. Building materials:
  9. 9. Interior lighting Amandari’s landscape
  10. 10. Dickson hotel , Canberra Audette house 1952 Walcott house , palm beach Richardson house, palm beach Hoyts cinema Centre, Melbourne , Australia Victa consolidated industries Drive in theatre , bullen i.p.e.c head office Oberoi Lombok Some works of Peter Muller:
  11. 11. R e s o r t Case study Nazimgarh garden resort, Khadimnagar, Sylhe
  12. 12. Site analysis : • Nazimgarh resort is situated in the northern Sylhet . There are many hills around the site that’s why we can see an effect on building form of the contour • Huge amount of green zone helps increase landscaping and to reduce heat. • There is no obstacle on the way of wind flow , that’s why wind can easily flow over the
  13. 13. The total resort is basically divided into three major broad category function , Accommodation , restaurant , parking Accommodation Total accommodation is divided into three categories. Terrace , villa and bunglow are the categories Terrace: • Luxury of the highest standard • Balconies and sundeck • +4000 square ft. open lobby • Mesmerizing feeling of greenery
  14. 14. Villa : • Mediterranean type villa • Open wide verandah and comfortable sitting spaces • Has own individual garden • Defined barbeque space Bunglow: • Colonial type design • Large and airy • encompassing wide verandas and porticos
  15. 15. There are five types of room category in this resort. They are presidential suite , Luxury suite, Executive rooms, Deluxe room and Premier rooms. Executive room Deluxe room Presidential suite
  16. 16. Restaurant: The dining/restaurant facilities of the resort is distributed throughout the resort. Pool cafe Garden bistro Machang Meghalaya lounge Hilltop restaurant
  17. 17. Other facilities : Kids zone Gym spa Conference room
  18. 18. Parking: There is huge space for vehicles Shaded space has been arranged for car parking Circulation: Arranged circulation system Defined entry Every function is defined by the variations in the floor level The arrangement of function is so clear that a man can easily go to another function if he wants to.
  19. 19. Findings : Climatic aspect: • As Sylhet is a city of rain , the buildings are designed as they can protect themselves from rain • As the weather is too humid and hot, so plantation and greenery is used in total site. • Various heat and sound absorption materials are used. Lighting : • The openings are so wide, that we can see there is proper use of daylight. • Most of the openings are north south faced, so they get proper sunlight • Louver , parapet etc. are used to create interesting lighting environment
  20. 20. Landscaping: • The total resort is set on six acres landscaped hillside • As well as surrounding the building , trees and plants also extend inside creating a feeling of greenery • There is a artificial small lake with lots of water lilies Building materials: • The building is basically made of brick, large opening with glass
  21. 21. Interior space design: • Enough green and water body are used inside the built form • Double height spaces used for interesting environment • Wood ,bamboo and many artificial materials are used to create different feelings • Lavishly designed and furniture's are nicely arranged
  22. 22. 1 2 3 4 5 Site entry 1. Administration 2. Conference 4. Dinning 3. Accommodation 5. Recreation Parking
  23. 23. Thank you 1117 1125