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Rock with me pdf

  1. 1. Rock With Me pdfTo download now please click the link below. Man Leo Nash from the world-famous rock band, Nash, is the last person onearth Samantha Williams would trust. Shes already learned about loving acelebrity the hard way and isnt signing up for another lesson.Every time Sam gives Leo attitude, he wants to knock that chip off her fragile littleshoulder. What the hell did he ever do to her, anyway? Hes not used to womentreating him like hes poisonous, and he isnt about to let her run away every timehe gets close. Hes had enough of people running away to last him a
  2. 2. lifetime...when this one runs, he gives chase. But, catching Sam isnt as hard ashe thought.The sexual attraction between them is so thick, Sam can practically hold it in herhand. Theres no way she can deny herself the promise of pleasure being with Leowould provide.But, pleasure always comes with pain and when secrets are revealed and trust ischallenged, who will run and who will chase?ReviewsKristens ability to create yummy men who both have a heart and massive sexappeal is without fail just brilliant. We swoon, we get a little excited and wecertainly get very grabby for our men. I think back to Come Away with me, justwith the mere mention of these Montgomery men we all wanted more. Andalthough Leo is not a Montgomery, he is just as yummy as the rest.We met Leo in PWM, the boy who protected Meg and looked after her - the boythat left her behind to follow his dreams, but to ensure that she created a life thatwas stable. Leo was a boy without a family - without a home but grew up to be aman with one hellva heart. He is the lead singer of Nash, he is taking a break fromnon-stop touring to connect with Meg and finds himself in the mix of a massivefamily and a draw to a stubborn girl.We know Sam. We hated her, finally understood her motives and fell in love withher as the big over protected sister of Luke - the sassy friend to Jules, Nat, Staceyand Meg. She has seen the damage fame can do to a person - how crazy the fanscan be; after all she lived through Lukes, heart throb days and the crazy fan-girls.It is a life that she does not desire and she understands.We got a taste of a bit of humor with PWM and I am so glad that carried throughwith RWM. These girls are insane (and these poor men!).
  3. 3. But even as Sam and Leo start to realize that what pulls them together cant beavoided, they both have parts of their past that make them who they are - theseare things that they have to open up to each other about. These are things thatthey have to understand and accept about one another. But with KP you get toskip that urge to throw your Kindle against the wall. You get the hot sex (boy canshe heat up the pages!), you get the romance and you get a bit of drama withoutoverkill. Relationships are not easy or perfect but KP is able to give thesecharacters depth and their relationships endurance without putting us through theringer with trials of faith and trust. It is refreshing to escape into the lives of ourfictional friends and just enjoy it. The W/me in Seattle series is the perfect escape.For each story, my favorite changes. Although Will is still pretty high up there...Imelted for Leo. There was just something more vulnerable about him. And I thinkwe all love our boys a little broken.We see a side to Sam that we got a glimpse of in PWM and we get to continue ourjourney with the rest of the clan. I love that although each couple gets their ownstory, that we dont have to let them go yet. Leo and Sam make one smexycouple. Its all sunshine an effin Cupcakes ladies!Front Man Leo Nash from the world-famous rock band, Nash, is the last person onearth Samantha Williams would trust. Shes already learned about loving acelebrity the hard way and isnt signing up for another lesson.Every time Sam gives Leo attitude, he wants to knock that chip off her fragile littleshoulder. What the hell did he ever do to her, anyway? Hes not used to womentreating him like hes poisonous, and he isnt about to let her run away every timehe gets close. Hes had enough of people running away to last him alifetime...when this one runs, he gives chase. But, catching Sam isnt as hard ashe thought.The sexual attraction between them is so thick, Sam can practically hold it in herhand. Theres no way she can deny herself the promise of pleasure being with Leowould provide. But, pleasure always comes with pain and when secrets arerevealed and trust is challenged, who will run and who will chase?I just finished an ARC of this....and wow....I needed a minute beforereviewing....thats how much I loved this one. Kristen has had me under her spellsince "Come Away with Me"----swoon worthy men, each different and unique in
  4. 4. his own way---but, what I truly adore about Kristens leading men is how theirworld changes when they meet these women (and Kristen writes a hell of aleading lady)....and how none of them are afraid to deny it to themselves oranyone else in their lives. They are changed by her and instead of running awayfrom that, they embrace it and rearrange things in their lives in order to professtheir love. To me, this is SWOON worthy!!!!Leo....oh Leo....where to begin. I didnt think anyone could out-do WillMontgomery in my head.....but, Leo did. He seriously did. His devotion, hisintensity and his take-no-bullshit Almost everything thisman said made me smile. His inner monologue was FANTASTIC. Every time hecalled her Samantha, I got chills....seriously. LOVE HIM.Sam kicks all form of ass. I ADORE her. Shes a total smartass and many timesmade me laugh out loud while giving Leo a hard time. She stole my heart awayvery early in the story and I became more and more attached to her as the storycontinued.As usual, we get a really nice glimpse into the other "With Me in Seattle"characters---Natalie, Luke, Jules, Nate, Will and Meg (which I LOVE)----and theseglimpses do not disappoint AT ALL.Grab this one as soon as its available. You wont be able to put it down!Okay, Im going to assume that youve read the blurb already and not get into adetailed rehash of what Rock With Me is about. Instead, Im gonna jump to thegood stuff *grin* Sam is a card carrying, ball-busting bitch. I seriously disliked herin the first book Come Away With Me. She kept herself pretty scarce in the nexttwo books, Fight With Me and Play With Me, so when I saw that Rock With Me washer book, I was partially disappointed. I love the rocker theme, Kristen Proby hasclawed her way to my top ten fave authors one alphamale at a time (in quicksuccession, I might add...I began Come Away with Me three days ago and torethrough the other three *grin*), but I wasnt thrilled that my poor unsuspectingrock-god (really, do you expect less than a rock-god from KP?) was stuck withstick-in-the-mud Samantha.
