презентация о республике 2013 eng


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презентация о республике 2013 eng

  1. 1. 2013 год
  2. 2. Geographical location Area - 18 300 square kilometers Capital – city of Cheboksary Population – 1 243,4 thousand people 21 municipal regions, 5 urban districts, 7 urban and 284 rural settlements Density of population – 67,8 people per 1 square kilometer (average in Russia – 8,4) 40,6% of population lives in rural area Moscow time zone - MSK (UTC+4) 2 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  3. 3. Competitive advantages political stability in the Republic; effective economic and budgetary policy favorable geographical location in the central European part of Russia, strategic cross of the main traffic arteries high industrial potential; developed production infrastructure developed legal framework for the state support of domestic and foreign investors developed engineering, social and transport infrastructure; favorable environmental situation qualified labor; informational transparency policy international cooperation: trading partners from over 70 countries 3 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  4. 4. Rating of the Chuvash Republic In 2012, the Global rating agency Fitch Ratings assigned the long-term ratings in foreign and national currency «BB+», shortterm rating in foreign currency «B» and national long-term rating «AA (rus)» to the Chuvash Republic. Region of the Russian Federation Moody's Fitch Ratings Standard & Poor's - - Ba1 BB+ - Krasnoyarsk Krai - BB+ BB+ Leningrad Oblast - BB+ BB+ Novosibirsk Oblast - BB+ - Republic of Bashkortostan Ba1 - BB+ Komi Republic Ва2 BB+ - Sakha (Yakutia) Republic - BB+ BB Samara Oblast Ba1 - BB+ Sverdlovsk Oblast - - BB+ Udmurt Republic Ba1 BB+ - Chelyabinsk Oblast - - BB+ Chuvash Republic 4 Ba1 Krasnodar Krai In 2011, the agency Moody’s Investors Services assigned the issuer rating on international scale in foreign currency Ba2 to the Chuvash Republic, rating forecast– «stable». Belgorod Oblast Ba2 BB+ - Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  5. 5. SUPPORT OF INVESTORS IN THE CHUVASH REPUBLIC Tax on the assets of organization 50% exemption from payment Tax on the profit of organizations 13,5% rate Tax on the assets of organization exemption from payment (leased assets) Taxes in the republican budget exemption from payment (extraction and processing of natural recourses) Rendering methodical, organizational support during execution of licensing and design documentation Rendering marketing services (market research, price analysis, potential buyers) Assistance in business infrastructure creation 5 Transport tax exemption from payment Granting land plots on favorable terms. Residence in the industrial park in Cheboksary (Developed infrastructure, favorable area for production and business) Consultancy and rendering information services for adaptation of project to the Russian legislation and supervisory authority requirements, for choosing production areas, for choosing plot of land and execution of documentation under it and for choosing construction firm Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  6. 6. Property support Industrial park in Cheboksary Area of the plot of land – 23,1 hectares (property of the Chuvash Republic); Infrastructure granted: gas, heating, water, electricity, sewerage system, communication. Location of residents on favorable terms – lease of land plots (redemption) from 0,5 to 2 hectares. 6 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  7. 7. Projects implemented with participation of foreign investors Production of dry transformers (Russia - Italy) Brewing company SUN InBev 7 Acrylic and hydro massage baths production Roca Group (Spain) Equipment and systems for power industry Wholesale center Metro Cash & Carry Plant for sauces and ketchups production (Germany) Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  8. 8. Cooperation of the Chuvash Republic with the Russian strategic companies Territorial generating company №5 ROSNANO Russian Railways KAMAZ RusHydro Rosatom Gazprom GAZ In 2012, enterprises of the Chuvash Republic shipped the production to the amount of more then 2,5 billion dollars to the strategic partners. 8 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  9. 9. Cheboksary is the capital of relay production of Russia The production range of enterprises of electrotechnical cluster (over 40 companies) Devices and equipment for automatic operation and control Switching arrangements and circuit protection devices Production of insulated wires and cables Intangible assets Devices, equipment and apparatus for control, measuring and testingи 9 Electrical launching equipment and other equipment Electrical apparatus, commutation and protection packages Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  10. 10. «GALEN» Ltd. «Galen» Ltd. has a leading position in manufacturing of basalt-plastic accessories for construction in the Russian market, and is an incontestable leader in the market of high quality composite accessories. Basalt-plastic materials are of higher durability than steel. They have low coefficient of heat-conductivity. Basic types of productions: accessories with diameter 6 mm for brick laying; accessories with diameter 6 mm for sealing of monolithic buildings; accessories with diameter 7,5 mm for panel buildings; facade dowel Galen; facade dowel Thermosave 10 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  11. 