innoperm Perm opportunities 2010


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Presentation about opportunities to develop business relationships with Perm region

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innoperm Perm opportunities 2010

  1. 1. Opportunities to develop business relationships with Perm region Anastasiya Tyurina, Director of Representation of the Perm region in the Government of Russian Federation Belgium, Brussels 8 June, 2010 1
  2. 2. 3 reasons for collaboration with Perm region:1. Perm region is reach in recourses2. Attention of Perm Government and special economic policy3. Real business projects for realization 2
  3. 3. Region is reach in resources• Population - 2,7 million• Area - 62’008 sq miles• Eastern outpost of Europe• Favorable geographic location• Perm is a port of five seas• 1500 deposits of 50 types of minerals• 70% of territory is covered by forests• 18% of produced power is being exported 3
  4. 4. One of the most industrialized regions• Industries: chemical and petrochemical, fuel, electric power, metallurgy, wooden processing industry and mechanical engineering.• leading manufacturer Russian fuel equipment, gas-transfer aggregates and gas-turbine power plants, oil-field equipment manufacturer, equipment of digital and fiber-optical information transfer systems manufacturer.• Perm region realize: 13 mln tons of oil, 750 mln M3 of gas and 15 pipelines on 10.280 km for the transfer of 340 bln M3 of gas 4
  5. 5. Attractive business environment• 82 countries are trade partners• Rate of investment attractiveness - A1• Estimated investment – 2 billion Euros• Income tax rate is minimal – 16%• Dozens of profitable industrial sites to create new businesses• Unique local strategy of economic development in Russia 5
  6. 6. Invest strategy in Perm region:1. City for active life comfortable environment for life, work, business, education2. Great universities attractive for young scientists and entrepreneurs3. Open for new technology companies industrial parks, business incubators, collaborative centers, business schools 6
  7. 7. 1. City for active life The main goal of local government is making Perm a city attractive for talented, creative, young and active peopleMaster-plan of Perm-city isdesigned by Kees Christiaanse(KCAP), author of London Master-plan (which is made for OlympicGames in 2012). 7
  8. 8. Active culture lifePerm is a cultural capital of Russia• 10 famous theaters• The Tchaikovsky Academic Opera and Ballet Theater are world renowned for their actors and ballet company.• Perm Choreographic School has received world recognition• Wide range of museums• Lots of sightseeings and places of interest• 40 festivals and other cultural events every yearFestival «Live Perm» includes more than 300 events during one week, passing in 40 place throughout the city, more than 10 000 of participantsDyagilev seasons – premieres of opera and ballet performances, modern dance, organ and jazz musicMulticultural project Kamwa, which links folk and modern traditionsSky fair – festival of aeronautics 8
  9. 9. 2. Creating great universitieslarge centre of science• 60 000 students• 2 national research universities,• 17 state universities• 60 collages• Centres of basic researches• Perm centre of Ural branch of Russian Academy of Science• research & design offices 9
  10. 10. New program of development for Perm Universities• Education means new opportunities to invite world leading scientific institutions and universities.• The main goal is to make regional universities highly efficient and make them the same level as European ones.Example:• There are joint programs of Perm State Technical University and Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) for aircraft engineers. 10
  11. 11. 3. Developing of Industrial parksIndustrial Park OSENTSYExpertise: Micro-turbine technology for low power Petroleum Engineering Transportation engineeringLand: 12,9 ha Wired infrastructure In the industrial zone of the city of Perm 11
  12. 12. Creating new technology companiesScience is a main resource to develop and implement the innovations in production process. It is also a great opportunity to create joint ventures with world leading enterprises in Perm region.Example:As a result of Sukhoi Company (Russia, Moscow), Aerospace Corporation (USA) and Perm Engine Company (Russia, Perm) collaboration may develop new aircraft manufacture or research center in Perm. 12
  13. 13. Investment projects review:• 12 projects in implementing environmental-friendly technologies by heavyindustrial plants• 5 projects in timber-processing industry• 10 projects in machinery• 8 projects in mining and mineral extraction• more than 100 projects in oil and chemistry sector• 4 projects in capital construction• 6 projects in infrastructure development• 8 projects in agriculture 4 available investment sites:• The area is from 20 to 40 thousand sq kilometers• All important infrastructure is available:Gas, Electricity, Motorway, Railway, River port (140 km) 13
  14. 14. Government of Perm region Responsible personElena GilyazovaDeputy Chairman of the Government of Perm Region+ 7 (342) 217 72 11E-mail: eegilyazova@appk.permregion.ruAndrey MuschinkinDirector of Perm Fund Of Venture Investment Assistance+7 (342) 277-74-63e-mail: akm@permkrai.ruAnastasya TyurinaDirector of Representation of Perm regionin Government of Russian Federation (Moscow)+ 7 (495) 650 33 13E-mail: 14
  15. 15. Perm region is open to working with you! A great opportunity to get acquainted with Perm region:September, 17-18: Perm Economic Forum Effective event to discuss strategies for regional development with businessmen, international experts, residentsOctober, 20: Forum of Regions Is devoted to European Union members’ business cooperation developmentOctober, 26-29:International Exhibition of Technologies & Equipment for Oil, Gas, Chemistry Industry. Co-Partners in BELGIUM: CCBLR, AGORIA, BECI 15