  5. 5. Imagine my surprise when I find myself *gasp* liking her. Samantha has a uniquevoice in this book that we really didnt see previously. She went from bitchy harpythat needs her faced slashed, to slightly insecure, independent, fiercely loyalbitchy harpy. *grin* Yeah, she doesnt become all sunshine (ha! youll get thereference when you read the book) and roses because she fell in love people. Shejust found someone to f*ck the bitch outta her *wicked grin*. Annnnnnd, ontoLeo...Leo is difficult, you want to dislike him after Play With Me, I mean he abandonedMeg to the big bad world to pursue what had been their dream of rock god-ness.No spoilers, just give him a find out why he "abandoned" her. Hehimself isnt the arrogant ass that needs taken down a notch by the plucky heroinethat Ive come to expect from famous rocker novels. Hes just an everyday guywho reallllly loves his woman. Whether she admits shes his woman or not...yet.He is constantly touching her, grabbing her, tearing her panties off (literally.tearing. them. off. YIPES!), and growling that shes his. (Hmm, reading thatmakes Leo sound creepy stalker, soooo not the case). Well, I pretty much figuredthat it would take a special type of asshole (lol) to deal with Sams personality.Leo and Sam are tailor made for each other. His tatts are a special draw,mmmmm I found myself wanting to lick stars a lot! (lol! another reference to aninside joke in Rock With Me).Let me start by saying Kristen Proby, you are AMAZING lady!! *MWUAH* How doyou do it!! Rock With Me is everything I could have hoped for and so much more!Is there seriously a type of man you are NOT able to write because so far moviestar, ex MMA fighter, football player and now rock star! All of them AMAZING!!Rock With Me had me up all night, I couldnt get enough of this sexy, romanticread!Rock With Me is Leo and Sams story, Sam is Lukes sister and Leo is Megansfoster-brother. Sam is one tough cookie, she never lets anyone in but who canresist a sexy tatted up Rock Star especially when he makes you see stars ;-)!! Justyou wait ladies! I will admit that I did want to slap her a few times for being sodamn stubborn! Try as she might, there is something about Leo that she cant stayaway from. Leo just wants some normal in his life, somewhere to call home. Samis the spitfire he has been looking for. Will he be able to gain her trust and proveto her that they are meant to be. Leo is dreamy, hes patient and you can feel howmuch he loves Sam right from the get-go! I love the fact that he isnt the stereotypical alpha male rock star that I have read so much of lately, thank you for
  6. 6. mixing it up Kristen Proby!!! In true Kristen Proby fashion, you will find yourselflaughing you ass off at the antics of the Montgomery clan. This is one family I wishI was a part of! Many times my husband would look at me like I had lost my mindbecause I was laughing so hard. I cant forget Leos band mates and their familieseither, LOVED them all.Rock With Me is another FAB book by Kristen Proby. I absolutely adore Sam andLeo but, Will and Meg are still my favourite couple. I do love all of the couplesfrom this amazing series! Seriously, if you have not yet had a chance to read theAway With Me In Seattle series you are missing out!!! Looking for an easy readthat will have you turning page after page wanting more. Rock With Me isromantic and funny, sometimes angsty and HOT as hell! I dare you not to fall inlove with Leo and Sam!" I call you sunshine because when you smile, you light me up inside"Holy Cupcakes! Kristen Proby you rocked our panties off again!!! This book wasamazingly delicious and will get you all hot and bothered! I love this family and weare happy that we will get more of them."You make me forget how to breathe"Samantha is tired of living in the shadow of her family. After all she is her ownperson. So after years of people using her to get to her famous brother Samdecides it’s best to just put up walls and keep people out. She tries to play thebitch when really she is sweet. Sam hates fame and the spotlight that comes withit. So when she falls for Leo, the lead singer of Nash, she has to learn to overcomeher worries or end the relationship before it starts."I know you’re strong and independent and I respect that, but this is who I am,Sam. I take care of what is mine. Youre mine."Leo is the SEXY ass rocker who just needs a break from his busy schedule ofconstant touring. So he goes home to Seattle and reconnects with his sister, Meg.