11. Проект по производству высокотехнологичных композитных профилей In April 2012 Galen and Top Glass created a joint venture specializing in the production of hightech composite profiles Cooperation Galen and Top Glass began in 2011 when Galen started manufacturing a new product - the composite lighting poles under the brand name Galen-Topglass, based on «KEMROK» technology A new enterprise in Belarus was created - High-Tech Profiles, which offered standard composite profiles of world-class quality at an affordable price for Eastern Europe consumers Innovative manufactured products have great potential for use in civil and industrial construction, energy, transport industry and telecommunications 11 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  12. 12. 12 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  13. 13. Project of the multifunctional hotel complex «Suvar Hotel» The purpose of the project is the construction, commissioning and operating activity of the hotel complex in Cheboksary General information about the hotel complex project: • • • • • • 13 13-floored building. Location – the centre of the city (3, Nizhegorodskaya street, Cheboksary). Outside view – view of the recreation and business centre of Cheboksary including the embankment of the Volga river bay. Area of the plot of land – 21 437 square meters. Volume of investment 53 mln. USD Rated commissioning date – December 2014. Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  14. 14. Construction of the Exhibition and congress centre with a hotel in Cheboksary 1 – Exhibition and congress centre (Olympic archery centre) 2 – Hotel complex Construction estimated cost: Prices as of 1st quarter of 2013 – 17 mln. USD including: Exhibition and congress centre – 12,5 mln. USD; Hotel complex - 4,5 mln. USD 14 Total area- 14 376 square meters Total construction area - 6 297 square meters Total area of the exhibition complex - 17 095 square meters Total area of the hotel - 3 104 square meters Total structural volume of the exhibition complex - 107 893 cubic meters Total structural volume of the hotel - 11 040 cubic meters Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  15. 15. Construction of the international terminal in Cheboksary airport Form of cooperation – business partnership The project involves the construction of warehouse, engineering, passenger and technical infrastructure complex of the airport. Over 1 mln. passengers and over 150 tones of cargo per year 15 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  16. 16. Development of transport and logistics infrastructure • 10 mln. people within the radius of 500 km • Federal highway М7 • Centre of transportation corridors «the North-the South», «the East-the West» - 70 thousand road trains daily on the roads of the district • plants of the companies (Nestle, Danon, PEPSI, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet) and plants of the biggest Russian automobile manufacturers (VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, ZMZ) are placed within the radius of 300 km • • 16 The Chuvash Republic is included in the transportation corridor «Europe – West China» There is a great opportunity of participation in the construction and reconstruction of roads, infrastructure development, construction of terminal and logistics complexes Chuvash Republic Delivery of goods Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation! Shipment of goods
  17. 17. Construction of logistics centers in Cheboksary Концепция логистического центра Warehouse complexes of B+ class • • 17 Receiving of wholesale quantity of goods, their processing and delivery to trade outlets in Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk Area of the objects – more then 10 thousand square meters • Location alongside of the federal highways • Location not far from Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk (more then 60% of the main trade outlets of the region) Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  18. 18. Construction of logistics complexes in the city of Kanash • Kanash is the biggest railway junction of Russia, the centre of freight traffics of the West- the South-the East of Russia and far abroad • Opportunity of developing wholesale logistics centers of В+ class • Vacant spaces and available infrastructure for the creation of new warehouse complexes 18 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  19. 19. Areas of specialization of the Chuvash Republic • Leasing of agricultural land plots to investors, term of lease is up to 49 year; • Creation of warehose complexes for storing, washing, processing and packaging of potatoes; • Possible volume of investments is more then 223 mln. USD Opportunities of developing livestock breeding complexes on the territory of the Chuvash Republic (cattle, pigs and poultry of high-productive breeds) 19 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  20. 20. Construction of biotechnological complex for production of 50 thousand tones of lysine per year • • • • 20 Main use of lysine — animal and chicken feed additive. Use of lysine feed increases animal and chicken overweight by 10 - 30%, milk yield by 12 %, egg yield by 10%. Use of lysine increases feed-gain relationship per the unit of output growth (1 kg of meat and 10 eggs). Complex construction is planned to be on the area of 16,8 ha, which is located in: Russia, Chuvash Republic, the area on 13th km on the road Shumerlya-Alatyr, 120 km southward from Cheboksary. The area is electrified and gasified. Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  21. 21. Tourist and recreation cluster «Ethnic Chuvashia» Objects: • Ethnic complex «Amazonia» in Cheboksary with hotel and recreation complex (aqua park «Amazonland», oceanarium, zoo, museums, amusement park, rope-way, fitness centre, riverside wharf) • Area – over 130 ha Volume of investments: 256 mln. USD Ethnic and eco complex«Yasna» in the Cheboksary region (ethnic and eco village, health complex, health food centre, folk craft complex) 21 Construction completion date: December 2018 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  22. 22. Development of recreation area on the bank of the Volga river Health resorts (over 20) Distance from Cheboksary 10-25 km Taxi 9,6 – 12,8 USD Cost of accommodation 27-208 USD per day Services 3-5 meals daily, treatment, superior rooms Leisure horse-riding, swimming pools, baths Recreation centers (over 20) Distance from Cheboksary House lease from 700 RUR per day Services meal Leisure 22 from 25 km boats, fishing rods, braziers, sports grounds Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  23. 23. Development of recreation area on the bank of the Volga river Commercial projects: • • • • • Development of private beaches and recreation areas; Construction of ski runs, aqua park, hotels and camping sites, rope way across the Volga river; Recreation centers, training centers for sports teams (skiing, orienteering, etc.); Organization of tours on the Volga river; Hunting, fishing, mushroom and berry collecting • • • 23 Health and recreation services; Venue for congresses, scientific, educational, sports events, festivals; Conducting tours (Kazan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Cheboksary, The Raifa Monastery, museums of local lore, history and economy, monuments of architecture, ethnographic settlements, monuments of archaeology, etc.) Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  24. 24. «Corporation of Development of the Chuvash Republic» JSC Corporation of Development of the Chuvash Republic is the specialized organization for the creation of favorable conditions for attraction of the Russian and foreign investment to the regional economy and assistance in implementing investment projects Areas of activity: – consulting – marketing – development of business plans and feasibility study – search and attraction of investors - development of start-ups - project maintenance - PR of investment potential of the Chuvash Republic - development of investment areas Purposes: – Attracting foreign investments to the Chuvash Republic. – Assistance in investment project implementation on the territory of the Chuvash Republic Tasks: – Search of investors and attracting investors to investment project implementation – Assistance in development of new productions by implementing investment projects – Pre-project analysis of investment projects for investors – Rendering assistance in developing infrastructure of advanced growth territories, construction of administrative, business, transport and logistics objects – Informational support concerning organization of production on the advanced growth territories. – Public-private partnership development Contacts: Matveev Sergey, tel.: +7 (8352) 64-20-59, e-mail: economy22@cap.ru. 24 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  25. 25. Cultural events More then 134,4 thousand cultural events including more then 15 events of interregional, all-Russian and international levels are held annually in the Chuvash Republic • • • 25 International film festival International opera festival All-Russian national folk «Rodniki Rossii» Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation! festival
  26. 26. European Cup - 2015 Chuvash Republic: • The 3rd place in the top list among the 82 regions of Russia; • 55 sports schools including 44 sports; • There are athletics groups in 30 sports schools (including 5500 children); • Cross-country race day «Cross of Nations» is held annually (over 41 000 participants) 26 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  27. 27. «Russian regions- from stabilization to development» Date: June 20-21, 2013. Venue: Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russia. Purpose of the Forum: exchange of experience and discussion of opportunities and risks of the social and economic development of the regions of the Russian Federation, discussion of the strategic initiatives of social and economic development of the country, new models of economic growth. 27 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  28. 28. Exhibition «Regions – cooperation without frontiers» Date: June 20-24, 2013. Venue: Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russia • Total exhibition area is over 10000 square meters • Over 100 thousand visitors from 20 regions of Russia and far and near abroad We invite you for participation! 28 Chuvash Republic – invitation to cooperation!
  29. 29. Autonomous noncommercial organization «Centre of Export Support of the Chuvash Republic» Office 113, 12B, Lenin prospect, Chuvash Republic, Russia, 428003 tel.:/fax: +7 (8352) 62-22-25 e-mail: mail@ved21.ru, web-site: www. ved21.ru 2013 год