  7. 7. What he doesn’t expect to do is fall in love with his sisters friend, Sam. Is heready to fully settle down and try being in a relationship?"You. Are. So. Amazing. Rock with me, baby"I love all the women in this series because they kick ass and take names later, andthe men are just…..DELICIOUS! This book is no different. Sam doesn’t take crapfrom anyone and she always speaks her mind. While Leo, will have you shifting inyour seat and begging for more.This book Rocked My World!!! I would love to lick Leos stars ;) We give this book5 stars and a definite read!!! The With Me in Seattle series is AMAZING!!! KristenProby knows how to draw the audience and keep them there.Not that I had any doubts, but Ms. Kristen Proby has once again made me swoon,laugh and love the characters in her book. I feel like I need to stand on the rooftop and yell "I LOVE Kristen Proby" I have never crushed so hard on an author andher books. I love this woman, and she is the first author I recommend to anyone.Kristen has a special spot in my author loving heart and I cant put into words athow much I love this series!ROCK WITH ME is a little bit different than your normal rock star story I think. Leois older, and while the band is still together and making music they are all on abreak from their three year long tour. We first meet Leo in a previous book fromthe WITH ME IN SEATTLE series, PLAY WITH ME, which is Will and Megs story. Leois Megs brother in all the ways that count, having taken care of each other whenthey had no one else to depend on. And it is because of Meg that he came toSeattle, but it is because of Sam that he never wants to leave.Sam is the sister of Luke Williams, which is where this entire series started withCOME AWAY WITH ME. Being a sister of movie star Luke Williams wasnt alwaysthe easiest for Sam. Never really knowing if she was wanted for being herself orfor being the sister of Luke Williams. Then of course there is that one relationshipshe had with a co-star of his that didnt go well at all. She has her reasons forbeing closed off and not wanting to let anyone in.
  8. 8. "And Im going to make love to you until youre shaking and dont remember whoyou are."What I love most about these two is how Leo just gets Sam. He loves her withouthaving to be told how. He understands that its not easy for her and its not alwaysa walk in the park but Leo knows that she is the girl that he is willing to alwaysfight for. Leo understand Sam better than she probably understands herself andhe is always pushing her in just the right ways to be his."Just Let me do what I do best, baby. Let me take care of you."Sam puts up one heck of a fight, she knows that she has feelings for Leo and sheknows he is on his way to being the most important person in her life. But asdifferent as he is, he is also a lot of what she has tried so hard to stay away from.She doesnt want to be in the spotlight, she doesnt want the attention that comewith loving the lead singer of a very popular rock band. What she is finding outthough is that she wants Leo more than she doesnt want all those other things.Another winner in the Seattle series for me. Yes there is a spunky chick, yes thereis a super hot guy and yes they get together then wonder what they are doing. Forsome reason I just love this recipe for a book, and the sexy scenes dont hurt onebit.While it is hard for me to keep track of who is who because the Montgomery andmarried in family is getting so big, this is the story of Megs brother Leo from thethird book and Lukes sister Samantha from the first book. I also love how all ofthe characters are in each book so you sill know a bit about them as the storygoes along.Samantha is the sister of super star Luke, so when she meets Leo at a familyfunction she wants nothing to do with him as he is a super famous rock star. OnceLeo is met with a challenge, a girl that isnt instantly swooning, he goes for it.
  9. 9. These two try to remain friends, but that doesnt work out, and as the sexualsparks fly the insecurities set in for Samantha. She has been down the fame roadwith a guy before and doesnt really want to do it again. Leo swears he has grownup and isnt really into the groupies and fame anymore.As they give things a shot, Leo learns that Samantha has a reason to fear him(which I found not to be so bad) and the fame that comes along with him. WhileSamantha learns that from the age of 12, Leo had a pretty rough life that stillhaunts him in his dreams.It is a good and sexy read waiting for these two to figure out how things are goingto work. Leo of course has that tiny bit of alpha hiding inside of him that I justlove. Great addition to the series.To download now please click the link below.